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  1. Balanchine Theme and Variations Liebesleider waltzer Apollo Stravinsky Violin Concerto Jewels Agon Serenade 4 Temperaments Western Symphony Concerto Barocco (Though I would also really want to add Duo Concertant, Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet and Chaconne) Robbins Afternoon of a Faun In the night Dances at a Gathering Opus 19 / The Dreamer Other Dances Macmillan Romeo & Juliet Concerto Requiem Manon Song of the Earth Lander Etudes Nijinska Les Noces Fokine Les Sylphides The firebird
  2. Hi all, would just like to share that the North East Dance Co-operative have organised an observation of Vienna Festival Ballet at work in company class and in rehearsal for Giselle. This takes place on Friday 31st of May at Middlesbrough Theatre. A great opportunity for any members in the North East - the event is free, but you must sign up to the NEDC first (details in the link) http://bit.ly/NEDC-ViennaFestivalBallet-2019
  3. I thought this may be of interest to any dancers in the North East There is a free workshop (free with show ticket) on Saturday 27th April at Newcastle's Theatre Royal with the amazing Mark Morris company. The level is 'general'/open level, so likely suitable for teens and adult dancers. They still have places left, and I'm weighing up if my knees are up to it 😁 but it just seems such a fabulous opportunity! It's organized by the North East Dance Cooperative, this is the link to find out more: https://bit.ly/MarkMorrisDanceGroupWorkshop-NEDC-2019 It may also be possible to attend without a show ticket, and just pay for the workshop on its own, but the NEDC would be able to give more details
  4. Thank you for your detailed post, Floss. Most illuminating and interesting.
  5. Well, I disagree, I think it's more factually accurate to say Cinderella became 'strongly associated' with Fonteyn. Personally, I think otherwise it's doing Moira Shearer a disservice. Shearer wasn't simply an understudy, she worked with Ashton in rehearsal and created the role with him. I don't dispute Fonteyn was Ashton's ultimate muse, and he must have missed her tremendously in rehearsal. According to Daneman's biography, Fonteyn and Shearer were originally down to alternate performances, though the premiere was to be Fonteyn's. This apparently was unprecedented, and Fonteyn was surprised to not have been given every performance. Anyway, I guess I am splitting hairs Back to the discussion which I have been reading with interest. I would have loved to see some rarer Ashton/Fonteyn revived for the centenary. I can't help but feel it's a great missed opportunity.
  6. As far as I'm aware, and according to Meredith Daneman's biography, Ashton's Cinderella was created for Moira Shearer. Admittedly, (if I remember correctly) Fonteyn was to be the lead role but she was seriously ill. Of course, Fonteyn came to be strongly associated with the role but I'd have thought the ROH would get such details correct?
  7. There is news on Instagram of the sad passing of Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo ballerina, Raven Wilkinson. I fist became aware of her in the Ballet Russes documentary film by Geller and Goldfine. What an inspirational and beautiful woman.
  8. Exciting news via Facebook from Ballet Black and Freed on the launch of two new skin tones of shoe for poc.
  9. So, so sad. What a legend. He will be dancing on in the next life.
  10. Couldn't agree more with this! This has pretty much summed up what 'bothers' me about so many of today's dancers.
  11. A very moving film. I enjoyed it very much and you look beautiful Sophie Rebecca
  12. Odyssey, I don't know if you have Instagram, but Ashley Bouder posted some great footage from the wings on her stories, gives a little taste. It seems to be of Programme B.
  13. 😂😂 Pierrot Lunaire! That really made me laugh. However, I LOVE that ballet.
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