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Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

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20 minutes ago, alison said:

Not waiting for a Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake to complete the set, then ...

These are all re releases, re marketed probably because new sales are running out of steam. Caution is advised for the thrifty because the Alice's is currently available to buy online, as used, for £2 and the R&J/Nutcracker often pops up for a little more. Only the cellist and two pigeons are hard to find at low cost, so for those interested in the two and don't have the others, it may thus be a reasonable buy.

And yes, I would like to add Laurens swan lake to my collection sometime.

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1 hour ago, Stevie said:

These are all re releases, re marketed probably because new sales are running out of steam. 

Maybe; but also, surely, as a tribute to a long serving star (as with Marianela) and a nod to fans who would like the set.


But, yes, there are cheaper options available and Swan Lake should have been included.

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17 hours ago, ninamargaret said:

And please let us have the Nunez/Bonelli Manon!

This would be from the streaming of 2014 when there was a clamouring for the RB to release this on DVD and its first blu-ray version. Despite this they decided against it and the possibility of it being released now is gone. At the time, there was extremely high praises for the performance of a 22 year old Francesca Hayward in this leading role. This wouldn't have detracted from the a release on DVD or blu-ray and I was advised at the time that the resultant film material wasn't considered to be good enough.

This wasn't remedied until 2019, with a release of Sarah Lamb and Vadim Muntagirov in the Royal Ballets first release of this production on blu-ray. There may be future releases, but undoubtedly of future cast and productions. 

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