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  1. I’m currently in year ten, I go to a very good academic school and my predicted grades are very high. My parents want me to stay at my current school for sixth form, but I want to apply for Elmhurst. I’ve only been dancing for two years, but I’ve already begun pointe and intermediate foundation. I also don’t look like the most typical dancer, so my parents are doubtful. We are also a quite low income family but my dad has a good pension so I don’t think I’d be eligible for any funding and obviously they wound pay much in terms of fees. They’ve already made it clear that I will have to get the train to school and they won’t help me with transport. Any advice ps sorry for the long post
  2. Hello, I'm really just after some advice about the financial side of going to 6th form vocational school? How do the fees get paid? is it the same as going to Uni? and also whats the difference between say NBS fees and Central, also with student rent etc? Just really confused with it all, any advice would be much appreciated 🥰
  3. I was wondering if anybody could provide any information about what kind of questions are usually asked at interviews for Upper Schools? Many thanks!
  4. Hi, I wonder if anyone could answer a few questions for me please. I have searched the old threads but haven’t found what I was looking for. My dd is interested in auditioning for the dance course and is currently in year 11. She is pretty academic and we want her to do 3 A levels alongside- is this actually doable? I find it hard to comprehend how you can give 100 % to either area, there are only so many hours in one day. We live within driving distance but it would be complicated to get her there. Do you think boarders settle in more than day girls, would they feel excluded? If you are a boarder are you able to come out during the week to attend other classes elsewhere as long as you are back at a certain time? Are there lots of new starters in the 6th form or do the majority come up from the lower school. From the website it says the audition dates should be published in September but I can’t seem to find them. Lastly I have looked at the funding information. Am I correct in thinking that Tring can offer a 10% scholarship plus a further bursary which is no longer means tested if your income is over £90k. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks
  5. Hallo everyone, can you give me an opinion about ENBS? What is the differences between RBS? I saw the live streaming for the ENBS anniversary and i have to say that they seems very good the students there. I have a friend that she was accepted last year that was very skinny, but now after 1 year she seems more curvy...do you think that the their training is so strong that you will have more muscles legs like a gymnast? I heard that the students are very happy, and they work a lot...how many places normally they give to students to go to the company? What is it the youth company? are they the best students from the school? or is just a separate group related more with the company? My daughter she applied and we did the final examination on saturday.....and we are waiting for the results... thanks for your help!!
  6. Does anyone know the costs of attending the Royal Ballet Upper School or the English National Ballet School please? Tuition and accommodation? Are there grants/loans available to help pay?
  7. Hi all, I'm just trying to do some financial calculations and would appreciate any information on accommodation costs regarding upper schools. I'm interested in general costs of accommodation in Chester with regard to attending The Hammond and also Manchester with regard to attending the Northern Ballet School. I'm looking at all options ranging from student halls of residence to flat shares and bed sits. Any information from students/parents/guardians with knowledge of these schools would be fantastic.
  8. Hi, quick question on DaDa's. I understand how they are allocated etc but if a school has say 40 places, how many will be offered a DaDa? Appreciate there are no exact answers but is it roughly 10%, 25%, 50%? Thanks
  9. Hello everyone. We've reached the stage, rather too quickly, of applying to upper schools for eldest dd. I'd love to have some advice on how many schools is sensible to apply for, how to choose which ones and any information and knowledge of German and the Dutch schools people know/have experience of. Organising dvds/photos and managing audition dates is ever so slightly overwhelming! Any info, small or big is very welcome. Thank you!
  10. Hi there, Can anybody point me in the right direction of where to look for post 16 dance options. DD doesn't want to do musical theatre and not just ballet. We're trying to avoid London. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows anything on ballet upper school open days, as I could only find information for royal and tring?
  12. I have researched Russian style ballet full-time upper schools in UK and have found - are there any more out there? London Russian Ballet School Bristol Russian Ballet School Kings International Ballet Academy What sort of style do the other more popular names teach i.e. ENBS, Royal, Elmhurst, Tring, Royal Conservatoire, Central School of Ballet, Northern Ballet? Europe: I have mostly looked at Germany where the majority seem to be Russian style. The main four being John Cranko, School of the Hamburg Ballet, State Ballet School of Berlin and Mannheim. What other German option are out there that you have come across? Next, what about other European schools favour Russian style?
  13. EDITED BY MODS TO ADD: This thread is for the continued discussion of the British classical ballet training system that developed in the "Good luck/Audition results" thread for 2018 auditions. Please bear our Forum Rules in mind when posting; notably not "outing" other people's children or making it easy to identify certain students by posting which school they are coming from/going to AND that highly critical posts must be made under your own name. Many thanks. ******** Vonrothbart's original post: There's a girl who was told by RBS when she was 16, that she didn't have the "right" body for ballet, she was accepted into the company when she was 18, via a different route.
  14. Hello everyone I need some advice for my daughter and a friend suggested I ask on here. Sorry this might be long! She is 16, has been dancing since she was around 6 years old but only decided about 2 or 3 years ago that she wanted to aim for a career in dance. She knows that a career in ballet is out of the question and would just love to dance professionally in some way or another before eventually going into teaching. Her long term aim is to have her own dance school. (the reason I say this is because she is not at the advanced level needed to apply for ballet schools - she is working at around intermediate in ballet, tap and modern) She is in year 11 at school so this last term she has been auditioning and we decided to start with the 'easiest' and build up. First she auditioned to 2 local colleges who offer level 3 performing arts / A level dance. She was offered a place at both but really didn't like them - she says the standard was low and not enough ballet. The she auditioned at quite a well known private college that offers level a 4 teaching certificate but no other qualification. She was offered a place and loved it. The pros are the teaching qualification (as this is her long term aim) and good industry links. The cons are that she wouldn't have the ucas points needed for uni if her circumstances change. Next she auditioned to a level 6 college but one that doesn't offer a Dada. We knew we couldn't afford for her to go here unfortunately but we were told it was a similar standard to her dream college so we thought it would be good preparation. Again she loved it and was offered a place. Unfortunately a few weeks ago we got the dreaded 'no' letter for the place she had her heart set on (level 6 with the possibility of a dada). No recall, no feedback. As you can imagine she is devastated. So what do we do now? There are a few places still accepting applications but I don't have endless amounts of money for auditions, hotels etc! I also want to avoid panic auditioning for a place that isn't right for her. She loved the college that offered the teaching qualification but for me it seems a bit risky (no other dancers in our family, it's the norm to do A-levels and university). Thanks for reading
  15. Just wondered if anyone had experience to share from last years finals? Just be good to know what to expect. Many Thanks J
  16. hi, I'm currently 15 years old (year 10) and i'm starting to look at vocational ballet/dance schools to apply for when i'm 16. (Upper schools/6th Forms.) I'm a serious dancer, and i particularly love ballet, although do modern/jazz too. I train more or less daily alongside gym/pilates. I currently do festivals as-well and my mum coaches me for my solos (she's an ex dancer) I don't currently take any grades, but in class we've worked through the RAD advanced 2 syllabus and one of my teachers has suggested me taking the exam, so i'm around that level right now?? Anyway, I just wanted to know any info about dance schools... such as auditions, the standard, what it's like, personal experiences and also any way i can improve my training in advance for full-time training! Thank you!
  17. I would be interested in hearing experiences in training (particularly away from home) at age 16. I am especially looking for information that is not always easy to find on the website such as - accommodation options -accommodation costs -hidden costs -how did your child adapt to moving away -any concerns about safety -if the course was mixed age groups (eg some starting at 16 and some at 18) how did this work? At the moment we are trying to narrow down options and get a general feel for how things work so I'm not asking about any particular schools, all information would be welcome. Thanks in advance 🙂
  18. First time posting! Long time reader... My DD is at a full time vocational school and her funding (that was paid by a relative) is no longer available. Unfortunately said relative has decided to change their mind a year into her course. We are in an awful predicament, I’ve just changed jobs after being self employed for six years so no loan or credit card company will look at me. Does anyone have any ideas or help. I’ll be calling the school too to beg... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  19. My DD is currently Y9 and would like to focus on classical ballet. She is currently vocational but we are thinking about Y11 already (I’m a planner!) and where to go from here. Does anyone have any advise about which European schools have good reputations for full time and any experience of the intensives. She already has a list of UK schools she would like to audition for but I know there must be so much out there in Europe also. Top tips most welcome please! I am not from a dance background so am totally clueless!!!😬
  20. Can anyone give advise to an 17 year old who desperately wants to study Ballet. She applied at 16 but as a non vocational student was not well informed on the process and probably aimed too high only applying to Royal Ballet, Elmhurst Ballet School, English National Ballet, Central Ballet School and Rambert. She got through to the final audition for Elmhurst but unfortunately did not secure a place. She was then talked into studying A'Levels and told to apply to dance schools at 18 instead. She is now regretting this decision and desperately wants to be in full time dance school but has missed most of this years auditions. She had a Distinction in her RAD Intermediate Ballet exam and was then moved straight to Advanced 1 which she is sitting this Spring. Looking at the options at 18 there doesn't seem to be many opportunities for a budding ballerina. She is a Contemporary associate but this is not her passion. Although she loves commercial dance she is not a singer. At a insight day she attended at Central Ballet School this year they basically said if you had not secured a place in ballet school at 16 it was too late. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hi all. My DD is auditioning this year for entry to a BA in contemporary dance. I always keep an eye on this forum and it has been very informative for me and for her. I was wondering though does anyone know of any forums where they discuss contemporary dance as I know this one is mainly for ballet? She will be auditioning for Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, and Fontys and Codarts in the Netherlands. All advice or knowledge gratefully accepted! And good luck to all setting off on this rollercoaster year! I am terrified myself!
  22. Guest

    Central finals

    My dd has central finals at the weekend and we are hoping that this could be her big chance - but not expecting it to be !! Does anyone know anything about the call backs? I'm sure that last year some were called back for an interview or maybe an extra class or something? Does anyone know why this was? Was it the ones that they weren't sure about? Good luck to everyone else there this weekend!!
  23. Hi Could somebody please explain to me in simple terms the qualifications, different types of dance colleges and schools and funding options to me, its a minefield! My daughter is coming up to 15 and would like to go to dance college/school at 16, I personally feel its too young. I cant seem to understand all the different courses and what qualification if any it leads too, where you need funding, where you don't, how to apply for it etc. Where do I start? Many thanks
  24. Hello, I have some questions related to studying dance at age 16-18 if anyone can help please. I have quite a few questions but I hope it's ok to put them in one post? Background information - my daughter is currently in year 10 and we are trying to get all the information together to apply next year ready for a year 12 start the year after. Her main love is ballet but she is not at a level to go to vocational ballet school so we are looking at a more general dance course but definitely one that includes ballet. We live in the North so have mainly been looking at Manchester and surrounding areas so far but would consider others. As far as I can see we have 3 options: 1) Study extended btech dance / performing arts. The benefits that I can see for this option are that it is free and it would count as A level standard if she wants to then go on to university. We are lucky to have 2 colleges reasonably local (one specifically a dance college and one on a general college campus) that have very good reputations locally. The downside is that I'm not sure if they're respected within the dance industry. I'm not sure if this is because the training is at a lower standard or if they are considered an easy option? - I was wondering if anyone has any comments about this type of training? 2) Apply to a college that offers the chance for DADA funding / level 6 training eg Northern ballet in Manchester Unfortunately we are not in a position to self fund but we can afford the parental contributions if she did secure funding (which I know is a big if). We have looked into a few of these places and she feels they would be a good option. My questions for this option are: Can you use the level 6 qualification instead of A Levels to apply for uni if you wanted to go on to do a full degree course? If you accept DADA funding can you still apply for university student loans for fees and cost of living at a later date? Is it realistic to top up to a degree in 1 year assuming it was in the same subject or in reality is it a case of starting a degree course from scratch? 3) Study dance or performing arts at a private college (for example Phil Winstons theatre works) This is ideal in some ways as it is studied over 3 days a week so the student can work and contribute to their own fees. In order to accept students from age 16 then I understand they must be classed as further education but they don't seem to offer an actual qualification. I understand that these places are about being 'industry ready' but what if that doesn't work out. Can you use these courses towards any further study? Am I right in thinking that this type of training is usually entirely self funded? Any opinions / advice would be appreciated. Especially if there are any other things we can look into or if you think we have misunderstood anything. Thank you
  25. Hi everyone My DD attends normal school at the moment and takes dance after school - she’s year 10 at the moment. She’s very keen to attend a vocational school for sixth form - but me and DH have agreed that A Levels still have happen! We’ve all agreed that Tring Park is probably the best option (although we’re open to others) and I was hoping people could share their experiences of life at tring, specifically the environment and the 6th form dance course. Thanks!
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