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RAD Intermediate zoom classes


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Dear forum, 


With several of my open studio classes now cancelled with the new lockdown, I have been looking for a "silver lining" in being able to take more syllabus classes from around the country online. If any of you are aware of RAD Intermediate classes, if adult-only even better, I'd love to know!


Mods, apologies if this belongs in an existing thread; I thought it was specific enough to warrant a new one but please do merge. 


Thank you, 



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Not syllabus classes, but for Intermediate level (open studio level descriptors):

I've been Christina Mittelmaier's Zoom classes throughout lockdown. She offers a Beginners/Improvers on Mondays (not for complete beginners - more like a New York Advanced Beginners level), an Intermediate class Friday mornings, and now an Intermediate/Advanced on Sundays. Ms Mittelmaier is a wonderful kind and nurturing teacher. And she has watching & correcting us on Zoom down to a fine art.


You could also look at Steps on Broadway - I do Noriko Hara's Intermediate level classes (when the 5 hour time difference means they're not at midnight!). Ms Hara worked with David Howard and her classes preserve his beautiful flow & line. They are also very lovely to dance, and Ms Hara is absolutely so sweet & encouraging. She really gives everything to her students.


You can find their classes by googling - not sure if it's OK to put commercial links here.

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Not sure if you still need this but my teacher is currently teaching her classes on zoom, there is a RAD intermediate class (there's only adults students)  on Tuesday evenings: https://www.cariadballet.com/classes

Classes goes back to studio whenever it's allowed to do so, but with an option to stay on zoom for people who cannot make it. She's also an RAD examiner and teaches as the HQ.

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