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  1. There are many many dancers at their local dance schools, equally as good as some of those attending associate programmes etc at that age, so what difference would it make, if they weren't allowed?
  2. I had horrible ankle problems when I played rugby, caused mainly by playing before it had healed properly. The bone can be straight forward, although bad enough, but the ligaments can be far worse if they have stretched at all. When you think / told it has healed, give it another couple of weeks.
  3. We used to park in the car park at the back of Northern when ours was a JA at Royal, think it was £3 or so.
  4. I have a couple of Freed purple leotards, size 2 and 2A, Royal Academy of Dance, been worn but plenty of life left in them, anyone interested just send me your details, and I'll send them out to you.
  5. England look like getting beaten, let's hope Smith let's them bat for too long, then let it rain rain rain. The pitch isn't going to help tomorrow.
  6. I've been reading this post, and I can't believe some of these teaching methods are still going on in the 21st century, regardless of results. Would it not be better to just put a pencil line through the school as a first choice, and look for another one? I'm sorry if I've missed something, to suggest it might not be as easy as that, but your child nor you, should have behaviour like that to worry about.
  7. It just proves that stats aren't the be all and end all in sport.
  8. It was just a thought by me Anna, it probably wouldn't be of much use to her, but I was thinking of completing the set that's all.🤙
  9. Just a thought regarding this thread, my GDD passed her Ad 2 when she was 15, but is now at VS. Could she (if she wanted to of course) take the Solo Seal exam, say maybe in 3 years time, or is there a time limit between grades? Hope this makes sense to you.
  10. Yes Federer was special, and made a great player like Nadal look, well not ordinary, but definitely second best. What a final it promises to be.
  11. At such a young age, the girl has time to fully recover and start again. I reckon that would be better than coming back with even a very slight injury.
  12. I would rather not make a comment regarding his ban, but he did surprise me with his behaviour, at such a critical point in the match. I was hurt by my opponent many many times when I was younger, both mentally and physically, but I tried my utmost not to let them know, that's how we were taught a few years ago. The Federer / Nadal semi is a very hard one to call the way both are playing, I'm going for Nadal though.
  13. My daughter and granddaughter were in very good seats on centre court yesterday, I was watching some of it on tv and kept looking out for them, and sure enough they popped up. They were still there for the last match, too long for me that. I watched some of the Sousa / Evans match, and enjoyed most of it, although I reckon Nadal will blow Sousa away. Has Evans got some kind of underlying problem, as at one critical stage of the match, he just seemed to lose his head, shouting and swearing at his coach I believe?
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