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  1. Sorry to hijack but does anyone have any experience of the Birmingham CAT scheme. My DC is going to audition this weekend but I have no idea what to expect.
  2. No MDS for ds yr10 but on the reserve list. Pretty happy with that. Does anyone know if we can find out how far down the list he is.
  3. My ds is on the reserve list for Tring. Does anyone know if it is possible to find out how far down he is? Thanks
  4. My ds was at Elmhurst today. He had a really positive experience. Having had not such a good experience on Monday at Tring. He is unlikely to get a place at either but we are super proud that he was even selected to go up against those who have had years of full-time training (year 10 entry). We have told him he is in a win win situation - he is at a great Grammar school already and if he doesn't get in he will stay at a great school. If he does get in he'll move to a different great school.
  5. Thank you tutu girl. He was offered Hammond but we decided not to go for it as didn't seem the right fit for us.
  6. My ds was at Tring on Monday. He didn't get asked for physio. He was gutted. He said it was all the good ones who went through. He is going for Year 10 entry and said there were 5 in his audition who were full timers from WL. I'm gutted for him. It makes me sad as we can never compete with that. We live in a rural location with limited access to quality dance training yet he is expected to be as good as those that have spent 3 years at one of the best ballet schools in the world. I told him just to be proud that they had even thought he could compete at that level. He has Elmhurst tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath now we know the quality of who he is up against. He (we)can't give any more. He will have to focus on GCSE'S for the next couple of years so dance will have to take second fiddle unless he is in a supported environment.
  7. My ds has been offered a place at the Hammond for YR10 entry. He could only go if he gets a funded place or a scholarship but as these are harder to achieve further up the school this is not likely. He also has final auditions for 2 other vocational schools both of which would be preferential as they seem to specialise more in ballet/contemporary whereas at Hammond the dance curriculum is broader and he would have to do tap which he has zero interest in. In order for him even to be considered for funding at The Hammond we would have to pay a £150 registration fee and I have to say this has really put me off the school. Essentially we could just be throwing away £150 which is not something we are in a position to do. Ds is currently at a very good academic school although it is hard for him from a balance and a social perspective. He is also progressing well in dance having come to it relatively late. I just don't know what to do. I resent having to pay £150 just to register to be put forward for funding. Part of me thinks if he doesn't get offered anything from the other two then it is only two more years and then it is a different arena post 16. The other part of me worries that if we don't explore all opportunities for him now we are limiting his chances of success in the future. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks
  8. Have answered my own question! Same email as last year so a standard respone.
  9. Wow well done. That is an amazing achievement. It was a no for my ds for yr 8. It was expected so he will be fine I'm sure. Does anyone know if they just send a standard email out for the no's? Thanks
  10. Ds auditioned on 25th for Yr8 in B'ham. Not heard anything yet though we are fully expecting a no. He really enjoyed the audition this year so it was a positive experience regardless of outcome.Good luck to everyone waiting.
  11. Was that 6 girls in total (any boys?) Or from your centre dancefantic?
  12. Thanks Bluebird. Had a look through my emails and WL was one week last year. Mids was 2 months. 2 places. Yikes. Very low expectations then!!
  13. Anyone know how long it takes RBS to let you know for finals and mids? DS had audition yesterday. Was for year 8 so have very low expectations which was nice as there really was no pressure. He really loved the audition and had a positive experience so that has made it worth it already.
  14. No we got: "It is with regret that I must inform you that X has been unsuccessful... I am sorry to have to communicate this disappointing news.... We regret no correspondence can be entered into regarding unsuccessful auditions. With my best wishes to x for the next stage of his studies." I really have no problem with a no. They see hundreds of children and it is a cut throat world but I don't think they can have one rule for some and one rule for others. If they don't think he should be there (and the receipt of that letter rather than the positive one leads me to believe that) then they should just say so rather than leading us on a merry dance whilst taking our money (and time and effort) for the privilege.
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