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  1. Yes I've had the same email. But I see that the release date on other amazon outlets around the Globe is still 24/1 - eg France, Germany USA. Either Amazon UK is quicker off the mark up-dating the release date or we've drawn the short straw!!!
  2. I so agree - part re Dracula and a new recording of Hobson's Choice - the old recording of the latter is one of my favourite disks. The ENB Corsaire was issued on DVD back in 2015 with Cojocaru and Muntagirov - I assume that is the production you mean? But there have been so many productions by Birmingham and Northern Ballet - and Scottish Ballet too - that I so wish could been have preserved on disk: Cleopatra, Le Baiser de la Fee to name but two, not just in their own right but also as memories of the dancers that performed in them. And I'm still waiting for a recording of Bourne's Red Shoes.
  3. While we wait for the remaining two RB live cinema performances from the 2018/19 season to arrive on disk, I am wondering what we can hope for from the 2019/20 season. The Dante Project seems a dead cert. Almost anything McGregor does at the RB gets priority and this for me promises to be the most exciting thing he has done; Coppelia also seems very likely - there hasn’t been a release since the DVD (with Benjamin brilliant as Swanilda and including Nunez as one of her friends) back in 2001 and a blu-ray is very overdue; I would hope to see the two Mixed programmes: The Cellist/Dances at a Gathering; and Concerto/Enigma Variations/ Raymonda Act III but I will be surprised if we see both and I’m not sure, if I had to choose, which one I would prefer; The other two seem v unlikely - there are already two fine performances of Sleeping Beauty available on DVD/blu-ray, the most recent from 2018; and Scarlett’s Swan Lake also has been released very recently. Neither seem a high priority for a new release; For completeness sake, I'll just add that I am less excited by the RO cinema airings but I guess Bryn Terfel singing Don Pasquale and Elektra with Nina Stemme and Karita Mattila would probably turn out to be the pick of a poor bunch for me. I just hope we won’t have the usual interminable wait for the releases!!!! And I'm guessing we will also see recordings of Victoria and The Snow Queen on disk but have no idea what else we might expect from other companies, either UK or elsewhere. If anyone has any info to share I'd be glad to hear.
  4. Can I echo this please. Do we actually know what they are bringing? Is there information re the the NBC visit somewhere on the ROH website? If so can someone help with the link please.
  5. Exactly. It was always my first port of call, so much more so when the old site was replaced by the current bloated, self-indulgent monstrosity that has no regard for its users and its primary function, only for the self-esteem of its designers, and presumably of the Managers who commissioned it and seem intent on bringing the House into disrepute.
  6. I am so pleased that the tone of the comments has begun to change. Most of the twitter venom was posted before the film was released! Everyone has their own favourite version of 'Memory' but for me there is only one version - Streisand sitting alone with the mike - a masterclass in how to handle a lyric: I tried to post the link but seem to have have logged the actual recording. Sorry!
  7. It is hard to understand the extent of the venom this film has attracted, particularly in a generation accustomed to the aberrations of the Marvel and DC Comics films but we have long had ambiguous feelings towards our feline friends and I suspect the reactions go to something deeper in the human psyche. The ancients regarded cats as sacred, cats have long been seen as witchs' familiars and their pretty cuddly faces belie their nature as cold killers as anyone who has seen a cat toy with its victim before the kill must attest, a characteristic which we alone in the animal kingdom share. It occurs to me that the Catwoman films have always been the least successful of their genre. My own feeling is that what we are seeing is just a blip in the development of CGI which still has a long way to go but there is no doubt that Tom Hooper has raised the bar. It will be interesting to see how Matt Reeves 'dresses' Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman when she returns in the new Batman film next year. And how the critics and the fans react! More interesting to me is the effect on Francesca Hayward's career. The camera loves her face, her picture is everywhere we look and her acting abilities are out there for all to see. Moira Shearer didn't return to Sadler's Wells after 'The Red Shoes' and continued her career in films, Cyd Charisse came from the Chicago Ballet, Gene Kelly discovered Leslie Caron in the Paris Ballet. Neither returned to the ballet world. Nor despite his good intentions, has Robert Fairchild; and I see Leanne Cope's genre is now described as Musical Theatre in Wikipedia. The casting agents with their siren voices will come calling. The pressure will be hard to resist and why should she. Her world has changed.
  8. Had missed this so thank you Janite. Have tracked it down on FreeSat and set it to record. TWICE!! A rare chance to see Scottish Ballet so very pleased.
  9. I had an email from the shop mid Oct saying Bayadere was due in Dec so I guess it depends on who you talk to! I guess we just have to be patient. I'm not sure what would be left if they did edit out all the culturally insensitive bits though. Meanwhile great news re “Within the Golden Hour” / “Medusa” / “Flight Pattern”. That date does look solid so thanks for that.
  10. I followed your advice last Nov and acquired this company's Nutcracker and Carmina Burana and am really pleased with them so I think you're safe! Thanks's for the head's up on their latest release. I look forward to it.
  11. I so agree. My recorder failed that the start of the BBC relay and I have been trying ever since to get a copy. There is no recording on DVD/Blu-ray of this key work - it is a major gap in MacMillan/RB discography and I can't understand why Darcey Bussell's farewell performance has not been released. Is there some kind of copyright dispute or something?
  12. I wonder. Could the sale of Opus Arte to the Naxos Music Group last November be seen as clearing the decks for some such development? Presumably they also can read the writing on the wall.
  13. In my time I have worked through 7 or 8 different audio and video formats, ofter transferring/re-buying the same material on the new format. Each time, unless one retains the equipment, precious recordings are lost because not all the previous material is re-produced on the new format. Thus I still have several hundred LPs and am amused to see that vinyl has been making something of a comeback - albeit as a niche market. DVDs are still available to purchase at present and I am hanging on to my collection but the reality is that, like videos, the charity shops don't want them and you just can't give them away. A friend took a load to a car boot sale and offered them at 20p each and had no takers. The real question is not about DVDs but how long blu-rays will remain relevant. A whole new generation has emerged who don't own players of any kind and rely entirely on streaming/downloading. I resolutely refuse to join them but I buy only blu-rays these days and that very selectively, or occasionally stuff on older formats, usually via the likes of eBay, which is unavailable on current formats. But I am under no illusions. Hopefully blu-ray will see me out but the signs are that it too will become redundant and sooner than one might expect. Streaming is still in its infancy but my tech-wise family tell me it is only a matter of time before we have live performances streamed in holographic form directly into our living rooms. That would put the cat among the ROH's seat pricing pigeons!!! Meantime, I shall be ordering the blu-ray of the RB's promised new Bayadere release and leave the future to take care of itself.
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