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  1. Probably too late but I would have gone for A6 to ensure an unobstructed view unless you are tall enough not to worry, in which case mid row H will also be fine...either way, these are great seats!..
  2. I think I agree Bruce. The slow, controlled movements in this section, combined with the haunting choral music, are wonderfully moving. In his Penitent role William Bracewell, in particular, displays remarkable balance and sensitivity - combined with his Romeo, he is having a tremendous start to the season! I would prefer Inferno to be a little shorter and Purgatorio a little longer. The gentlemens' frantic dancing in "Thieves" is the stand out for me, and it gets tremendous applause, although I wonder if it is a bit incongruous - is hell this exuberant? I find Paradiso very enjoyable and uplifting too, but last night there seemed to be an awful lot of mist clouding one's vision of the Celestial Bodies, unless they were dancing right at the front of the stage - at least as seen from the Stall Circles side. I didn't notice this so much last week sitting in the Orchestra Stalls. Combined (again) with relatively low lighting levels (also in Inferno) this was somewhat annoying. The choice of seating position is important, to see the staging at its best, as from the Stall Circles left side, for example, you don't properly see the mirror disc on high, in Inferno, or the Penitents' resting place. Filming was in evidence last night, presumably as fill-in/backup for next week's "live" stream (the main filming is scheduled for the 26th but it is only available to view from the 29th) . Looking forward to seeing how this all comes across in that format.
  3. Not necessarily, but it could mean that in some cases; also it does rather suggest that he doesn't see sufficient existing talent lower down the Company ranks for promotion to Principals and Soloists....which would be dispiriting for BRB dancers that had been hoping to progress there. Unless this is just some sort of new employment policy requirement, in terms of having to be seen to be open to external as well as internal candidates when appointing these posts?
  4. I would suggest https://worldballetday.com/ is a fair launching point as it seems to include the relevant You Tube links to a whole list of Companies taking part in short bursts, in addition to the longer segments offed up by The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi, and The Royal Ballet.
  5. The programme includes some interesting and useful background articles about The Divine Comedy, and pointers to elements reflected within the ballet (and with some lovely photos is well worth £8 in my view! ) but I don't think that means The Dante Project can't be appreciated without it, as perhaps you are suggesting. I think at times one can enjoy the relatively abstract without feeling there necessarily has to be a clear narrative that one must work out and follow sequentially. I think the work generally achieves what ballet does best - portraying meaning and emotion, without words, through dance, music, and staging.
  6. Is this where Juliet dives under the bed covers to hide from Paris? Because that might be seen as a potentially (and an intentionally) humorous moment that people respond to.
  7. No Morera or Nunez unfortunately. Nunez was originally cast, I think, but perhaps her recent injury has ruled her out. Good to see Cuthbertson returning after her pregnancy leave. McRae will be reserving himself for Romeo. Corrales and Muntagirov are also not featured. Bonelli heads Cast 2, I believe.
  8. Cast list for tonight... https://static.roh.org.uk/digital/cast-sheets/The-Dante-Project/14.10.21+Dante+Project+.pdf?_ga=2.55839912.2029295531.1634227133-501418954.1634227133
  9. Whilst Nunez/Muntagirov is clearly a great partnership, personally I think it's fine if they don't dance together in every production! I would imagine (based on no authority whatsoever) that they may well like a change themselves on occasions. Nunez is partnered with Bonelli in the New Year - looking forward to that!
  10. Whereas, for tonight's premier of The Dante Project....! "Please note there are bright lights in Paradiso: Poema Sacra"
  11. I haven't had the email but as previously I suspect that you can choose only one performance from each of 3 or more different productions, per package.
  12. Do you mean you can't play DVDs on your computer? Only you should be able to get an external DVD or Blu Ray drive which plugs into a USB socket.
  13. Probably my only criticism of the production (and one that seems to be a bit of an ongoing issue for ballets at the ROH) is that I found the stage lighting far too dark in some of the scenes. I know we need a bit of moody atmosphere at times, but mostly we do need to be able to see the dancers clearly!
  14. I thought to set up this topic for reviews of The Dante Project, as this week finally sees the commencement of this new full length ballet choreographed by Wayne McGregor for the RB, long delayed due to Covid. The opening night is on Thursday 14th, with 9 more performances up to the end of October. The last performance on 30th October is also the last here for the brilliant Edward Watson and is sure to be a memorable event. Streaming online from 29 October (recorded 26 October). Looking forward to all the BcF feedback! (Unless I have missed something there has been no advertised General Rehearsal available for Friends to attend....but perhaps this is normally the case for new RB ballets)?
  15. I was delighted also to see Kristen McNally as one of those three....I had sort of assumed she had moved on to do character roles, and presenting....but she continues to be a super dancer in straight soloist roles.
  16. Unless I'm mistaken, the cameras in the stalls area were in place but not being used this afternoon. Camera filming is listed for "Jenufa" this evening.
  17. It certainly did! What triumphant debuts for these two, and what a start to the season! The whole company was on great form. Your pictures mark the occasion so movingly, thank you Rob.👏
  18. Good to see Calvin Richardson back, as he was injured for Athelhampton, but yes I hope Sissens is OK.
  19. Yes that would be asking a bit much... he is already performing Friar Laurence as well as Lord Montague.
  20. Cast list for tomorrow is now available https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events/romeo-and-juliet-by-kenneth-macmillan/cast-list/48937
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