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  1. and hopefully of a bubbly, fun-loving young woman who brought joy and huge affection into the lives of everyone who knew and worked with her.
  2. The same goes for the opera season where performances are generally much more expensive. Can't really complain though - all the major companies are doing it to fund their up-coming productions. If you want to get tickets these days you have to be prepared to forward-book big time!
  3. I've been checking out the four seasons and booking dates to get some idea of my budget breakdown. It looks as if the main demand will be in the Autumn season, with the Winter a close runner - in other words, I'll have to find most of the cost for the 2019/20 season in the next five months. As others have said, castings will be decisive!
  4. Continuing in the same generous spirit, I'm also beginning to think that the extended delay in releasing the programme might be due to an effort to loosen Kasper Holten's death grip on future planning. There are a couple of unexpected things/changes on the opera side that the rumour mill wasn't expecting. Butyou're right Lizbie1 - I'm probably just kidding myself.
  5. My first reaction was that allow the entire programme to go up hours before the official press conference, particularly since it is being widely shared across social media, was breathtakingly incompetent. Now I'm thinking that perhaps it shows a more relaxed approach. If so, I welcome it. After all, this is supposed to be an age of transparency.
  6. Worrying if true coz I had pencilled in the Mariinsky. I have been trying to check it out but without success. Which opera is extending through August please?
  7. Yes I had the same email this am. Last in the field as usual. The new RB Swan Lake has been listed by other retailers for quite a while. I ordered my copy from Amazon over a month ago - and at a much cheaper price then the ROH Shop is offering.
  8. For crying out loud - it's absolutely ridiculous that we're all trying to work out how to get access to basic information on this abominable new site. For God's Sake ROH, scrap it and revert to the old site. You actually had got it right there!!!!
  9. Like others I browse from time to time but my daily focus is on the other forums. The Links Forum is an extraordinary service and, as far as I can tell, unique but it must place great demands on those who provide it and who I'm sure already live busy lives. I'm sure many of us would be sad to see it go but I for one would understand if the decision is to discontinue it. We can only be grateful to those who have sustained it 24/7 for so long.
  10. I admire the subtle way you have left it to us all to draw the obvious comparison. Nice one!
  11. www.bbc.co.uk/events/r3j38g/by/date/2019/09/14
  12. So the striving for excellence as the ultimate goal is no longer relevant. That should ensure longevity for the philistines serving on the Arts Council! But how should we measure their relevance now since excellence in the job is not longer the test?
  13. I also booked using the Victor Hochhauser priority list - the trick was not to get caught up in the ROH web site but keep reverting to the VH page. A real joy to make a RB booking on-line so easily after all the frustration and hassle with the new web page. Just like the good old days!
  14. I see that Liam Scarlett's Swan Lake is to be released by Opus Arte on 26th April: https://www.prestomusic.com/classical/products/8610077--tchaikovsky-swan-lake https://www.prestomusic.com/classical/products/8610078--tchaikovsky-swan-lake
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