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  1. We no longer have a lounge ... sofa in garbage , tv too ! Family are congregating in the kitchen whilst my daughter now has her own studio ! And even suggested we keep it that way 😂
  2. Does anyone have a full list of schools funded by dada ?
  3. No luck refund not an option as it’s postphoned not cancelled . Very frustrating to have lost over £1000 Unless we can attend the next one
  4. Slightly off topic , I had booked two of my daughters onto a four day Easter course which was cancelled due to the corona virus . Was I in wrong in thinking that this would automatically be refunded ? The course will be postponed but it’s not a given we could attend the postponed course . So I’ve effectively lost over £1000. Any advice would be very welcomed.
  5. Well done for keeping up with your classes, hopefully you will be back at it soon . X
  6. During this hard time it’s difficult to stay motivated and inspired . I would love to hear some positive dance stories from students , dancers , parents, teachers and avid spectators.Tell me the highlight of your dance journeys so far .Will look forward to reading ❤️
  7. Just wanted to send my love to all the dance schools and their teachers , owners and students , no matter how big or small in these very difficult times . Xxx
  8. I’m not an expert to answer this other than to say my daughter uses the RAD app on her phone
  9. Thank you, will look into these . Was planning on the whole family staying in central London and making a holiday of it
  10. Can anyone recommend an Easter ballet course for a 10 year old , currently only having private coaching . Would like to experience a class environment. Somewhere that she doesn’t have to board preferably.
  11. Does the artistic director regularly take class with his own students ?
  12. So does the problem lie in the initial selection of students taken into white lodge ? or in the training they receive when they’re there ? Why are international students more likely to receive these sort after upper school places ? Surely it’s a direct reflection on RBS training if the international students recruited are the finished article already ? In my own profession (I analyse and advise businesses on investments) I’m not certain I’d advise anyone to send their child to train there as early as age 11. Food for thought ....
  13. Thank you , Sounds like a tough ride for girls . Does the school give preference to their own home grown students that they’ve had from JA through to white lodge ? Does seem like quite a small number to be taken into the upper school. Especially when students give up so much to train there .
  14. So thinking far ahead and of every eventuality. If my DD was to be successful in gaining a place at a vocational school What is the likelihood statistic wise of her completing the full 5 years ? Do schools give adequate warning and reasoning if they are not offered further training ? Do they help find another school etc ? And offer emotional support ? Looking even further down the line, do many of the original cohort graduate into upper school ? I’m mainly interested in White lodge and Elmhurst. Thank you 😊
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