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  1. Just coming back to this one last time to update DDs progress. She subsequently did three more auditions in the Netherlands and is now training/studying at Artez in Arnhem where she is having the time of her life! It’s hard to believe that six months ago we were so worried for her future and all has worked out so well. She does still get very tired from time to time and I think that is a throwback to the illness but if she’s very careful with her rest and diet can get back on form quite quickly. Thank you all for your lovely comments.
  2. How about The Dance Summer School? They do a good mix of dance styles. http://www.thedancesummerschool.com/
  3. She's not sure yet and has three more auditions in the Netherlands. It really is wonderful that she has so much choice.
  4. Just thought I'd come back on and update here after you were all so helpful. DD has made a fantastic recovery. Once off the antibiotics for the infected throat she started to gently exercise again. She did an audition here in Dublin for a Dutch university and was offered a place, then flew that night to London for her audition at London Contemporary who also offered her a place! And Northern have also offered her a place too! So after being so upset and worried two weeks ago things are really looking good for her now. She is taking great care of herself, resting and eating well and t
  5. Thank you all so much for your advice and kind words. It is so helpful to read the accounts of others experiences and the really helpful advice you have given. We shall wait and see what the next couple of weeks bring in terms of her recovery and take it from there. Once again thank you for taking the time to read and respond. ❤️
  6. Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences. It's grim but we have to cope somehow. She's on midterm at the moment so will take an extra week before thinking about returning to Leeds. It's so difficult with teenagers as she's so frustrated at the idea of all her life stopping and having to rest. But from the sounds of it we just have to wait and see how the virus affects her. I'll definitely get the vitamin b complex and any other advice gratefully received.
  7. Hi all. I haven't been on here in along time but would love if anyone has any advice to offer. DD (18) is on the foundation course at northern contemporary. She's loving it and currently in the thick of auditioning for BA courses in the U.K. and on mainland Europe. Unfortunately she has caught glandular fever. ????. Her main symptom has been a horrendously infected threat and some fatigue. We just got the diagnosis this evening so are all very worried and upset. I was wondering if anyone here had dancers who had this and how long recovery took before they were dancing again. The bulk
  8. Just to update here. We went to Rotterdam for DD's Codarts audition. Unfortunately she didn't make it to the second day. She said the standard was incredibly high. She felt she didn't quite get to show what she was capable of but that's auditions for you! It did mean we had the opportunity to get on a train and head down to Fontys Dansacademie to have a look and chat to a girl there who she knows. That was very helpful and good to see the place as she did her audition here in Ireland. So now she has to make her decision . Does she take the foundation year in NSCD or go straight to the
  9. My DD has done some aerial dance training.Not in London though. She did a summer intensive over two weeks and it was tough. Her hands became seriously blistered and infected and she said parts of her body hurt in a way she had never felt before!! But she adored it and is really keen to have another go at it again. I,on the other hand, would be happy for her never to do it again as I find the sight of her suspended upside down from a silk or a hoop, terrifying!
  10. Hi picturesinthefirelight! I'm from Ireland. There are no suitable dance courses here so we have to look further afield unfortunately. Thank you for the good wishes.
  11. Hi again. Always feel like a bit of an imposter on this thread as DD is not auditioning for ballet courses! She loves ballet but it became apparent a couple of years ago that she had not got the facility for ballet. However she is a beautiful dancer (biased mum!) and passionate about dance so perhaps our journey might be interesting to others She auditioned for the BA in dance at Fontys dansacademie in the Netherlands at the weekend and was accepted. She is over the moon and so excited at the prospect. I,of course, am thrilled for her but also sad to think of her going away from us fo
  12. Have you considered studying in Europe? My DD is auditioning for the BA in Fontys and Codarts. She has an offer of a place on the foundation course in NSCD. The fees are far lower than in the UK. However we are in Ireland so have to travel as there are no BA courses here so it might not be an option for you.
  13. Thank you Huddsballetmum. I really appreciate your kind offer! I have no questions right now but might well have some down the line. We got a great tour of the school on Saturday and I was really impressed, particularly with the pastoral and general care of student wellbeing. Also they seem to be really helpful with finding accommodation, which for us, over here in Ireland is invaluable!
  14. Thanks sarahw! Well today she got an offer of a place on the foundation course. She had hoped for the BA but is happy nonetheless with this offer as she is only 17 , not turning 18 until after her exams. Has anyone any experience or knowledge about the foundation course?
  15. Just a little update here. DD did her first audition for NSCD on Saturday. She loved it. Really enjoyed the ballet class in particular. There was a cut after they did their solos and she made it through to the afternoon session. So now we wait to see if she gets an offer or is on the wait list. I was so happy it was such a positive experience for her as it was her first audition. It has been great for her confidence. So onwards and upwards to the Codarts and Fontys auditions. I hope everyone else is getting on well.
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