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  1. Thank you for this - I would not have picked it up if you had not pointed me to it. I really enjoyed the opening night and am looking forward to the other programmes.
  2. There is still hope that the three-week Mariinsky Residency at the ROH this time next year can still go ahead?
  3. And the Mariinsky production of The Little Humpbacked Horse with Alina Somova and Vladimir Shklyarov came back up on You Tube yest. and is still available. I'm watching it now.
  4. I see a new production of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake is due for release in a couple of days time. Hadn't seen that coming. But still no news of a release for The Red Shoes!!!
  5. During the past four months I have regularly watched ballet and opera streamingsof productions by the three main Russian companies - Bolshoi ((20), Mariinsky (20), Perm (8) all high quality transmissions, described as HD, apparently by the companies concerned. If not released officially, I guess they must have been uploaded from TV transmissions?
  6. I've just seen that the Old Vic is streaming its production by the McOnie Company of 'Jekyll and Hyde' free from 5th August. I caught this back in 2016 and as I remember it was up-dated to the fifties and set largely in a flower shop with a lot of sex and violence, but some fine dancing, particularly by the guys in the titular roles, Daniel Collins and Tim Hodges as they switched too and fro and by Rachel Collins as Dahlia, the shop assistant caught up in their shenannigans. It was a fun production and a good evening out. I shall certainly want to catch it again.
  7. I was saddened by the thought that people might "want to skip all the other bits" - the quality of singing was certainly equal to that of the dance and alongside some of our finest singers also highlighted young people wih extraordinary talent at an early stage in their careers. For those of us who love the performing arts in all their glory this entire program was an absolute delight. I long for greater integration in the performing arts, not separation and IMHO, despite the problems, this melding of the incredible talents in the House got it just right.
  8. "Anyway I have just found this DonQ tonight on YouTube - Brooklyn Mack and Lali Kandelaki not sure which company but the writing looks Georgian." It's the State Ballet of Georgia.
  9. I was less than impressed that they mounted an huge and presumably costly survey to check out responses to the idea of a pay to watch service at the same time as they were already anticipating the results with an actual pay to watch service on Vimeo - but hopefully, if the latter was merely a test run, the overall responses taken together will inform their future actions. I wonder if the actual takeup has supported the findings in the analysis of the survey. We shall probably never know but it will be fascinating to see what they do next.
  10. Very true. I'm a blu-ray fan but I really value the older DVDs and the way they show the progression of key dancers through the ranks. I mentioned Marianela as Swanilda's friend in 2000; eight years later she was dancing the lead in Fille mal Garde with Lauren Cuthbertson, Sarah Lamb and Laura Morera as her friends - another lovely disk - and so it goes on. Now we are hoping for her in Coppelia with a new set of friends, the next generation. I do so hope the company find a way to release it, even if there are problems. After all, what else do they have? A record company without new material to release will fall. And if that means we may get a release of Jewels from 2017 as Stevie suggests, that would be great. It was a brilliant cast and I loved every minute of it. And if they're worried about the quality I'll happily forego the blu-ray and settle for a DVD!
  11. I was told by the shop some time back that it was listed for release in October so I'm not giving up hope entirely. Meanwhile it's worth saying that IMHO the RB's DVD from 2000 with Leanne Benjamin and Carlos Acosta and with Mariane Nunez as one of Swanilda's friends is very fine.
  12. Fascinating - thank you Bruce. The dearth of commercial recordings by the NYCB and Peter Martin's decision not to tour to the UK has long been a sadness for me and I have found enormous pleasure in their streaming over the past few months, along with that of their performances with other US companies. Over the years I have acquired many of their old dvds including the Balanchine Essays and of course the recent recording of their Paris tour and I am hoping very much that it will not stop there - that under new management they might one day give us another chance with another UK tour. Meanwhile, we can only hope that they will continue to share their incredible archive and I look every day for an announcement of an Autumn Digital Series. They are one of the finest world dance companies and we so need to see them.
  13. Point taken - but does this mean that if one pays the £4.99 a legal download is availabe via vimeo?
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