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  1. We've had our own share of trials and tribulations with poor customer service blamed on pandemic - all eventually resolved. Car leasing company I put in room 101 - lease on husbands car ran out 27 March and on that date they were supposed to take the 'old' car away and bring another one. Notified on 22 March that due to shutdown that would not happen and then nothing - no response to emails or phone calls til 2nd week of April when they informed him that since he had kept the old car he would now be on £x per month and still be liable for mileage in excess of the amount agreed for the 3 y
  2. "the only people who inspect the institution in question are the QAA; however, looking at their reports it seems they only inspect the academic provision, CPD etc. We’ve had this discussion previously about private “schools” for 16+ dance training that are not obliged to be inspected by anyone from a pastoral care or safeguarding point of view. This is a flaw in the system of 16+ dance training. " I know nothing of other schools but I do know that the Hammond is inspected by Ofsted and ISI and they do include pastoral and safeguarding for unde
  3. The main 4 schools that offer funded (or some funding) for ballet training for yr 7 entry (boarding schools) are RBS, Elmhurst, The Hammond and Tring. Or there are plenty of associate schemes out there if you are looking at keeping at a normal academic school and ballet training closer to home. My advice would be not to try and second guess what schools are looking for and not read anything in to a yes one year and a no the next. You just have no way of knowing how many places are available versus how many applied. As daughterdance suggested - audition anywhere you feel comfortable and see ho
  4. I would echo glowlight's suggestion. Also perhaps somewhere like Ballet Cymru for their 1 year course But in London, no first hand experience of these (well via my DD) but some places to check out that I know her friends (professional performers) have attended between contracts - Pineapple, Danceworks, Dance Attic, Base Studios and The Place. I could not tell you which were for ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap or musical theatre though
  5. BBQs I find better as the smell tends to be short lived and during the day time - but a strong smell of smoke at 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 pm and later is horrific. Last night it was not smoke that woke me but voices with an extremely loud c0nversation between two men that went on from 2 to 3 am - should be said , I live on the edge of a village and it was not near neighbours or any of the eldery who live inbetween us and the main part of the village. From what they said I think they were in a hot tub - I think half the village must know their opinions on bald men now!
  6. I'm going to throw in inconsiderate people who light bonfires when its this hot - horrible smell when you open the windows but you need them open evenings and early mornings to get some cooler air in
  7. wasps may be a gardener's friend but I agree with Taxi - not much fun in the loft! Swarms are a sight to behold though - house a few doors away had these visitors today
  8. Outdoor venues - I see today that Let's All Dance are doing a number of open air performances in London parks in August of 'Alice in Wonderland'. Its quite a small ballet company that aims to bring/introduce ballet to family audiences, mentions ages 2-14 on their website. Probably of no interest to many on this site, especially this thread but its nice to see live ballet in any form returning to in-person audiences. www.let's-all-dance.co.uk
  9. You can definitely start at one of the colleges that offer DADA funding at age 15 if you have completed your compulsory education in Scotland as one of DDs house mates (living with a landlady) was only 15 when she started and a couple of months off her 16th birthday still. Will post when I have an answer re the eligibilty for a DADA as a 15 year old - DD cannot remember.
  10. To be honest , your session in Scotland in August looks like a long shot. Currently in Scotland residents are only supposed to travel within a 5 miles radius of their home and travel to Scotland is not allowed wihout good reason. Even at the next stage when more travel is going to be allowed, the Scottish government is asking that people try and stay local and avoid non essential journeys to other areas. And still no certainty on when restrictions on hotels, restaurants. gyms etc will be (partially) lifted in Scotland and basically anything could be happening (virus and lockdown-wize) between
  11. In my region most of the theatres are fairly small and do not have 'live' events every night of the week/month/year. They have already done a mix of live events, screenings of live NT and ballet productions and cinema films for a number of years. Its not a model that would work for all theatres but may be the way forward for some.
  12. Male pheasants can be rather aggressive and quite a nuisance. There used to be one who seemed to think he owned our road - he attacked the post van and postman daily and indeed any red vehicle or person wearing red. I believe he got run over eventually. Wildlife causing havoc at the moment in the village - a mink - spotted and filmed by the river and going after chickens and ducklings. we also seem to have a red kite visiting on a daily basis - such a beautiful bird - I thought I must have been mistaken initially when I saw it but there have been several reports now on our village pages.
  13. Our village school has been open throughout for children of key workers - though actually there have only between 3 and 8 children attending according to my neighbours (2 of the children are theirs) but obviously not with a full staff. When the school opened to reception and year 1, the key worker children were kept in their own bubble and no mixing between year groups or with the key worker group. My neighbours youngest is reception class but had to stay in the key worker bubble. That was when school first opened - I know from this week they have had a lot more children returning and more yea
  14. That's rather harsh to say the least - calling people lazy and saying they can't be bothered to go to the supermarket themselves - there are thousands of elderly people and people with underlying health conditions out there who are currently unable to go to supermarkets in person. Perhaps be thankful that you are able to get out and that you have your health
  15. My DD is currently at university (well at home doing online lectures/seminars etc). She has been in university flats this year and they are not charging for the summer terms accommodation provided she is fully moved out within a week of the lockdown ending. Still has belongings in her flat as she left in a hurry to be at home for the lockdown. She is renting a house with friends next year and has actually already signed the contract (in February) - no deposit to pay other than the standard one which is part of the Tennancy Deposit scheme and as such is returnable at the end of the tenancy minu
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