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  1. No for dd for SA London - oh well, she enjoyed the audition anyway! All good practice. After three attempts, it looks like it's always going to be a no so maybe that's the end of the Royal journey, but was fun! Well done to all the 'yes' recipients!
  2. My dd had a very positive experience of the SA1 auditions in Covent Garden this week - lovely teacher taking the class and a very friendly atmosphere all round. Now just the waiting game again... Good luck to all who auditioned for Associates. 🙂
  3. I have to say, we experienced the first point at the London Mids auditions last year too. The existing group teacher came and greeted all the pupils she knew, and at the end of the audition she winked and smiled at a couple of them. My dd didn't take much notice, but I thought it was a bit off to show favouritism when the girls were all equally excited and nervous about going in, and we were led to believe it was a level playing field. Not sure whether it had any bearing on who was selected, but I found it a bit cliquey. At least we'll be prepared this year and have no illusions!
  4. Ah thanks, Jan, that's brilliant! Just what I was looking for.
  5. I'm following this thread with interest, as I also have a DD wondering which route to go for... Can anyone recommend/have any experience of any universities (mainstream courses, rather than dance, performing arts etc) where dance societies are particularly strong?
  6. I once asked if we could send in some new photos for a JA application, as we weren't really happy with the batch - we had a very nice reply saying we couldn't send any more, but, and here's the rest of the email: 'please be reassured, for auditions the photos are not for any pre-selection but are referred to at the discussion stage only, if deemed necessary, as the young dancers are seen in person in the audition class and our panel will make judgement on how they present and perform in the studio.'
  7. Congratulations to all who got places! Can I ask, of those who had successful applications, did you have your photos done professionally in the dance studio?
  8. Definitely more chance (though still very slim, of course!) for Year 7. By Year 9 barely any spaces come available, maybe only one or two at most, and there are still plenty of hopeful dancers auditioning!
  9. I agree, it's not very easy to find and puzzling why the whole thing wasn't updated! If you go to the Take Part drop-down list, then Current Season, you will find the FAQ page with a notice about it all.
  10. Ah it's a shame! Even the auditions had become part of our spring term routine - such a positive atmosphere and lovely experience. Hopefully they'll restart it next year...
  11. Hi Astrid! No great pearls of wisdom, but just to say that we changed dance school twice before my dd found the dance school where she now thrives and gets excellent teaching across the disciplines. She didn't know anyone there at first but it didn't take long to make new friends and now she would never go back, even though she can see positive things about her old dance schools too. My only suggestion is to do a trial at the alternative one, and be open with your director at the current one. Age 8 is quite a good time to move in some ways, as they still have so many years ahead of them. Good luck with thinking it through!
  12. My dd is currently wearing these, as at the time of fitting they were the best of the bunch for her. But she isn't quite sure she likes them or not. They are in some ways similar to Gaynor Mindens, though look a bit more refined, I'd say. They have the feature of not needing to be broken in, but my dd finds the feel of them a bit frustrating in that respect. Very stiff on the foot. The shank also comes up rather high on the foot, which seemed fine at fitting but on a daily basis has felt too high for her. So I doubt we'll choose them a second time - probably back to Freeds next!
  13. One more question about the SA auditions - do they do a lot of pointe work in the audition? And is the audition run in a similar way to MA auditions, just more advanced, of course?
  14. richieN What a great quote - thank you!
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