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  1. https://victorhochhauser.co.uk/page/repertoires.php Principal Dancers include Elena Lobsanova Heather Ogden Jillian Vanstone Guillaume Côté Naoya Ebe Harrison James Brendan Saye (Subject to alteration) No words.
  2. A very disappointing cast. IMHO. Especially after Royal Ballet also performing Sleeping Beauty with far better dancers. Jillian Vanstone and Francesco Gabriele Frola would be my choice (they are very good) , avoid the other casts.
  3. Reece Clarke is not participating in the gala curated by Hikaru Kobayashi http://www.royal-ballet-stars.jp/cast.html
  4. Some very beautiful photos of this production on photographer Natalia Voronova's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/talia_ballet/
  5. Recently a book was published to commemorate the retirement of Miyako Yoshida (I contributed a little bit on translating tribute messages from Sir Peter Wright and Kevin O'Hare and more from her colleagues at RB) and inside the book, 4 pages on the back of the cover featured numerous (36 to be correct) curtain call pics of Yoshida taken by Dave Morgan, and this was such a lovely feature. I am sure Yoshida loved them.
  6. Yes it was not a major role and Polunin's acting was not impressive, but the role of Yuri Soloviev is not a minor role, he did appear in some important scenes such as the night cruising with Pierre Lacotte and Clara Saint on the night they met (he was there to watch over Nureyev), the scene that they went to a toy store to purchase some railway figures and playing together in the hotel room, and the defection scene. They shared the same hotel room in Paris.
  7. Casting of Paris Opera Ballet’s Raymonda is announced and Vadim Muntagirov will be guesting on December 22th and 27th. https://www.operadeparis.fr/saison-19-20/ballet/raymonda#distribution
  8. Vadim will be guesting in National Ballet of Japan's Manon in February, two performances. He is very hugely popular here as he used to be the season guest principal there as well as appearing in many galas and RB tour. He doesn't need aggressive marketing because that doesn't suit him and he is a well known and brilliant dancer, the very best of his generation and has lots of opportunities to dance all over the world. His art speaks for himself.
  9. This is a gala produced by Hikaru Kobayashi. Here is an interview (in Japanese) with her, talking about her career and also about this gala. https://www.chacott-jp.com/news/worldreport/tokyo/detail014366.html
  10. Robert Tewsley guested in Royal Ballet's Manon in 2005 in Japan (after he left the company), partnering Tamara Rojo. He replaced the injured or ill (I don't remember which) Jonathan Cope and it was a last minute replacement, coincidentally he was in Japan for another guest appearance and was available. I saw the performance and it was superb. He also guested in National Ballet of Japan's Manon in 2003, partnering Alessandra Ferri, and also danced Lescaut in another cast.
  11. I first saw this documentary on Japanese TV, and then watched them with English subtitles. I do not understand Russian so I might not be accurate, but it does seem possible that the subtitles and narration were translated from the Japanese version. However, the Japanese language, especially when it is written down requires less letters than in English (more information in lesser words) so it does seem the Japanese subtitles can be more detailed than the English ones, the Japanese subtitles did mention how Tsiskaridze regarded his students in details. (but it did miss the point about the nickname of the students) Vaganova Academy toured in Japan this February, they brought Nutcracker and Paquita/Fairy Doll, and Mikhail starred in Paquita, while Arron and Marko were in lead roles of Nutcracker/Fairy Doll. (Kirill was not included in the tour) so they are fairy familiar with the Japanese audience.
  12. Now you can watch the full documentary on demand here (until September 21th, 2020) Part 1 https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/3004617/?fbclid=IwAR2io-wybLojjTbHJL_JYoDo26NE3Riw9ATWuLbDFxgSRO3Z_-se7JgcV8g Part 2 https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/3004618/?fbclid=IwAR1Xg3jHgC1NttU75lE06Fc1qBQ2tcgSRdPFrH9m1aDzHLDlZ5fVBKLTD0Q
  13. I am glad Anna and Amelia were able to watch it Hope it will get replayed on NHK World as here we had several repeat broadcasts because of the popularity of the program
  14. Yes it is streamed online.  Access the above URL and there is a button on the right "Watch Live" when it becomes time. 00.10, 06.10, 11.10, 18:10 on Sunday for Part 2, UK time . Arron Osawa Horowitz also write on his public facebook about how to watch it. https://www.facebook.com/aaronosawahorowitz99/
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