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  1. When we had our answer back - they mentioned that they might be able to offer day places if Covid-restrictions etc change so apart from those who don't take up a place, there may also be more on offer. I also suspect that more than usual will not take up places - when we applied, we had day placement in mind so had to think again when only residential was offered. We had to think about additional cost (quite a lot) and that our DS is only 10 and not been away more than a night before. His excitement made our minds up for us but it was indeed a big decision. Fingers crossed for you!
  2. Thanks TwirlyWhirly (cool name by the way), congratulations to your DS too - well done for continuing to apply - perseverance is such a needed quality to follow dreams 😀
  3. Thank you Fairydust - we have to loosen the reins sometime 😀
  4. Hi there I have just started to follow this link and share the idea that selection has to be based on things we might never really know but in response to the areas of thought that you have posted and I share: We heard yesterday that our DS has been offered a place on the Spring Intensive, the salient formation is: He is Y5 in school - age 10 He is a JA - since Y4 The photos were traumatic - wore JA uniform - you state in application whether they are a JA or not anyway, but done on mobile phone, in the house, by me (know nothing of ballet) We
  5. I'm not involved in any planning so the following is what I know but may not be the whole story.. Currently lessons are Saturday morning but some parents have been asked whether they would mind changing their times to the afternoon. I think this is so that there can be an additional class to enable social distancing when new pupils join but this is just my thoughts. I was not approached for this and so assume my DS morning lesson continues as is 😀
  6. It is group 3 but the parent who shared this info didn't tell me who they are - they were girls from their DD school. My DS is Y5 at Eastleigh.
  7. I was told by a parent today that she knows of Y5's that have been offered places in my DS JA class - so Y5s are getting in!
  8. I've not been to any other JA centre so don't know if that is a typical number or if it is just the size that the Eastleigh studio can do
  9. If they are filling spaces left by the Y6 moving up then there are 9 spaces. I asked my DC if anything has been said about others joining them and he says nothing at all has been mentioned.
  10. I have absolutely no inside info and so this probably won't help but my DC is a Y5 JA at Eastleigh - the class is currently small. If they only brought in Y4 then there would be a lot of them!
  11. Just wondering what European schools you have in mind as this sounds interesting - we will never be able to afford these fees even with bursaries - we would move country for the right school? I now this post is a few years old but here's hoping!
  12. Thanks SJBallet - since posting, I have also noticed that on RBS site that they give a list and times. Best wishes
  13. This is completely ignorant of me but how do you know what content to put in a video audition? Thanks
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