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  1. NYPL 2018 -Sarasota Ballet NYC Season Full Program is currently available. https://vimeo.com/324004369 Ashton program including Christopher Wheeldon’s There Where She Loved, Monotones I & II, La Chatte métamorphosée en femme, pas de trois from Les Patineurs, Meditation from Thais, Pas de duex of The Two Pigeons (with Marcelo Gomes)
  2. Vadim Muntagirov took class with Vladimir Malakhov and you can watch the full class on Malakhov's Instagram
  3. Marianela Nunez in Teatro Colon's Merry Widow. (scroll 13 minutes to the actual performance)
  4. Ashton Foundation posted this lovely video. Ashton's choreographic signature performed by wonderful dancers of The Royal Ballet. Isabella Gasparini, Anna Rose O'Sullivan, Romany Pajdak, Alexander Campbell, Claire Calvert, William Bracewell, Fumi Kaneko, Reece Clarke, Marianela Nunez and Gary Avis.
  5. Sorry I should have posted the link to the English page. https://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Ballet-Dances-Classical_000000000040071/item_Don-Quixote-Minkus-Alexander-Campbell-Akane-Takada-The-Royal-Ballet-2019_10900670
  6. You can purchase Don Quixote with Takada and Campbell in the leads at HMV Japan. They ship overseas. https://www.hmv.co.jp/artist_バレエ&ダンス_000000000040071/item_バレエ『ドン・キホーテ』-高田-茜、アレクサンダー・キャンベル、英国ロイヤル・バレエ(2019)_10900670
  7. I am very happy to hear this. I had an opportunity to interview Yudai Fukuoka, and he indeed recalled dancing in Birmingham a very happy memory. One day after his performance he was walking down the streets of Birmingham when a local person came up to him and told that the person enjoyed his performance very much. He was very happy about that memory as these kind of things don't happen in Japan. Here is the English guide page to this streaming. It will be available for a week. https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/english/news/all/nntt-at-home.html
  8. National Ballet of Japan will stream MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet from Friday, May 29th. Ayako Ono and Yudai Fukuoka are in the leads (some might remember them in Birmingham Royal Ballet's Aladdin and Prince of the Pagodas) https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/release/detail/23_017336.html
  9. Japan's NBA Ballet with their Swan Lake (choreographed by A.D. Koichi Kubo with assistance of Naoya Homan) Odette/Odile is Momoko Hirata of Birmingham Royal Ballet. A pity the camera is remote but with an interesting storyline。In the prologue, Rothbart was in love with Odette but he murders her and her lover Siegfried out of jealousy and she is born again as a Swan, and Siegfried (also born again) reunited at the lakeside. Rothbart becomes a doomed creature.
  10. Pacific Northwest Ballet will stream Balanchine's A Midsummer Night's Dream on June 25th.
  11. It is in Japanese, but news that an orchestra concert in Shanghai has been performed with 30% capacity declared full. The players on stage even took off their masks. (hope you can see the video in this article) https://www.news24.jp/articles/2020/05/21/10647097.html
  12. K-Ballet Company in Japan did Winter Dreams 14 years ago, with Viviana Durante and Tetsuya Kumakawa. (That's all I know)
  13. Perm Ballet to stream Don Quixote tomorrow evening Les Patineurs and Winter Dreams, When the Snow Falls (Douglas Lee) on the 23rd.
  14. Rome Opera Ballet Swan Lake with Anna Nikulina and Semyon Chudin from May 19th.
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