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  1. My daughter uses the 1m x 1 m portable floor From here In her bedroom Approx £50 https://softfloorkids.co.uk/category/dance-tiles/ it comes in separate click together tiles, So you can buy the length/width you need It has rubber/plastic backing And edges , and has wood affect surface, so doesn’t ruin carpet beneath but provides a sturdy base to dance on, this was fine for barre work and practice for ballet, and great for tap too, It does slide on wood flooring, but we bought the harlequin practice mat and she now uses this on top of the soft floor in her bedroom to give a smoother surface to turn on, but I’m sure a piece of Lino would do taped down with some floor tape 😊
  2. I’ve just recently purchased the portable harlequin practice mat, it’s slim, but a durable vinyl mat. We have laminate flooring in lounge and when placed on this it does not slip at all. Extra fast delivery too, think it came next day. Yes, you cannot put this on carpet, best on to wood, tiled, or a hard floor Surface. My daughters feet were slipping out of position on our flooring (even applying hairspray to the soles of her shoes didn’t help) but she has had pointe classes and Other 1-1 zoom classes and says the mat is perfect, no slipping at all. It comes rolled up, so the side that has the logo on does curl slightly around the edges but you can buy tape From them too which does not leave residue if you Wish to stick this down more permanently to a hard surface. We just use it the other way and it lays perfectly flat. It’s not cushioned, so I couldn’t imagine it would be ideal for long periods of jumping if on hard floors, but for short lessons or practice it seems ideal at the moment. It’s not the cheapest, but as it’s portable I’m hoping my DD can pop it in the carry bag and take it with her to her nans, or wherever she’s wishes to practice, so hopefully worth the ££ xxx
  3. Woodside Dance Retreat are doing a Christmas 3 day intensive, they are based in Kent. Details on Facebook and Instagram x
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