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Found 12 results

  1. Please could anyone give me more information about the BA Modern Ballet course at RCS. With COVID restrictions we have not been able to visit the school which makes the decision process very difficult. I have been offered a place and am very excited but I have other schools to also consider. Anything you can tell me about the school will be gratefully received. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone with information on RCS would please post what you know. We’d be grateful for any information (good, bad & in between) . I’m thinking along the lines of student experiences & happiness during their period of study, accommodation options, pastoral care, graduation destinations etc etc. Our DS has been offered a place ! Thanks very much in advance
  3. I’m sure this has already been covered in the links forum, but I missed it and have just read it in this week’s Stage. Peter Schaufuss is opening a full time ballet school in Edinburgh in 2019, with a launch event in March of this year. Applications for March close early Feb. Www.edinburghfestivalballet.co.uk.
  4. Hi there, does anyone know if it’s hard for a male dancer to get into the Royal Conservatory of Scotland? Thank you 🙏🏼
  5. My dd has made it through to final audition end of March. She really loved her first audition and got a lovely vibe but i am just looking for feedback on the school and what to expect at final audition please.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new hear and would like some information/help. We are on the Gold Coast of Australia where my daughter studies fulltime ballet. My partner is Scottish and we decided to apply to schools in Scotland to further our daughter's ballet journey. After viewing her audition she was offered a place in both Ballet West and the new Edinburgh Festival Ballet. We need to decide and being on the other side of the world would appreciate any help. We have found quite alot about Ballet West but was hoping to hear about anyone attending Edinburgh Festival for their new fulltime school. Anything else that may help would be awesome.
  7. Anybody studying at RCS or who knows info about the school please could you tell me, how many contact hours?, class sizes? ratio of ballet/contemporary? or any other info you can share about the school please, DD interested in auditioning for Sept 19.
  8. Hi, I would be grateful for any feedback on the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland BA Modern Ballet Course and if they run a Ballet Summer School Course (re the summer course ideally what ballet level this would be aimed at). Doing a bit of research for dd auditioning in 2019. Thanks in advance 😊
  9. Hi Dd has applied to RCS and sent everything via UCAS around October. We have requested the London audition as that is easier for us to get to. We have been checking the UCAS tracking site but it still shows no audition date. Just checking no one else has heard and I’m looking in the wrong place ! Anxious to hear now as getting close for booking trains and accomadation if needed, depending on audition time etc. Thanks loulou
  10. Has anyone here got any insight into the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, would really like to talk to someone who goes there or knows a bit about the school and the BA in Modern Ballet. X
  11. Good morning all. I and my DD had the pleasure of travelling to Glasgow this week as she was auditioning at RCS. The facilities at Spiers Lock are superb and all the staff we met were most welcoming. I'm wondering does anyone else here have DC auditioning here this year or DC in situ - particularly girls. I would love to get some in site into the programme from those that might already be underway in their studies or have graduated. Many thanks. Kat
  12. Hi all....in case anyone interested I have just seen that www.thedancesummerschool.co.UK will be holding auditions for here this summer. Just in case anyone interested! My dd goes to this summer school and really loves it.
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