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  1. DS is very shy so sparkle is a concern- thank you for your thoughts 😊
  2. Thank you, so much to consider. I'm told DS has the talent but possibly not yet the maturity- it's not for this year anyway so time will tell 😊
  3. I took my DS pics on my mobile, with little clue about the positions other than the sketches provided and he got in as a JA so I'm sure they are only used as aids in discussion!
  4. Does anyone have any thoughts whether pupils have more or less chance of WL if they apply for Y9 vs Y7?
  5. Hi All how do SA2 students fair vs White Lodge students in auditions for vocational at Covent Gardens? Thanks
  6. My DS is flexible in front splits and box splits - by hard work. He has never been totally down on his froggy so we also had concerns. He did an insight day before we applied for him to audition and on that day he was encouraged to 'sign up' and more importantly for us - he thoroughly enjoyed the day and was asking to have a go. His dance school is serious about encouraging boys and so they make little fuss about uniform etc so we were not sure he would respond to more formal pedagogy but was blown away by how good the teachers were. All round good experience!
  7. Hi All we have someone from WL visiting for an assessment at the next JA session - is this normal and if so, does anyone know what they are looking at? Thanks
  8. Hi my son also had the email and he is at Eastleigh. I think all the JA boys received it. The commitment is huge and not possible for us in Southampton, I'm in a new job and so many clashes for my DS. I also felt bad not being able to enable this opportunity but I console myself with the fact that it really is not possible and there will be other chances. Last year there were RBS auditions for Mayflower Southampton which would have been more doable.
  9. I share your pain. Until a few weeks ago DS (* years old) did 18 hours of gymnastics - he competed in the foundation age British Championships in Liverpool this summer and came away with two golds. He did, Modern Tap, Contemporary, Street and Ballet. He has always said ballet is his first love and is so proud to start this weekend as a JA. As much as he loves ballet he likes gym and has of course got a few people interested in his development which flatters him. When I speak to him about it (daily) he still wants to do ballet. The JA lesson clashes with both gymnastics and dance so he has recently had to drop Street and one of his gymnastics sessions. His dance school have also changed days so further clashes mean dropping Modern/Tap. Additionally, his Dance School have just announced that they are not doing exams anymore and so if he wishes to continue these then he will have to do private lessons. They tell me that Top Ballet schools are nearly all by audition and so he won't need his grades - but this is not what I see when I go onto their websites? I'm so disappointed with dance school that I now feel I have to find another and the only one that will do his level at a time he can do is many miles away. It's all getting difficult so I do hope he chooses soon - he tells me that he has chosen ballet but wants me to try and keep gym going for a while as he is being considered for the GBR team. Who knows what the future holds!
  10. Hi Sarahitaly I can't recall all the good advice through the thread but I have fanally managed to get all the stuff for my DS - age 8. DS is exactly average height and average weight for his age (red book curve). He is narrow waist, hip and slightly long legged (not massively) and a little broad shouldered. I bought the boys leotard his stats suggests is Size 1 so bought this - he could not even come close to getting it on - ordered a size 2 which does fit snugly (so sizes are smaller than you would think. I would prefer a bigger size but the next size up is for 11 years olds. I bought the size 1 (7-8?) shorts as he is marrow - snug but good fit. I bought 8-9 tracksuit top which fits nicely as a casual fit (which we like). Trousers sourced from amazon are not an exact match but as a man I obviously can't tell 😊- I read from others that this does not matter at all. White leather shoes he already had and had bought them elsewhere. He now looks magnificent and danced for hours in his new kit after trying them all on!! Hope this helps
  11. Hi All - my DS will be JA1 (Y4) at Eastleigh. Are there any others on the blog that has their DC attending this class?
  12. That must have been such a 'heart in mouth' moment 😊
  13. Thank you for clarifying - much appreciated 😊
  14. It did seem odd (in a nice way) having other boys around. DS is always the only one in ballet. I am completely new to all this and so the following could be totally wrong but I seem to recall someone saying that they like the boys to all go to London when they get to y6 (or it might be MA). 😊
  15. He was group 4, number 97 and we were sitting right by the entrance doors to the studio. One of my hands does not work well and so another parent had to help put his number on, he has short cropped brown hair 😊
  16. Morning All it's hard for my little brain to keep track of who has got in or on SWL for which centre. Who has been lucky on this occasion for Eastleigh Y4?
  17. When my DS did an Insight day the teacher said that she had not been successful as a JA on her any of her attempts but got into WL and then danced for RBS - I don't know any more details but clearly always hope for the future 😊
  18. Wow, great news and thanks for starting the thread 😊
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