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  1. One thing for sure, no one can take away all his ups and downs from his dance journey, something he'll remember for the rest of his life. Good luck to you both, and feel sure he'll be a success with the experiences gained. PM'd you Harwell.
  2. I think you'll find RBS take very few ja's to WL for vocational training, obviously there will be more ja's gaining places at their MA scheme.
  3. There's a big difference between students gaining places at WL and their associate programme.
  4. Oh of course it is, I should have remembered, GDD was offered ASA, but never went.
  5. Is the SA2 you mention, Advanced Associates?
  6. Yes the girl is a 2nd year student at Central.
  7. Very good news and good luck, it's such a shame there are so many young dancers in your situation. There are bursaries to be had, it's just a case of searching and applying, but it maybe depends which area you live in, not sure.
  8. One thing for sure, for those not making WL, although it might be a little disappointing at first, it certainly won't be the end of the journey as there are plenty of other routes equally as good.
  9. He might beat Jimmy Connors record yet!!
  10. The photographer will hopefully be able to help, unless he's unlucky and gets an inexperienced one. Fingers crossed for you.
  11. There wasn't a place, as no one was assessed out, they will make a place though if they want someone they feel has what they want.
  12. I can confirm dancefanatic, four years ago there were only four invited to finals for year 8 WL, two girls from the UK, a Spanish girl and a Swede. unfortunately none of them were selected.
  13. Well I reckon if you're at AD2 level at 15 yrs old, then you should be fine applying for auditions at schools such as RBS, Tring, Rambert, Elmhurst, Central, etc etc. You certainly have nothing to lose by applying, apart from the entry fee, and travel expenses of course, It might have been better for you, if you'd gone up the grades gradually, then you have been more or less certain where you stand standard wise, maybe makes no difference though as I'm certainly no expert, and I'm sure some of the members on the forum will advise you.
  14. You read me like a book LinMM, I'll put my hand up and say I was a little harsh. (just a little though.😉I think most of us have sad stories to tell, eg my son had to retire well before his prime, that almost certainly cost him plenty of international caps. We're all made different both in body and mind, and I was brought up to not worry about something that you can't do anything about.
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