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  1. At 11 years old, I would advise you to just let her enjoy whatever she does for a while. Like has been said, she might want to be something totally different in a few months time.
  2. Some very interesting opinions, it's probably impossible to find an answer that meets everyone's needs. Of course we need to make sure the schools survive, which I'm sure they would find difficult with reduced income. I think most of them have worked their backsides off, trying to make the best of an almost impossible situation.
  3. Does anyone think upper school students should get a reduction in their fees, due to this horrible virus. I suppose the schools still have to balance the books to keep their heads above water, but are the students getting a fair deal? I can see both sides, but what are your thoughts?
  4. 8 years old is very young to plan ahead, loss of interest, body changes, no progress, injuries etc etc. I'd just let her enjoy what she does for now, at the moment it's dancing, but it can change overnight at that age.
  5. I hope you wasn't one of them who set the Liver building on fire Janet.
  6. It's very hard to answer these questions, as we can only guess what's going to happen right now.
  7. This virus could and almost certainly will create all sorts of problems further down the line, such as Year7 entries, right up to company auditions, in September time.
  8. Yes and there's going to be an announcement, regarding the Central Tour too. What a shame and disappointment for all the students involved.
  9. We were lucky enough to be there on the 12th to see what we thought was a fantastic performance. We usually sit in the Grand Tier, but were in the circle this time, and although it wasn't quite as good, it did have it's advantages regarding the corps stage positions. Nunez is no spring chicken now, but I reckon she's as good as ever.
  10. You can't really compare this virus to other flu types, as no one knows enough about it. Once you've had most flu types, you become immune for a year or so at least, but that might not be the case with this type. I will say some of the things being recommended sound ridiculous to me, for instance, wash your hands after handling money, not too easy. It does have a long way to go to reach the number of deaths ordinary flu claims every year worldwide, which is approximately half a million, which makes the approaching 6000 with this one seem small, unless your one of them of course.
  11. To all those with a no, it just might not be as bad as it seems. Our GDD made it to three or four Royal finals, but just couldn't get over the line so to speak. I'm sure if she had got a place, then she probably would have been assessed out due to injury at some point. The upper school she did decide on, have been absolutely wonderful regarding the injury, and arranged everything necessary, for her to hopefully make a full recovery, after two quite long bouts of surgery. So although it seemed devastating at the time, sometimes in life one door closes and another one opens.
  12. There are many many dancers at their local dance schools, equally as good as some of those attending associate programmes etc at that age, so what difference would it make, if they weren't allowed?
  13. I had horrible ankle problems when I played rugby, caused mainly by playing before it had healed properly. The bone can be straight forward, although bad enough, but the ligaments can be far worse if they have stretched at all. When you think / told it has healed, give it another couple of weeks.
  14. We used to park in the car park at the back of Northern when ours was a JA at Royal, think it was £3 or so.
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