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  1. Congratulations to all who got places! Can I ask, of those who had successful applications, did you have your photos done professionally in the dance studio?
  2. Definitely more chance (though still very slim, of course!) for Year 7. By Year 9 barely any spaces come available, maybe only one or two at most, and there are still plenty of hopeful dancers auditioning!
  3. I agree, it's not very easy to find and puzzling why the whole thing wasn't updated! If you go to the Take Part drop-down list, then Current Season, you will find the FAQ page with a notice about it all.
  4. Ah it's a shame! Even the auditions had become part of our spring term routine - such a positive atmosphere and lovely experience. Hopefully they'll restart it next year...
  5. Hi Astrid! No great pearls of wisdom, but just to say that we changed dance school twice before my dd found the dance school where she now thrives and gets excellent teaching across the disciplines. She didn't know anyone there at first but it didn't take long to make new friends and now she would never go back, even though she can see positive things about her old dance schools too. My only suggestion is to do a trial at the alternative one, and be open with your director at the current one. Age 8 is quite a good time to move in some ways, as they still have so many years ahead of them. Good luck with thinking it through!
  6. My dd is currently wearing these, as at the time of fitting they were the best of the bunch for her. But she isn't quite sure she likes them or not. They are in some ways similar to Gaynor Mindens, though look a bit more refined, I'd say. They have the feature of not needing to be broken in, but my dd finds the feel of them a bit frustrating in that respect. Very stiff on the foot. The shank also comes up rather high on the foot, which seemed fine at fitting but on a daily basis has felt too high for her. So I doubt we'll choose them a second time - probably back to Freeds next!
  7. One more question about the SA auditions - do they do a lot of pointe work in the audition? And is the audition run in a similar way to MA auditions, just more advanced, of course?
  8. richieN What a great quote - thank you!
  9. Thanks, valentina. So just to clarify, do all the current MAs go along to the same audition session as any dancers who haven't been MAs?
  10. Can anyone help with a question about Senior Associates at Year 10 - do all the MAs go on to SA1 automatically, or is it a fresh sweep and all the places for Seniors are chosen fresh for SA1? My dd is thinking of auditioning (she didn't get an MA place last year, though it appeared there were hardly any to be had) but I just wondered if there is any point even thinking about it, if the MAs do move straight up? I expect if any are leaving for vocational school, most would have done that for year 9 already, so there wouldn't be any extra spaces for Year 10 on that count... Anyone know? Thanks!
  11. I can relate to you HowMuch! We are just working out whether to go through all the auditions again this year, having had a lot of 'not yet's last year, as you gently put it! I figure it's a rollercoaster, being a dancer's mum, with real highs and lows and too much or then too little adrenaline! My only tip to keep up our enthusiasm is to take the focus off our own kids' dancing sometimes and book to see a ballet or a show together, maybe at Covent Garden/West End, to really enjoy the professionals performing and be reminded of the bigger picture, and draw some new energy and inspiration from the dynamic performing arts world. Good luck with riding out the autumn down-time and hope this forum helps.
  12. My dd went to a JA Insight day in London before deciding to audition for Junior Associates for the first time. She really enjoyed the session and being at the Covent Garden studios was very exciting for both of us! From what I remember, the level of ballet was very simple, they did a lot of skipping around the room, some floor exercises where they looked at their feet, were taught about core and turn-out with the use of stretchy bands round their thighs, and did some very basic barre work. The pianist was very energetic and the girls had to do some free work to the music eg. 'pretend you're a leaf blowing in the wind' or something like that! I don't think the teachers were looking for potential with a view to future auditions, though I noticed they did pay more attention to the talkative girls and those with nice feet! They had name stickers rather than audition numbers. My dd was quite shy as she didn't come with any friends, but really enjoyed it. You don't get any feedback, but as you're watching the class you can see how they get on. Enjoy!
  13. Definitely R-A-D, each letter pronounced, like the RAF! ISTD the same. But RADA and LAMDA are different.
  14. Fantastic news! Congratulations - how exciting to get the phonecall!
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