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  1. Hi. My child is currently in a vocational school, but I’m feeling uncomfortable about it for various reasons. Is there already a thread on here to connect with parents who’ve chosen to take a different route?
  2. Hi everyone! I am thinking of auditioning for the Hammond lower school dance to start in year 8, so I was wondering what type of exercises you do in the ballet and modern classes, what type of solo to prepare, and what they do to test your flexibility? It would also be helpful if you could tell me what kind of ability/grade they expect you to be at so I can see if I am ready for this (it’s a big jump from just dancing for fun a few times a week, but I have been thinking about it for a while). Would you also recommend doing a few extra classes to prepare for the audition? Thanks and sorry this is so long!
  3. DC is currently attending a vocational lower school funded by an MDS award. They would like to audition for another vocational school this year but we are not sure of the etiquette/rules around this. Surely the 4 MDS schools are aware this happens as children move around so is it a case of we are open and honest with the school about the intention to audition elsewhere? DC is very happy at the current school but wishes to continue auditioning at the school they would be looking at for upper school in a few years. Does anyone have any experience/advice about this. Thank you.
  4. EDITED BY MODS TO ADD: This thread is for the continued discussion of the British classical ballet training system that developed in the "Good luck/Audition results" thread for 2018 auditions. Please bear our Forum Rules in mind when posting; notably not "outing" other people's children or making it easy to identify certain students by posting which school they are coming from/going to AND that highly critical posts must be made under your own name. Many thanks. ******** Vonrothbart's original post: There's a girl who was told by RBS when she was 16, that she didn't have the "right" body for ballet, she was accepted into the company when she was 18, via a different route.
  5. Balletbabe


    Hi everyone, so after auditioning for the past 2 days at WL year 7. I'm curious to know how everyone feels about recalls as a lot of the girls were crying as they left. Do we feel it's the end or there is still light at the end of the tunnel? My DD really thinks she doesn't stand a chance now. But the top dog did say it doesn't mean yes or no. I would love to hear your opinions as I'm going crazy 🤪 xx
  6. Hi guys, Pretty new to this game so bare with, My daughter is 10 years old, very keen and pretty good (I am a little bias), she wants to start auditioning and to do more competitions, so here's where I need help...….I've looked through threads and found things like RBS junior associate, London Children's Ballet etc.. Is there more? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, looking for some advice. My dd is a JA with RBS she has an audition with elmhurst coming up for full time training. Just wondering what she should wear should she wear her JA uniform or not? Thanks 😄
  8. Does anyone have any ideas what sort of leotard styles and colours would be preferable for a girl auditioning for a year 7 place at both WL and Elmhurst ? I had chosen a burgandy inter mezzo leotard but her JA teachers isn't too keen . I now have the choice of sky blue or raspberry .
  9. Hello my DD has just been accepted into the Hammond. She is going to the call back audition, aiming to achieve the scholarship. On the open day we were provided with a sliding scale to get an idea of what the cost would be, but I can’t find it. Would anyone have a copy or know where I can obtain one before I have to request one from the school please? Thanks
  10. Am I right in thinking all the initial auditions are done for WL now? Does anyone know how many they saw? DD was at audition yesterday and there seemed to be a fairly equal split of JA leotards, and (presumably) JAs, but that might have just been our group. I was in a bit of a daze (too early for me) - think they said we will hear by email in 2 - 3 weeks. does that sound right to people hearing last year? Good luck to all the DC, they all looked beautiful in our group. Admin: I didn't see a post for WL auditions for this year so please merge if I missed it.
  11. Hi, Just wondering if people can give me the low down on the paper/academic exams pupils have to do for The Hammond, Trying etc. Are they just to get an idea of where that pupil is or do they use them in their decision of acceptance along with auditions? We aren't there just yet but not that long until need to consider our options. Also is it really hard to get in or you just can't tell what they are looking for - dance skills alone, vocal skills, acting abilities, all of it?! Finally, do 11 year olds cope being away from home so young? With thanks in advance
  12. Hi, I'm new to the dance forum but I really need help in making some decisions about schooling. My child is at vocational school, and doing fine in terms of ballet. However the rest of the schooling is really not good, issues with hiring and retaining academic teachers becoming worse and worse. My child is really quite bright, and it was a big sacrifice as we had to give up a non-means tested scholarship for an independent school to go to ballet school where we have now been means tested out of receiving any of the MDS. This would be fine if we only had one child, but we don't so we actually can't afford to go to the school. Plus dancing a lot, being guided by people who know about dance child likes it Minus academics rubbish too expensive can't do other sports not sure if a career in dance is a good one anyway So my query is can I bring them home and provide enough dance training and still give them the opportunity to audition for vocational again at 16 when I feel decisions about the rest of your life might have more weight than at 12, and with nine or ten good GCSEs in hand! I would love to hear from anyone else who has made this decision, and what it was like for your child when they re-integrated into mainstream. Thanks
  13. In particular the entry requirements for their new musical theatre course.
  14. For parents with children auditioning for secondary schools this year who are not necessarily yet "in the know" I thought I would mention YDA in London whose 2015 academic results have been published by the Local Authority. YDA is a small private vocational day school but it has some scholarship and boarding places. 89% of last year's Yr 11s attained 5+ GCSEs at A-C compared with an authority average of 62.6% and a national average of 53.8%. YDA was also rated as outstanding in its last Ofsted and it has a strong and growing reputation for its training and great vocational results. Last year's leavers went to a range of top upper schools including ENB and Elmhurst. I should just say I have no interest in plugging the school other than my child attends and is happy there....
  15. In 2017 Woodside Dance Retreat will be opening its gates once a month to Ballet enthusiasts aged 8-12 years old with its new Sunday Associates Programme . This is an opportunity for only 14 guests to be taught by our ex RBS and ex Classical dancer Nicola Moriarty. With nearly 20years of experience teaching Ballet, guests will be in safe hands. Nicola will work to compliment your existing training by covering all aspects of Classical Ballet technique, alignment, artistry, posture, musicality, strength and flexibility. The course will be two, 2 hour classes, (10am to 12pm) and (1pm-3pm). We will provide a locally sourced organic lunch and all sit for an hour to rest, share stories and discuss our art form in a lovely social environment Course dates are on the following Sunday’s:- 22nd January / 26th February / 19th March / 23rd April / 21st May / 25th June/ 16th July Course fee’s - £35 per day, or £210 for all 7 days. To book your place, or for more information please email nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com or telephone Nicola on 07818 453 006. Woodside Dance Retreat, TN15 6EY. http://www.woodsidedanceretreat.com/extra-events/wdr-associates-programme/
  16. My DD decided recently to take her dancing seriously and we have agreed to apply for vocation school. I am concerned about the impact of the additional hours of dancing. Anyone with a DC in year 7 have issues with tiredness? She copes well at the moment with school and dancing but I have friends whose children went to high school last year said it was tiring for them and with the added pressure of dance at vocation school how do they cope?
  17. Are many people applying for yr8? Dd is Elmhurst associate but we also know they do not really assess out until yr9. I believe Wl has same policy? Is it then worthwhile or should we wait for yr9? Not sure if there would be any capacity and funding. Dd is undecided but I said it is good experience and gets her seen again. Opinions please.
  18. My daughter is a JA at RBS auditioning this year for year 7. I don't think it's appropriate to wear her JA leotard to other school auditions. Personally find it a bit rude turning up to another school - it's like saying look at me I must be good. Other mums keep telling me I must must send her in her JA leotard so she stands out straight away. Surely though if you are good enough it doesn't matter if you are a JA or not or what leotard you wear. First audition is in November so have some time but just wondered if anyone had opinions on this? I'm in PR so for me in my industry it wouldn't be the done thing turning up to Reiss event head to toe in Whistles ???? Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you
  19. It is all starting to feel very real now, the first audition date is through trings audition is 30th November The roller coast is just about to begin!!!!
  20. At the moment my dd is in year 5 at school (she is ten this month) and she loves dance, especially ballet. Next month she is doing her Grade 4 ISTD modern, last month she did her Grade 4 ISTD ballet and in September she is doing her Grade 4 ISTD tap and ISTD bronze jazz. Her weekly timetable looks like this for this half term (Summer 2nd) Monday: 4-5.15=Grade 5 ballet 5.15-6.15=Grade 4 modern 6.15-7.15=Grade 4 tap Tuesday: 5-6.15=Non-syllabus ballet 6.15-7=Musical Theatre 7-8=Bronze jazz Thursday: 4-5=Grade 5 ballet 5-6=Grade 4 modern 6.30-7.30=Grade 4 tap 7.30-8.30=Bronze jazz Saturday: 1-2=Grade 5 ballet 2-2.45=Grade 4 tap 2.45-3.30=Musical Theatre 3.30-4.15=Grade 4 modern 4.15-5=Bronze Jazz Do you think this is enough dance and good enough grades for my dd to get into a vocational ballet school for yr 7?
  21. Have there been cases of girls being accepted to the major vocational ballet schools with a second toe which is slightly longer than their big toe? This for a 10 year old girl overseas, currently without a ballet teacher, whose family may be relocating to the UK.
  22. I wanted to share some good news for those who have been disappointed at auditions this year - to give hope for next time. I am posting not under my usual name to protect my dc identity. My dc has received an MDS on the 3rd year of auditions, never having even reached a final before. We have had some pretty grim times with 'nos', injuries and other stuff. They have worked very hard, kept on developing and kept up hope - even when we didn't have any tbh. I feel so sad for those who have not had the right answer this time - my heart goes out to you because I've been there and I know it's awful. But if your dc wants to, keep going, because your luck can change. The support and advice that has been available to me on this forum has been unbelievably useful, comforting and reassuring. So thank you. I would have lost the plot a long time ago without it. Good luck for next time.
  23. I have never posted here before but really need some advice regarding my dd and vocational schools. Like many of your children she has been auditioning for a Year 7 place over the last few months and we are delighted that she has been offered a place at both Hammond and finals for Elmhurst. However she is not one of those girls who has a dream to be a classical dancer and I would say although she is very good at ballet and has the right physique for it she is much better at contemporary dance and is a real “all rounder” so can sing and act very nicely as well. Because of this she did two auditions for Tring – one for the Dance Course and one for the Theatre Arts course. We received a letter from the Theatre Arts course almost straight away offering her a place which we were over the moon about. However we found out yesterday that she has not been offered a place on their Dance course. This is where my confusion lies, because if she has already been offered places/finals at Hammond and Elmhurst it must prove she can dance and is capable of following this path and therefore why did Tring not want her on their Dance course? It’s not that I particularly mind as I am so grateful she has offers, but more that I want to make sure I choose the right school for her and I’m now unsure which way to go as each school is giving me mixed messages! If I choose Hammond or Elmhurst (not that I think anything will come of Elmhurst) is that the wrong choice because it won’t give her as much opportunity to sing and act which she would get on the Theatre course at Tring? Or if we choose Tring Theatre Arts will she get enough dancing, as I would hate for the past few years of training to be for nothing and especially when the other audition offers have prove she is a good dancer. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this and especially from anyone with children at the above mentioned schools. It’s such a huge decision to make and I am starting to feel very overwhelmed by the whole thing. Thanks :-)
  24. Hi all, I've searched on here to no avail so hopefully not repeating an already asked question. Does Hammond only offer funding help for yrs 4 - 6? and then you either have to leave or win the lottery to stay on for final years? Hammond Preparatory School School Fees, including school lunches and use of the Dance, Drama and Music Facilities £2,625 per term. Performing Arts Scholarships are available for years 4,5 and 6. Lower School (11- 16 years) Education £3,625 per term Education and Drama Training £4,275 per term Education and Music Training £4,275 per term Education and Dance Training £5,915 per term
  25. My Dd has not gone past preliminary auditions for Tring or Royal Ballet but we need to find a school for her for year 7 when we return to the UK this summer. I don't know where to look to ensure she can still train for ballet. We currently live in Houston Tx. My daughter dances with Houston Ballet, has a junior scholarship where she is often taught by Stanton Welch (and has performed in the Houston Nutcracker as Head Party child. (really not trying to brag just trying to give some perspective on her ability and training level, we have no RAD exams levels) We had to apply for places in the UK by Video and to be honest I really didn't have a clue what I was doing or what the schools expect, I filmed it all on my iPhone as it was the best I could do. The HBA didn't help with the audition videos so we were lucky to have the help of another ballet teacher at another studio help us (cost a fortune!) but that teacher also doesn't know what the Royal is looking for. My dd has studied Cecchetti style for the last 5 years. Dd is doing a 3 week summer intensive in June with HBA, and then the week 1 of summer school at White Lodge. In the meantime I'm trying to find a school that she can attend that still has some dance offered or will at least have a schedule that will allow her to still train. We can't apply for state school places as we aren't current residents in our house, in Twickenham. So we are looking at private schools but when I search for schools that offer dance only the RB, Elmhurst, Tring and Hammond come up. We have applied to Elmhurst too but we don't expect much. Too late to apply to Hammond I believe.
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