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  1. Casting of Japan Tour, Gala Program https://www.nbs.or.jp/publish/news/2019/06/post-803.html Winter Dreams (in Full) 6/29 Lamb, Muntagirov, Naghdi, Mendizabal 6/30 Morera, Hirano, Naghdi, Calvert A tribute to Margot Fonteyn (both dates) Sleeping Beauty Rose Adagio Nunez Avis, Kish, Whitehead, Edmonds Manon Bedroom Pas de duex 6/29 Morera, Hirano 6/30 Cuthbertson, Muntagirov Ondine (both dates) Hayward, Watson Romeo and Juliet act 1 pas de deux (both dates) Osipova, Corrales Symphony in C 6/29 Kaneko, Nunez, Choe, Naghdi, Ball, Hirano, Campbell, Zuchetti 6/30 Kaneko, Lamb, Magri, Heyward, Ball, Clarke, Sambe, Acri Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.
  2. By the way, the performances of Don Quixote in Tokyo originally supposed to be Takada/ McRae were sold out (as well as the opening night and the 2 galas) so they did not have to boost ticket sales.
  3. According to this article,  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/04/arts/dance/jane-eyre-cathy-marston-american-ballet-theater.html Kevin McKenzie asked Marston to mount this in a short period.
  4. Also, the soloists, Espada, Mercedes, the Queen of the Dryads are announced as well. June 22nd matinee Naghdi, Campbell → Magri replaces Naghdi June 22nd evening and 25th Takada, McRae → Naghdi, Sambe Reece Clarke is cast as Espada on June 23rd so they are supposing he will be back by then.
  5. Vasiliev is out from Don Q but is scheduled to appear in Spartacus and The Bright Stream as previously announced so I don’t think he is injured.
  6. A lot of changes to the casting of Bolshoi Summer tour at ROH as Lantratov withdrew because of his injury.
  7. London Theatre Direct halt ticket sales for Sergei Polunin at the London Palladium in light of homophobic comments posted on Instagram (May 21st) https://www.londontheatredirect.com/news/london-theatre-direct-halt-ticket-sales-for-sergei-polunin-at-the-london-palladium-in-light-of-homophobic-comments-posted-on-instagram (but tickets are available on other retailers)
  8. Are you able to read Japanese? There is a Japanese ticket exchange/re-sale website where people post their extra tickets and some are selling tickets for the Royal Ballet's gala. The rule is, you have to sell it no more than the retail price on the ticket. I often sell my extra tickets here. If you can use Japanese this is definitely worth trying. https://okepi.net/dance/dance.aspx
  9. Regarding the withdrawal of Takada and McRae (both due to injury) for the Japan tour, who will replace them will definitely be a sign. This pair was supposed to do 2 performances of Don Quixote. It might be possible that first soloists will take over the role, and as a result someone might got promoted.
  10. Announcement from the Japanese impresario NBS that Akane Takada and Steven McRae are unable to perform during the Japan tour this June. Replacements are TBA. https://www.nbs.or.jp/publish/news/2019/05/post-799.html Also Takada withdraws from Miyako Yoshida's farewell performance. Hope the two of them will recover quickly...
  11. Cojocaru and McRae have guested in Tokyo Ballet's Ashton The Dream in 2007. Although McRae was a substitute to the injured Kobborg, he was still a soloist then. We have a lot of Royal Ballet dancers guesting in Japan, in 2006 Cojocaru and Bonneli has guested in National Ballet of Japan's Cinderella. Cojocaru, Kobborg, McRae, Benjamin, Bussel, Cope, Rojo have all guested here before Polunin getting prominent. Sergei Polunin has guested in Noriko Kobayashi Theatre's Nutcracker in 2010. Of course I have heard that many dancers not being able to guest because the company does not permit them, but it is not only RB, it happens more or less in other companies too.
  12. Also Irek Mukhamedov will be partnering Yoshida in a piece that will be announced later.
  13. Details of Yoshida’s Farewell gala in August has been announced, I went to the press conference https://www.nhk-p.co.jp/ballet/news.html#190513 Dancers from Royal Ballet, Bonelli, Takada, Hirano, Naghdi, Hay, Hinkis, Zuchetti as well as principals of major Japanese companies will join Yoshida to celebrate her 35 year career. Yoshida will be dancing the Fonteyn part from Birthday Offerings, Ashton Cinderella 3rd act solo and pas de deux from Peter Wtight’s Swan Lake act 4. Naghdi and Hirano Nutcracker, Takada and Hay in Anastasia , Hinkis, Zuchetti, Takada, Naghdi and Hay in Forsythe’s The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude, as well as Bintley’s Flowers of the Forest and Sylvia by Japanese dancers. This will be filmed and broadcasted on TV here.
  14. Yes, Sasaki is a very popular name in Japan, but Sumina Sasaki's father Dai Sasaki was a big name in ballet in Japan, a Varna and Silver medalist and Jackson and Perm Gold medalist, and still dances on major stages here. Her mother, brother and sister are all professional ballet dancers.
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