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  1. My Dd got wait listed and a place came up very late in the day. She is now there full time . It can happen but probably best to make other plans too.
  2. Happy Christmas to you all and thank you for the support on here all year round xxx
  3. I would try and find out what. the current year 9/10 girls wear in class and go for the same . Good luck 😊
  4. Thank you for your help it is kind of you to take the time although I think the advice I’m looking for would need to come from either a ballet teacher or someone with a child at a top vocational school as the reporting system is very specific .
  5. I didn’t realise sparkle was connected to aesthetics would that not come under the Artistry category!
  6. Sorry I’m not sure what this means ?
  7. Thank you for your advice I will tell her these Marks can change . She was worried that if it was just body she couldn’t really change that .
  8. Could anyone please shed any light on ballet school reports ? My DD seems very unhappy with her first report . She has scored a 4 “ less than satisfactory “ for her aesthetics. Is this something that she can improve / change ? Her other marks were a satisfactory 5 apart from a 6 for artistry . She says all friends all scored much higher and is getting worried about her impending assessment. Any advice would be appreciated .
  9. When is the closing date for WL SS ? I can’t seem to find it on the website . TIA
  10. Does anyone have an advice re homesickness . Is it better to bring them home to break it up or better to make them brave it out and settle .
  11. Hi could someone please explain the difference between the waiting list i.e. Priority WL and SWL ? So confusing .. thank you .
  12. Thanks ballet jack for sharing your experiences . Sounds like your daughter has an many wonderful opportunities . I hope she enjoys the rest of her time as an SA and it all stands her in good stead for uppers schools .
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