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  1. I think it is a bootleg so I am not sure if it is ok to post the link here but there are a couple of videos on YouTube from last night's performance, the entrance scene and balcony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK36CDZpVSc&t=0s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Dkg8NSHIfo
  2. English National Ballet's Tiffany Hedman needs help. https://www.gofundme.com/f/tiffany-hedman-medical-emergency She is suffering from kidney stone while visiting her family in US and unable to receive medical treatment because of the US healthcare system (lack of insurance), and unable to return to UK because she is too much in pain. Many fellow dancers are joining the fundraising.
  3. Unfortunately they don't. They did overseas performances twice in the past, once was their tour to Kennedy Center (USA) in 2008 and another to Bolshoi Theatre in 2009 and that's it. They do a few performances outside Tokyo annually but usually focused on their home theatre. But they do have released several DVDs (including Bintley's Aladdin and Eagling's Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker) and I am sure as Yoshida has close relations with Kevin O'Hare and Sir Peter Wright they might have more opportunities in the UK. The quality of the dancers in the company is very high and versatile (although most of the repertoire are classical) and I hope the do have more Ashton such as La Fille mal Gardee and Two Pigeons because they are suited to those works. This season they will do Manon and Romeo and Juliet (both MacMillan) and Wheeldon's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and DGV.
  4. According to Julie Kavanagh's Nureyev: The Life, it does seem to be true that Nureyev slept with Pushkin's wife.
  5. National Ballet of Japan has Ashton's Cinderella in its repertoire for more than 10 years and this production is very popular here, performed every 2 years and tickets selling very well. And it would be possible that Yoshida will add more Ashton works. The Dream, Two Pigeons and La Fille mal Gardee are currently in the repertoire of other Japanese companies.
  6. I think Ayako Ono and Yudai Fukuoka also guested in Prince of the Pagodas at BRB too. Bintley is hugely popular here but Japanese audiences were not used to modern works and ticket sales struggled at that time (and Pagodas have not been revived here) . But Aladdin is still greatly appreciated and has been revived several times as a family friendly piece. Hope Sylvia will be back too.
  7. So lovely to hear the fond memories of Yoshida, especially of her SWRB/BRB days. Yes, Ayako Ono and Yudai Fukuoka guested in Aladdin at BRB. Especially Ono was in the creation, and she is an absolute gem. one of the very best ballerinas in our country and I hope her opportunities will expand in the coming years. So nice to hear from UK about her.
  8. Miyako Yoshida's Farewell performance titled "Last Dance" was on August 7th and 8th. A huge demand for the tickets and it was sold out in 6 minutes, so many of her fans were unable to secure tickets but this will be broadcast later. Yoshida danced 4 works, first the gala opened with the opening solo of Ashton's Cinderella when she returns from the ball and dances with her memories of last night, In the end of the solo she puts out the glass slipper from last night, to remember that it was not a dream. Many of us must thought that the glass slipper represented ballet for Yoshida, a dream. Then there was Birthday Offering, Yoshida danced the Fonteyn part with Federico Bonneli, with 6 pairs of dancers who are the principals of various Japanese ballet companies, a feast of stars. Of course Yoshida's Ashton style is like no other, the clarity of the steps, the precise movements and elegance, and Bonneli also beautiful with gorgeous leaps. The opening of the latter half was a pas de deux from Peter Wright's Swan Lake, once again she was partnered with Bonneli. She still had the lovely Odette lines and fluidity, and the tragic dramatic expressions were heartbreaking. Wright's Swan Lake will replace the current Swan Lake when Yoshida takes over National Ballet of Japan in Autumn 2020. There were video messages from Kevin O'Hare, David Bintley and also a very beautiful touching message from Sir Peter Wright, telling Yoshida that she was the most wonderful ballerina with his fond memories of her in her youth. And the gala closed with Wright's Mirror Walkers, Yoshida was partnered with Irek MuKhamedov. Although Mukhamedov looked like a retired dancer, it was surprising that he danced so well, he even made some soaring leaps and cabrioles, and partnered and lifted Yoshida with such deep affection. Yoshida looked so young, like a teenage girl and everyone forgot she was 53 years old. She looked so fulfilled and happy in the arms of Mukhamedov. It was such a happy ending to a brilliant career. Also there were guests from RB and BRB, and they all danced works that were Yoshida's favorites. Yasmine Naghdi and Ryoichi Hirano danced the Sugar Plum fairy, Naghdi's fouette turns in the coda were amazing and a beautiful partnership between them. Megan Grace Hinkis and Valentino Zuchetti danced Tarantella and a pas de duex from La Fille mal Gardee which were delightful. Momoko Hirata and James Hay danced the Kshesinskaya pas de deux from Anastasia, very regal and classy. The program was curated by former BRB soloist Kosuke Yamamoto. I must not forget to mention that National Ballet of Japan which Yoshida will take leadership boasts two brilliant world class ballerinas, Yui Yonezawa and Ayako Ono. Yonezawa danced Don Quixote with Yasuomi Akimoto (of Tokyo Ballet) with polished secure technique, throwing in some triple turns in her fourettes while raising and lowering her fan. so gorgeous. Ayako Ono danced with colleague Yudai Fukuoka, Bintley's Sylvia (I think Yoshida was one of the first ballerinas in the premiere) with such delightfulness and airyness, so ethereal. (some of you might have seen them as guests at BRB) . They deserve to be known internationally. Also,dancers from Star Dancers Ballet danced Bintley's Flowers of the Forest which is also a lovely work. A short news clip from this performance I wish the recording of this gala would be broadcasted or issued as a DVD because I believe there are many fans of Yoshida in the UK. It was such a beautiful celebration to this beloved ballerina.
  9. Recently there was a broadcast here of Rome Opera Ballet's double bill of Massine works, Parade and Pulcinella, filmed in 2017 so fairly recent one. https://www.operaroma.it/en/shows/parade-pulcinella/ https://www.medici.tv/en/ballets/parade-pulcinella-grand-theatre-romain-de-pompei/ It was reconstructed by Massine's sone Lorca
  10. Actually I was working on supervising the Japanese translation of this book which will be published here in November. This book does name many 20th century works and the choice or works and choreographers are very interesting. (it is of course quite UK centered but nevertheless it does offer a comprehensive view) And it does also mention Bourne's Swan Lake as one of the modern classics.
  11. More modern works should be included, such as Kurt Joss The Green Table Pina Baush (in addition to Rite of Spring) Cafe Muller, Nelken, Kontakthof & more Anthony Tudor The Leaves are Fading Jiri Kylian Petit Mort, Bella Figura William Forsythe Artifact Suite, Steptext Roland Petit Le Jeune Homme et La Mort, L'Arlesienne John Neumeier 3rd Symphony of Gustav Mahler (& more) Matthew Bourne Swan Lake (1995) Angelin Preljocaj Le Parc Uwe Scholz Beethoven 7th Symphony
  12. In Japan, we just had the broadcast of Frankenstein (Hirano/Lamb/Dyer) and Romeo and Juliet (Takada/Hirano) but I am afraid this was only limited for broadcast here.
  13. Yes, Hayward replaced Salenko who could not come to Japan and that was almost a last minute replacement.
  14. Today's Don Quixote cast has just been announced and Reece Clarke is listed as the Fandango Soloist so I suppose he is okay. I will be at this performance so I'll see. https://www.nbs.or.jp/publish/news/2019/06/-626.html (Japanese)
  15. It is a relatively small role, but the beginning was that May Nagahisa was invited to Mariinsky International Festival 2016 while she was still a student at the Princess Grace Academy and only 16, when she danced the Manu solo of La Bayadere. Then next year, she joined Mariinsky as a trainee, and entered the Company as a second soloist when she became 18. (although she danced many soloist roles when she was still a trainee)
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