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  1. In later years, mostly international (and with sponsors or able to pay a full fee)
  2. Please also consider that, if privately try to cover all dancing subjects that are covered at vocational upper schools, even ballet-wise, not just ballet class, but pas de deux, character, contemporary, history of ballet/theatre, stage make-up, repertoire (not just as a solo, but most importantly as part of the corps - as it is the most important at the start of any young ballet dancer starting at any company), so group work is very important. Also, if possible stage experience (again as part of a corps) - and this is mostly only possible when you're at VOC. school, as have a run at Royal Oper
  3. Normally they use JA's, didn't they? Also strange, nothing on BRB website, only old 2018 link that no longer available, also when downloading the form (it's 2018 one) and no any questions regarding level of ballet child is doing (as it is open* audition) Anyway thank you for sharing, I know a few children who loves RAH stage
  4. Yes, it is possible indeed @Diva05 But don't forget that the training/lessons have to cover a lot from: 1)ballet(+pointe, +repertoire later and partnering/pas de deux). 2)Then character, modern, national (historical). 3)Then conditioning and gymnastics. 4)Then other artistic/academic as follows: drama, music, history of ballet/theatre, stage make-up. 5)Then theoretic: Physio/Nutrition/Healthy dancer programme. 6)Then one of the most important and exciting thing is: Stage practice! On professional stage within professional company
  5. It's not so difficult to find out. Look at RBS broshure (paper one, Summer perfomances each year). At the end you can see names of students, if you see name* - it's mean they were JA's (so most likely y7 as well). Well... look at the names in US, especially graduating year - the little * dissapears. Most of those perfect and talented from God, very carefully selected 'clay' to work and Craft with... dissapears. The problem is, perfect ones - often the ones who not madly fighting for survival (NOT ALL, of course, but from years of observation, even my students), then they might be let down as
  6. I'm agree. It's just not making any sense as training in GB is weak in comparement to Worldwide, but why then worldwide students going to UK, especially at 16+.... Just because of the school name, or route through school to 'Rome'? Well, there's so many 'Rome' companies out there.
  7. Well, one was 'returning' student, one british, but trained and lives abroad (so, no british trained), one british, and one to join in y10 from Australia (competition one).
  8. I think the answer is simple, in GB regulations.... not allowing teachers push to hard ( health&safety, 'child abuse', etc...) And also WL students not allowed to take part in competitions in the first place as it can 'damage' them and disturb their studies. Take note, that those international competition winners mostly home educated, private over coached, hardly pushed children ('abused' in the studio 24/7). There are few who were not really talented 'ballet children' only some years ago, now are the stars, because of all said above + really extreem strive to succeed. I don't know
  9. Interesting how many children they have in current y9? I also know few children who were advised Hammond, but never done any tap/nor interested and also not RAD trained.
  10. Yes, as said above to see a physio instead of GP. Then let him do the audition, but let the panel fully know / aware of his recently injury. But not to much exercises right now, no jumping etc whatever hurt. The good news is, as he is a JA - they know him, as they observe children during the years (esp. year 6), so they know about his abilities / potential, so maybe he don't need to do some jumps etc and explain it to him as well, so he don't have to worry. Good luck 🍀
  11. Don't worry, they won't be pale on audition! They would be pretty pink- cheeky and sweaty as there's lot of physical efforts will be. So, go better for waterproof mascara and better leave the skin just to breath and glow naturally. What is actually needed is lip balm! As mouth/lips would get dry. Good luck 🍀
  12. This is what particular school means under Aesthetics ⬇ (all parents should have a copy of policy) "4. Aesthetics Currently Observed for Classical Ballet a. Aesthetics b. Flexibility c. Natural hip rotation (turn-out) d. Natural elevation"
  13. It's not just a body, it's more of the lines perfections created by that body. And yes, it can change, so don't worry to much yet.
  14. Huge congratulations ???? to you, @Dormouse!!! What a excellent example for other older ballet students! And you look so beautiful and graceful, and most importantly happy! Well done!
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