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  1. There are usually one or two children in a class who have got in off the swl. A 'no' or an 'swl' can become a 'yes' eventually if you keep heading in the right direction with good teaching etc...
  2. I've got everything crossed for Anthony Clark Evans. If he looses to Louise though, that's ok!
  3. Hi NicolaP17, probably best to edit your dd's name out of your last post! Congratulations btw!
  4. 'Nutrition for the Dancer' by Zerlina Mastin is the book that several people recommend when good dance nutrition books were discussed on the forum. It is excellent 🙂
  5. Haven't there people heard of The Children's Act and the legal, professional and moral Duty of Care and Safeguarding responsibilities that it requires all people working with children to promote in every thought, word and action 24/7? We all love good ballet standards but it will never be as important as the standards needed to uphold the welfare of children.
  6. It's actually quite a nice day out away from school. I'm sure she'll enjoy it!
  7. Lat year no one was assessed out of dd's class. I think if a child is responding well to the training they are unlikely to be assessed out. I'm only guessing, but it's difficult to be accepted in to MA's and so I would think that any possible reverse in the process would be just as well considered.
  8. Congratulations to you both! Loving the updates. Things are getting really exiting now and it's lovely to here it from your perspective!
  9. Yes, they do sell merchandise. It ranges in price from a few pounds for things like stationary, bookmarks etc to the more expensive items such as sweatshirts. It's a special day out and I've usually let dd choose something small. I would think that JA1 would be harder to get in to because it is for years 4 & 5. I'm guessing there would be more spaces for year 6 because there are only year 6's in the class. However both JA1 and JA2 are mixed classes so in a class of 14 children... I'll let someone else do the maths.
  10. Well if it really is the case that the travel bursary is available to everyone if they are travelling far enough I'll apply. Does anyone know? I don't want to bother RBS unnecessarily...
  11. So, does this mean that everyone can apply for the bursary, regardless of income? Is the amount awarded only dependent on distance travelled and whether you do or don't receive assistance with Associate fees? I'm going round in circles at the moment trying to work out how best to get dd from a to b and then back again..!
  12. A haematoma is an abnormal collection of blood outside of a blood vessel. If it is subungual it is under the nail. If it is sublingual it is under the tongue...
  13. ...the problem we have is that we are always terribly short staffed. The agency staff are only interested in working the shifts that pay well including the bank holidays. That is when they make themselves available to work. Consequently, the rest of us have to cover the other shifts.
  14. Sorry I'm not an expert, apologies if I'm wrong! I had a quick look at the film before I read your post and it struck me that the boys physiques were all very different. Also that some of the combinations seemed a bit fast fast in places. I was wondering if the varying physiques and speed can be a reason why dancers don't always appear to me to be in sync with each other. Maybe this isn't a problem because if they were in a company they probably wouldn't be dancing together like this. Otherwise amazing!
  15. Well I'm not so sure extra bank holidays would be good for the NHS. I have to go to work sometimes on bank holidays. The pay is good and must cost the NHS a fortune, especially as it attracts ALL sorts of agency staff who have to be paid a fortune for work, board and travel expenses and then brag about the tax loophole which means they hardly pay any ☹️. All wrong.