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  1. Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows anything on ballet upper school open days, as I could only find information for royal and tring?
  2. Ah that’s a lot to think about... thank you so much! And my mum actually trained at the London studio centre !
  3. Thank you for this. I will talk to my mum about taking classes at a more reputable school, as currently I just take 3 ballet classes at my dance school and then every day when there isn’t ‘class’ my mum trains me. There are apparently still summer schools open for this year so I may look into that too.
  4. Thank you, i’ll definitely have a look!
  5. No I haven’t before... I thought it would be too late to apply for summer schools now as I assume the deadlines are closed now. But I think the enbs have an autumn course that I could try out for? Do you think you could recommend any courses? The only other way I know schools award places is at big competitions such as yagp. I know two girls who I’ve competed against who were at yagp regionals this year but I don’t really know much else!
  6. Thank you. I haven't gone up the grades, my dance school is more focused on competitions and festivals, although some girls take grades alongside our normal ballet classes.
  7. I prefer ballet to most other styles, but I'm also keeping my options open as I know the standard and competition is especially high for ballet schools. What is the training like at Hammond? I don't know much about it. Ah i wasn't aware, I'll talk to my dance teacher about that! Thanks
  8. hi, I'm currently 15 years old (year 10) and i'm starting to look at vocational ballet/dance schools to apply for when i'm 16. (Upper schools/6th Forms.) I'm a serious dancer, and i particularly love ballet, although do modern/jazz too. I train more or less daily alongside gym/pilates. I currently do festivals as-well and my mum coaches me for my solos (she's an ex dancer) I don't currently take any grades, but in class we've worked through the RAD advanced 2 syllabus and one of my teachers has suggested me taking the exam, so i'm around that level right now?? Anyway, I just wanted to know any info about dance schools... such as auditions, the standard, what it's like, personal experiences and also any way i can improve my training in advance for full-time training! Thank you!
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