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  1. A haematoma is an abnormal collection of blood outside of a blood vessel. If it is subungual it is under the nail. If it is sublingual it is under the tongue...
  2. ...the problem we have is that we are always terribly short staffed. The agency staff are only interested in working the shifts that pay well including the bank holidays. That is when they make themselves available to work. Consequently, the rest of us have to cover the other shifts.
  3. Sorry I'm not an expert, apologies if I'm wrong! I had a quick look at the film before I read your post and it struck me that the boys physiques were all very different. Also that some of the combinations seemed a bit fast fast in places. I was wondering if the varying physiques and speed can be a reason why dancers don't always appear to me to be in sync with each other. Maybe this isn't a problem because if they were in a company they probably wouldn't be dancing together like this. Otherwise amazing!
  4. Well I'm not so sure extra bank holidays would be good for the NHS. I have to go to work sometimes on bank holidays. The pay is good and must cost the NHS a fortune, especially as it attracts ALL sorts of agency staff who have to be paid a fortune for work, board and travel expenses and then brag about the tax loophole which means they hardly pay any ☹️. All wrong.
  5. Interesting to see in the ToThePointe interview that Nafisa started her dance training at West London School of Dance...
  6. Same here. I agree with the choice of winner who stood out a mile, although I have no idea why because I'm clueless on contemporary dance!
  7. I'm going to have to pop unhygienic orthodontists who don't wear surgical masks and don't tie their hair back properly, fiddle with their hair then venture into my child's mouth with the same hand into 101. Yuk! Also dental nurses who don't adhere to the rule of being 'bare below the elbow' at all times in the healthcare setting. Ugh!
  8. If you email your enquiry to Bridget Byrne (details on their website) she will either answer your question or forward it to the extended associates teacher :-)
  9. Ah, thanks dancefanatic, and I will pass on your dd's congratulations :-) . Lovely that they are so happy about each other's achievements. I hope she's enjoying a well deserved holiday. Thanks sarahw and c4d! :-)
  10. Congratulations abitwornout on your dd's SA offer! We have positive news too as dd has been offered London SA's which we have accepted. Total surprise as I know it's difficult to get in to SA's and I have been telling myself how lucky dd has already been to have the RBS associate classes (in particular with the associate teacher) that she's been having to date. Excitement not understood here either. I really should NOT be in work when I get this sort of news! Fingers crossed for more good news!
  11. How do Degas and Gaynor Minden sizes compare with Bloch? Does anyone know?
  12. Thanks Sheila, I'll have a browse and then email you :-)
  13. We'll have a look at those, thanks! Would you know where the best site is to browse the Gaynor Minden Leo's? I can't seem to find their website. Thanks :-)
  14. Wow, what beautiful leotards! I find it really difficult to find classic camisole leotards with a flattering leg line for dd. She has a birthday soon so this may be an idea. Are you also able to get Gaynor Minden Leotards?
  15. Train tickets all changed :-) . No questions asked, no extra cost - phew! :-)