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  1. Cabbie

    CAT schemes

    Thanks for that BumbleBallerina, can I ask where your CAT training has led you, assume that Ballet is your first love? Thanks also for everyone's input on the commitment required, really helpful.
  2. Cabbie

    CAT schemes

    Thanks BlueLou, thats good to hear. I would be interested to know if anyone has personal recent experience of the DanceEast CAT as a comparison but it's reassuring to read that the NB scheme has been so successful.
  3. Cabbie

    CAT schemes

    hi, can anyone tell me how successful the CAT schemes are in terms of the number of students that go on to study dance full time? DanceEast used to claim one hundred percent success rate but this seems to have been dropped from their latest literature. My child is keen to audition but we are wondering if there is a better route...
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