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  1. Thank you, I will look into these, I am looking to increase stage experience for DD as she want to audition for vocational schools next year.
  2. Does any know of any uk based dance festivals or competitions that feature or focus on classical ballet?
  3. We have been discussing this at our dance school, the students are very interested and it looks like there are lots of high level schools involved, notably the Bolshoi Academy. I have seen on their Instagram today that they have a 'BLACK (swan) FRIDAY' 25% off offer on applications, thought it would be worth adding to the thread. Offer ends midnight on Monday!!! www.britishballetgrandprix.com
  4. DS really enjoyed this last year, good luck everyone
  5. Thanks so much for posting, this is such an exciting collaboration and a great step forward for the pointe shoe industry. I hope that the major syllabuses now allow the shoes to be worn as uniform.
  6. BTUK are doing 'Build a Ballet Project' where young dancers work with the professional company, I think its a week long summer school. Details are on the school website.
  7. Thank you hfbrew, I will be booking my tickets for the London performances ASAP. The photos on the company's Facebook page look wonderful, do you have any idea of casting for sadlers wells dates?
  8. Yes indeed take a pack of tissues, the ending is very emotional and very beautiful, although I won't give anything away. We took DD and her friend to see the show yesterday and it was wonderful, and almost close to being sold out. They are a very hard working company with LOTS of dancing for all the company. The choreography was very bright and the company looked very well rehearsed, although I understand they have only just finished rehearsals. I think it was Claire Corruble (sorry spelling!) who danced the mermaid, she was beautiful and is a very fine actress as well as dancer. Jessica Hill was a very powerful sea witch and the men were very good and were kept very busy with lots of big lifts. The storm scene is very impressive and the costumes are also wonderful. There were many children in the audience and all were quiet as mice through out. Overall The Little Mermaid is a magical ballet and we loved every moment. Well done BTUK.
  9. Hahaha! Will gladly post thoughts after tomorrow eve. Very excited, yes DD showed me the Facebook photos of the rehearsals, it's lovely to get an insight into behind the scenes.
  10. We are going tomorrow to see them in Mansfield, DD very interested to see how the mermaid dances without any legs!
  11. Have just seen the afternoon performance in Horsham, what a wonderful production. The company sparkled to the sold out audience, the dancing and choreography was at the highest level and the costumes and stage sets were beautiful. It was magical to hear the little girls sat in front of us ooo and aww during the snow scene and at all of the pretty tutus and tiaras in the 2nd act. The company is young but the quality and standard is very high, Natalie Cawte and Luca Veron shone in the Grand Pas D2. Helena Cortes was charming and not at all boring as Clara. David Brewer was a perfect Nutcracker with fantastic turns and jumps. The rest of the company had lots of dancing to get their feet around, with most dancers dancing 2/3 parts. Looking at the programme it looks like a few of the dancers alternate in all principal roles, as three girls are listed as Clara and three as Sugar Plum . Only grumble was front of house seem to be ok with allowing new born babies into the auditorium!! On the whole was a wonderful afternoon watching high level ballet at affordable prices meaning we could bring all the family ... 12 yr old none dancing son had NO complaints and didn't moan once!!
  12. I think each school has a different style of training and looking at a variety of different features. Pas de chat your lucky if your DD is only applying to four schools, I am trying to talk DD down from the nine ballet courses she has requested we apply to, but she is having none of it... It's going to be an expensive few months, but worth I'm sure.
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