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  1. Sorry for your bad news. Hopefully your DD will shake it off and have better luck in the future 🙁
  2. DS was in group 4 but he said it didn't go well as he had problems with his shorts and wouldn't leave them alone. He stopped mid movement to sort them out on a couple of occasions. Doesn't stop hope creeping in though 😁
  3. That's tough news. Best of luck next year 🙁
  4. Dear Waverley - best of luck for your DD today. Fingers crossed ! 😀
  5. Hi Lottie77, thanks for the good luck wishes. Do you know how many Y5 there are in your DD class? Thanks!
  6. Hi Lottie77, thanks for the good luck wishes. Do you know how many Y5 there are in your DD class? Thanks!
  7. Hi Motomum, that sounds like there might be some hope. Thank you - he is really low today which is hard to see 🙁
  8. Thank you Spamcat and Waverly. He doesn't think it went too well. We had to buy him new shorts and he said they kept riding up so he stopped a couple of times to sort them out in the middle of some moves. C'est la vie - he is already talking about next year 😊
  9. DS just warming up and then heading to Eastleigh for his audition. Neither of us are nervous at all!! 😀
  10. Hi Twirlygirl - very best of luck for this time!
  11. Today, received date and time for audition at Eastleigh. May 13th @ 2-3 pm for a Y4 audition. The email mentions that times are based on age so not sure if it matters but DS is a September baby 😊
  12. Hi the date for your venue can be found on the RBS website, Eastleigh is 13th May I believe. We have not received the email telling us the time on that day but knowing the day would help with hotel etc
  13. Hi SissonneDoublee and Littlebear - thank you for times, it has been really hard finding this out. DS will have an audition this May and of course I understand that the odds are against him getting a place but I'm just one of those many parents that are trying to sort the logistics out for him (I'll leave the dancing to him 😊). He is also a keen gymnast and although he makes it very clear that gymnastics is the one to drop if there is a clash I'm just trying to see what clashes could lie ahead if he is fortunate enough to do well this year.He really enjoyed an insight day in Birmingham and en
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