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  1. Have recently heard that London Studio Centre accepts 16 yr old students. We hadn’t included on audition list because I thought DD was too young at 16 & that LSC was 18+. Just wondering if anybody has any recent experience of LSC course please? DD happy doing mixed dance course (Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz) but singing/drama not her thing...well at moment anyway, slightly outside her comfort zone! Thanks for any feedback.😊
  2. I ‘think’ it was two open days but only one Experience Day but I could be wrong. We missed out last year unfortunately.
  3. Thank you, sounds like a great recommendation too. Plenty to research! 😊
  4. Thanks so much for the replies, I’ll look into all of those. Great advice on this forum😍
  5. Hi, We are in London temporarily and looking for recommendations for some private ballet lessons. Want to start this way rather than a school for DD until we figure out what we are doing. Central London venue & accessible by tube would be ideal! Any recommendations? Thank you😄
  6. Just noticed dates are up for Elmhurst Open Days Fri 20th Sept & Fri 11th Oct.
  7. Thanks so much for all the info. Had forgotten to ask about sizing so great to have advice on that too before ordering! Love this forum😍 ps. Sheila...I’m sending you an email, thanks for the reply.
  8. Giselle21

    Degas Leos

    Just wondering which are preferred Degas leos? Looking at 9501 & 9502...not sure of difference...but DD’s preference would be most high cut. Any advice greatly appreciated. Yet another new area to research...and just when I thought I was getting there with all this!😂
  9. Congratulations! It’s a fantastic achievement 👏
  10. Thanks. I sent in application around three weeks so hopefully will hear soon.
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