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  1. I only have experience from last year’s audition season and appreciate things could be different this year. Applicants seem to have a two week period to accept/decline their places, then it goes to first round waiting list. They in turn have the two week period to accept/decline & so on. DD knew of friends/peers still receiving offers two months after she gave her place back so that suggests there can be several rounds of offers. Certainly there is an awful lot of movement & wait list places can come up. The problem is knowing where you are on wait list...and of course deciding whether to commit to other offers! Very best of luck to you xx ps. I agree this forum is invaluable
  2. Congratulations. There was a lot of movement last year with what seemed like a few rounds of waitlist places being offered. Best of luck xx
  3. So pleased to hear that BalletBean. You will be reunited soon. My DD is away as you know & it can be hard to be separated ‘by water’ at the moment. Best of luck to your DD this year. Xx
  4. Yes that’s pretty much it. From memory, last year the email back offering audition was very quick. Best of luck 😊
  5. For sale, all excellent condition: Capezio Grey knitted matching wrap cardigan & shorts - Size XS/Petite (shorts unworn with tag) Intermezzo Black/grey knitted warm-up tights - Size L (child)/XS adult £20 inc p&p. PM if interested😊
  6. For sale, all excellent condition — great audition leotards, high cut leg, camisole style: Degas 9501 Grenat Meryl (14A front-lined) - worn less than handful times for audition £30 Inc p&p Degas 9501 Viola Meryl (14A front-lined) with matching floral bun wrap - worn 3 times £32 inc p&p Degas 9502 Black Meryl (T0 front-lined) -worn twice £30 inc p&p Dansez Camisole 911 leotard Black (XS) - brand new, cut tags before realizing bit too small😢 Paid £35, reasonable offers PM if interested or if need further information/photos. Thanks 😊
  7. For anybody on reserve list waiting: Just to say that after a lot of deliberation, my DD has recently handed back her Central offer and decided on another school. Hope this is good news for somebody else.🤞😊
  8. My DD was offered a DADA and as Irish tax residents that posed same issue for us, we work on calendar tax year here. Registrar of school in question suggested we get our Accountant to compile Apr 19 - Apr 20 summary of accounts (my husband is self-employed) for 2020 entry. In the end, she has accepted an offer at another school & as it is a degree, DADA funding not applicable. Best of luck with it all. There’s such a lot involved in the whole process but this forum really helps, I’d have been lost this past year or so without it!😊
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