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  1. He was group 4, number 97 and we were sitting right by the entrance doors to the studio. One of my hands does not work well and so another parent had to help put his number on, he has short cropped brown hair 😊
  2. Morning All it's hard for my little brain to keep track of who has got in or on SWL for which centre. Who has been lucky on this occasion for Eastleigh Y4?
  3. When my DS did an Insight day the teacher said that she had not been successful as a JA on her any of her attempts but got into WL and then danced for RBS - I don't know any more details but clearly always hope for the future 😊
  4. Well done and fingers crossed for you 🀞
  5. Wow, great news and thanks for starting the thread 😊
  6. Fingers crossed for a place for you 🀞
  7. You can smash it next time - sorry it was not yet on this occasion x
  8. I did for a while after the audition and stopped when I thought DS wasn't great at it and so I wanted to pretend he would have done it better on the day πŸ˜•
  9. That's lovely, wish I had thought of itπŸ˜€
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