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  1. Oh dear, I feel I should apologise. I seem to have raised hackles. It was a simple query, a wish to know more about the woman who has moved us all so profoundly. Surely it is not inapproriate, particularly on this day of all days that we should think about the forgotten person behind the story.
  2. Thank you Bruce. Nothing can detract from the beauy of the clip of course but dance is so ephemeral - we and future posterity are so fortunate now that dancers and their performances can be recorded. The clip has gone so viral around the world - possibly more will emerge about this woman who has moved us all so much.
  3. Such beauty in old age is so moving. Sim reports that she was a principal with the New York City Ballet in the 60s but I have not been able to discover anything else about her, in particular any recording of her dancing. I wonder Bruce if you are aware of any record of her performing - maybe in the NYCB archives?
  4. The best place to catch it is probably on You Tube - and yes, both she and it really are lovely to watch:
  5. Thanks Stevie - well that's clear, though my loyalty to the Peter Wright production remains undimmed and I certainly don't see it as "the definitive Nutcracker on DVD". Nor do I understand what "the highlight of every holiday season for years to come" might mean. Unless they are assuming it will be an annual TV Xmas treat. Very sloppy marketing!
  6. I remain confused re this. Amongst my plethora of Nutcrackers, I have a performance recorded in 1985 in which Lesley Collier is partnered by Anthony Dowell & Michael Coleman, and a performance from 1968, choreographed by Nureyev in which he is partnered by Merle Park as Clara. I had no knowledge of a performance in which Nureyev is partnered by Collier but now see it listed, DVD only, on amazon in which, contrary to the Nureyev/Collier listing, the blurb identifies it as the Nureyev/Park 1968 recording!!! If the blurb is correct and it is the 1968 Nureyev/Park version, though it is a performance to be treasured, it would need a heck of a lot of restoration to justify a re-purchase if my current copy is anything to go by but perhaps with modern technology it will emerge in pristine form. Like Stevie I find it an odd choice.
  7. Oh Stevie - I really must stop spending money - but as the man said I can resist anything but temptation! Can't see a cheap copy comparable to the Zurich/Hagen Dance and Quartet you found but I've set up a search on eBay and will wait for one to come along. For now though I think I've got quite enough to keep me going! Meanwhile, going back to your earlier comments abut the RB Jewels, I'm still hoping that this might still be released. I'm reminded of Menuhin's comment - "I admire virtuosity, I enjoy virtuosity but at the end of the day it is self-defeating". The same could be said about tchnology and the obsession with perfection. If such obsession had been in place in the past, many of the greatest performances ever released on record would never have been heard. We don't worry about the odd fluffed note or, for that matter the odd misstep in live performance. If Jewels can't be released on disk then it should be streamed. It was far too fine to be left to wither.
  8. Thank you Jeannette, that's a boost - I'm really looking forward to receiving this set now!
  9. Wow, that's a bargain! I've always been a fan of the Hagens and have recordings by them going back to the 80s including the pieces on this disk. Their combination with the Zurich Ballet is a mouthwatering prospect so I've snapped it up. Something to watch while I'm waiting for the pre-orders! Thank you.
  10. Sorry Stevie - our contributions seem to have crossed. Helpful as always. Apart from Bayadere, there is of course Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty and Cellist/dances to look forward to. I have so many recordings of the Verdi Requiem, both audio and video, going back to the 50's but like the Ukraine Carmina Burana that I acquired on your recommendation yonks ago, the prospect of a choral, choreographed version is attractive, particularly since I have seen at least two of the soloists in performance at the Royal Opera. Not so keen of R&J - we've had rather a lot of that recently and the bar is pretty high but given the price reduction I've decided to have a punt. So thank you.
  11. Pursuing my own question, I see that to buy these 3 blu-rays separately on Amazon would cost £79.28 while the cost for the blu-ray re-issue of the triple bill on 20/11 is listed at £43.20; cost-wise at least that's attractive! As one would expect, the separate blurbs on the 3 disks are also intriguing: With the Messa da Requiem, Christian Spuck brought one of Verdi’s key works to the stage. In a large-scale co-production by the Ballett and Oper Zürich, the German choreograp-her and director ventured to portray an unusual interpretation of Verdis funeral mass in his scenic-choreographic production. 36 dancers, the choir and supplementary choir of the Opernhaus Zürich as well as four highly acclaimed soloists joined together under the direction of Fabio Luisi for 13 wide-ranging scenes dedicated to one of the most fundamental themes of humanity. Christian Spuck does not seek a mere religious interpretation of the liturgical text. Instead, he is interested in focusing on people who, in their vulnerability and helplessness, are in the search for comfort. In poetic tableaux he deals with basic human emotions and focuses on the feelings of fear, rage, pain, sadness and the search for redemption. Shakespeares play Romeo and Juliet has inspired generations of artists to adaptations like scarcely any other work. In his colorful, passionate music, the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev brilliantly captured the clash of love and hatred, and the proximity of tenderness and violence. Inspired by Prokofievs vivid music and the timeless quality of Shakespeares tragedy, choreographer Christian Spuck and the Ballett Zürich narrate the most famous love story in world literature using strong images that are full of enthralling theatricality and touching emotion. Michail Jurowski, a true Prokofiev expert, is at the rostrum of the Philharmonia Zürich.Recorded live at Opernhaus ZürichJune 2019 Christian Spuck puts the literary origin at the heart of his choreography of 'The Nutcracker and the Mouse King', emphasizing the fantastical nature of the original rather than the delightful Christmas fairytale and bringing back the tale of princess Pirlipat, who turns into a nut monster, as told by E.T.A. Hoffmann. On stage, Drosselmeiers workshop turns into an old revue-theater, where the ballets characters come to life. Spucks choreography plays with the richness of characters in Hoffmann's narrative cosmos, the absurdity and overwrought humor that inhabit them, while at the same time looking down into the dark abyss of Romanticism. Still trying to track down criic's reviews for a more independent view on these productions but "looking down into the dark abyss of Romanticism" seems quite an attractive option as I gaze out at the grey, rain-drenched covid world outside my window.
  12. I already have 4 blu-rays on pre-order and that's just in the Dance category. Suddenly they seem to be coming think and fast. I'm ashamed to say I don't know Christian Spuck's work, let alone these productions and, committed though I am to supporting both the format and the Art form, I really would need some advice if I am to lash out on another 3 in these straitened times! Can anyone help please?
  13. I am very happy to donate my moiety to the cause - I have been self-isolating over the past six months and it gives me an opportunity to thank the many contributors who have given me heads up to dvds, streams and so much more besides. The Forum has been and is a blessing in these difficult times and I am truly grateful to those who work so hard to make it possible. Bless you all.
  14. Thanks for pointing us to this, Stevie. The Blu-Ray is up on Amazon but not available for Pre-order yet. Haven't found it anywhere else. The description is intriguing and I shall certainly go for it when it becomes available to order: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08JRGP574?pf_rd_r=DGCYAC5X0VAE7F6V2K6Y&pf_rd_p=e632fea2-678f-4848-9a97-bcecda59cb4e
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