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Found 7 results

  1. Auditions are coming up soon for Mid-Associates year 9/White Lodge lower school, and though by no means the main issue to consider, my dd had a question about make-up! On the info sheet it says no make-up. From anyone's experience, do the 13-year-old girls literally wear no make-up or can they wear subtle natural-coloured mascara and a little foundation, or how strict is it?! Any advice welcome.
  2. My 12 yr old DD is doing her first photo shoot on Sunday. We've hired a beautiful tutu and just wondered what ideas you have for make up styles.
  3. I came across this artice via twitter. Allison DeBona is a dancer with America's Ballet West and she shares some of her makeup tips as well as discussing other items: http://smallscreenscoop.com/interview-allison-debona/337814/
  4. Hope this is the right place to post a question like this if not feel free to move. I’m in full time vocational school and just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for makeup, especially foundation that stays put through multiple classes. I have quite oily acne prone skin and struggling to find things that don’t just melt off half way through class and leave me patchy. thanks in advance🙂
  5. Olivia Cowley's latest Ballet Style blog features her top makeup recommendations: http://www.ballet.style/journal/2017/8/6/my-make-up-must-haves I've got to admit that I had forgotten about Lipcote and have been using a much more expensive product. Guess what I will be buying today! I'm always looking for mascara too.
  6. Would anyone mind sharing make up recommendations/tips for under 10s ballet festivals please. My daughter has done one festival and her teacher wanted blue eye shadow but wasn't there on the day so I went with more neutral colours which I think worked well given she is very young but this year the teacher will be there. She is in a mid pink tutu and is naturally pale with dark hair. I would quite like to use purples/pinks but I am still unsure what is "normal" makeup for a ballet festival. Do they need foundation too? I didn't use it on her last year but I keep reading about people using it so am not sure. Any help gratefully received. thanks
  7. I've just had instructions that my daughter needs to wear foundation, mascara and eye underliner for a show. I'm OK with it in principle (given theatre lighting etc) but I don't wear make-up and I'm not even sure what eye underliner is and what I should do with it. Can anyone recommend some suitable products and maybe a YouTube video or something on what to do with them? It's just for three shows, so I don't want to spend tons of money, but she does have sensitive skin so it probably needs to be fairly gentle / hypoallergenic.
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