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  1. I had an email from the shop mid Oct saying Bayadere was due in Dec so I guess it depends on who you talk to! I guess we just have to be patient. I'm not sure what would be left if they did edit out all the culturally insensitive bits though. Meanwhile great news re “Within the Golden Hour” / “Medusa” / “Flight Pattern”. That date does look solid so thanks for that.
  2. I followed your advice last Nov and acquired this company's Nutcracker and Carmina Burana and am really pleased with them so I think you're safe! Thanks's for the head's up on their latest release. I look forward to it.
  3. I so agree. My recorder failed that the start of the BBC relay and I have been trying ever since to get a copy. There is no recording on DVD/Blu-ray of this key work - it is a major gap in MacMillan/RB discography and I can't understand why Darcey Bussell's farewell performance has not been released. Is there some kind of copyright dispute or something?
  4. I wonder. Could the sale of Opus Arte to the Naxos Music Group last November be seen as clearing the decks for some such development? Presumably they also can read the writing on the wall.
  5. In my time I have worked through 7 or 8 different audio and video formats, ofter transferring/re-buying the same material on the new format. Each time, unless one retains the equipment, precious recordings are lost because not all the previous material is re-produced on the new format. Thus I still have several hundred LPs and am amused to see that vinyl has been making something of a comeback - albeit as a niche market. DVDs are still available to purchase at present and I am hanging on to my collection but the reality is that, like videos, the charity shops don't want them and you just can't give them away. A friend took a load to a car boot sale and offered them at 20p each and had no takers. The real question is not about DVDs but how long blu-rays will remain relevant. A whole new generation has emerged who don't own players of any kind and rely entirely on streaming/downloading. I resolutely refuse to join them but I buy only blu-rays these days and that very selectively, or occasionally stuff on older formats, usually via the likes of eBay, which is unavailable on current formats. But I am under no illusions. Hopefully blu-ray will see me out but the signs are that it too will become redundant and sooner than one might expect. Streaming is still in its infancy but my tech-wise family tell me it is only a matter of time before we have live performances streamed in holographic form directly into our living rooms. That would put the cat among the ROH's seat pricing pigeons!!! Meantime, I shall be ordering the blu-ray of the RB's promised new Bayadere release and leave the future to take care of itself.
  6. I’m told that the Royal Ballet’s La Bayadère should be issued next month - presumably last year’s cinema release with Marianela Nuñez (Nikita), Natalia Osipova (Gamzatti), Vadim Muntagirov (Solor) and Gary Avis (The High Brahmin). Expected but good to have confirmation and in good time for Christmas! Does anyone have any further details please?
  7. Floss - I do hope you will be re-posting this item as and when you've had an opportunity to sort it out. It looked to be an authorative and very wide ranging background to the RS affair and I for one was very much looking forward to reading it.
  8. Surely one obvious link is that Crassus is alleged to have crucified six thousand of the survivors one by one along the Appian way - though I can't find the source for this - certainly not in the section on Crassus in Plutarch's Lives. Maybe in Appian of Alexandria's Roman History? Or in Raffaello Giovagnoli' novel 'Spartoco', supposedly drawing on Plutarch and Appian, which I understand was Grigorovich's main source?
  9. Will the Cranko Estate allow a live cinema relay? Have I missed something?
  10. And of course when Pinero in 1898 entiled his comic play Trelawney of the Wells, eveyone recognised the thinly disguised reference to the Sadlers Wells Theatre - though since that play deals with changing fashions in the theatre I'm not sure where that leaves us!
  11. More to the point does it stand out, is its purpose clear, is it easily accessible from outside/from within, is space set aside for people waiting to be attended to, in other words (and I know this is novel thinking for the new ROH) does its new location and layout facilitate its function?
  12. Yes I agree it's probably the most useful link on the site. I hardly ever bother with anything else.
  13. I'm wallowing in three recently issued and IMHO very fine disks: 1. Ibsen's Ghosts: The Norwegian National Ballet & The Norwegian National Ballet School - Creation and direction: Marit Moum Aune Choreography: Cina Espejord Issued by Bel Air Classiques 2. Ibsen's Hedda Gabler: The Norwegian National Ballet & The Norwegian National Ballet School Choreography: Marit Moum Aune Issued by Bel Air Classiques 3. La Fresque (The Painting on the Wall): Ballet Preljocaj. Choreography: Angelin Preljocaj. Issued by Naxos. Comes with an excellent bonus - an explanation by Angelin Prelocaj himself. All three are available on both DVD and Blu-Ray. I guess these works will be familiar to many on the forum but they have come as an eye-opener to me.
  14. and hopefully of a bubbly, fun-loving young woman who brought joy and huge affection into the lives of everyone who knew and worked with her.
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