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  1. The opera was Meyerbeer's Robert le Diable and Kobborg was asked to choreograph the key ghostly nuns scene but was replaced I believe because the the Director Laurent Pelly objected. I don't know how JK would have approached it but what we got was like a Carry On take on a Hammer film which had the entire audience tittering on the night I was there. That was one blu-ray I wasn't going to buy!
  2. All this speculation is pointless and unhelpful. Please, can we just let it rest now and concentrate on the important things - in part. the things that those in the dancing community are doing to distract us and lift our spirits.
  3. Hooray! I am delighted to report that I've received the following from the ROH shop; "Good news! Three production are set for release at the moment. The Enigma triple should be out in August, Coppelia in October and The Cellist Triple some time next year." Still no news of a release of "The Red Shoes" though with the cancellation of the cinema relay, hopefully that will be accelerated.
  4. Season 1 of Monarch of the Glen is currently showing on the Drama Channel and available on Freesat, Freeview and Sky. Started a week or so ago. Presumably other Seasons will follow on.
  5. Yet another email from the ROH: "I am writing to you as a valued Friend etc, etc". Suddenly it seems that the Friends and the regulars they have alienated so comprehensively over the past few years matter!!!!
  6. So presumbly it was never broadcast on TV. Than explains why I have never been able to get my greedy hands on it. Thank you Alison.
  7. I have been brooding about this! It is a difficult question because different programmes will conjure up different associations for different people. Thus I cherish the Agony and Ecstasy series, not because of on the beastliness of Derek Deane that attracted so much attention at the time but because it is the only record I have on film of the lovely Daria Klimentová and her all too brief, incredible partnership with Vadim Muntagirov at the ENB before she retired and he returned to his natural home with the RB, and also of course included the young Laurretta Summerscales. Similarly the early documentaries about the Ballet Russes contain interviews with legendary dancers, including for example Marc Platov who went on to Hollywood and under his real name Marc Platt, to star with Rita Hayworth amongst others in a lovely film ‘Tonight and Every Night’, roughly based on the story of the Windmill Theatre which had a profound influence on me in my early teens because it resonated so powerfully with my memories of the Blitz in London and the Theatre itself that was a familiar sight for me in my childhood. He also appeared as one of the 7 brothers (only 6 in the dance sequences!) in ”Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” He died 5yrs ago aged 100ys after a highly successful career as a writer and producer but these documentaries are the only record I have on film of his early days with the Ballet Russes. My recorder failed me dammit for the closing gala of the ROH when Darcey put the House to sleep as the Lilac Fairy but my recording of the re-opening Gala is very special because the second half includes precious performances unavailable on commercial recordings by Irek Mukhamedov and Deborah Bull amongst others. The documentary ‘Riot at the Rite’ has Zenaida Yanowsky in an incredible performance of Rite of Spring. (Incidentally, isn’t there a recording of her dancing Swan Lake somewhere out there? It used to play regularly in the window of the ROH shop reproaching me for my failure to obtain a recording of it). But less obviously there is much else. For example I treasure the BBC relay of An American in Paris that as a family we saw many times and also the Proms semi-staged performance of Oklahoma coz they both included Robert Fairchild who as far as I know doesn’t appear as a dancer on any commercial recording. I could list similar recordings in the fields of music and theatre. My point is that it is not just the content, rare indeed unique as it often is, but also the associations that make these broadcasts so important to us, reminding us of dancers and events that matter to us and giving us reason to fight for their re-release!
  8. Have folk seen this initiative by the Berlin Phil? https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concert/22392
  9. Fonty, I see Tony Hall specificlly mentioned BBC3 content so I think the chances of you getting a re-run of Being Human on oneof the remaining BBC channels have significantly risen!
  10. Right on cue! Hopefully some of the programmes we have been listing on other threads will miraculously re-appear.
  11. No but the production companies would, wouldn't they? Surely someone somewhere must see an opportunity to recoup lost revenue?
  12. I actually checked out Lost in Space again recently. Nostalgia is deceiving. One series that does stand up tho is the TV series of Logan's Run - so much better than the film. I managed to track it down again and it was just as good as I remembered. As is the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - but that's another story. I don't remember Time Travel and must check it out. Is it like Crime Traveller? That's good. There are just so many. Where to stop?
  13. I have been notified that all Vue Cinemas are closed from today and that refunds will automatically be issued in the scheduled month. Tragic! I had booked ahead for a host of ballet, opera and theatre relays including many from the commercial theatres that I had already seen in situ and looked forward to seeing again. Perhaps the theatres will now start issuing discs in the hope of finding al alternative source on income?
  14. Perhaps someone might manage to find the concluding episode that was never shot so that we could find out what happened to them all in the end. And similarly a vote for Sapphire and Steel - another series that was left unfinished coz the two protagonists were left floating in space, the guy who wrote it died and no-one could fathom out where he intended to take it.
  15. Talking Pictures is a great source of many British ScFi Films from the 50s and 60s, usually in black and white and usually starring the same actors. It’s a great channel and I love it. The Devil Rides Out is one of Dennis Wheatley’s brilliant Satanic novels, and, along with To the Devil a Daughter, the best of the Wheatley film adaptations, tho the latter had problems at the very end coz the makers ran out of cash and had to tack on a hastily shot ending. My favourite though would probably be Night of the Demon, known in the States as Curse of the Demon (or vice-versa I forget which) based on MR James’ short story Casting The Runes and which incidentally also gave rise to ructions at the end of the shoot over whether The Demon should be shown or left to the imagination. I would add the John Wyndham and Quatermass movie adaptations but to be honest none of them are a patch on the TV originals. But they are all to be seen on Talking Pictures. British movie-making at its best. The elephant in the room is of course A for Andromeda but chunks of the original TV series with the young Julie Christie in the titular role have been lost and the subsequent re-makes don’t begin to cut it. If anyone could find those missing chunks from the original series, there would be rejoicing in the Heavens!
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