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Found 3 results

  1. I am considering working as a dance teacher (in a private setting rather than GCSE Dance in schools) and unsure how best to get into it. I have read other threads on here and done some research myself but hoping some people with experience can give their opinions. I have danced my whole life, including three years at vocational school. I've done intermediate (or above) ballet exams with RAD, BBO and ISTD Cecchetti plus intermediate ISTD Modern. I'm aware of the DDE route into teaching but I also feel like I might lack experience and benefit from more training possibly some sort of degree, maybe like the ones RAD HQ offer as well as doing DDE. So I suppose my questions are: 1. Is the DDE route preferable or should I look at other options such as degrees (if so which other options would you suggest)? 2. Can anyone recommend DDE course providers (I'm in the UK)? 3. If I go down the DDE route, which syllabus would be best to go through (ISTD might be the obvious choice so I can do ballet and modern together but the only ISTD I've ever done is those two intermediate exams so I'm not very familiar with their syllabi)? Sorry for the long post, thank you for reading
  2. Hi, I'm just looking for some advice. My daughter almost 11 has expressed an interest in becoming a dance teacher. She isn't quite sure what she would like to teach yet but we want to help her in any way possible. She's been dancing since 6 initially just ballet & tap and now takes classes in modern, acro, contemporary & street (although she doesn't really enjoy street so is thinking of giving this class up). A couple of the girls she knows at dance have applied and successfully got into various associates and I'm just starting to see how the costs can increase and wonder how much it will cost if this is the career path she really does want. If in a couple of years she still wants to be a dance teacher do we need to look at her doing different types of training ie associates and is one associate per year enough? Also one of the older girls applied to CATS a couple of years ago, should we consider something like this? Or would additional lessons all year round and one off workshops be better. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello I am writing to introduce you to Kings International Ballet Academy. Located in Leicestershire, It is a purposefully small academy of Classical Ballet, limiting numbers to 16 in each year so that each student receives individual attention - we follow the Russian method of training. We are able to offer a levels/ academic qualifications as an optional extra , plus a teaching diploma , as well as a comprehensive student enrichment programme providing the student with vital performance , choreographing and teaching experience plus we offer student exchanges to New York, Cuba, Switzerland and many other destinations . We have a very different approach to the training of our Classical Dancers and we have the support of International Ballet masters and mistresses who visit the Academy at least once a term during years 1 and 2 and whom are resident with the students during their important graduation year. Thus enabling our students to build a working rapport with these influential people prior to auditions. It also enables our students to begin their career as Performers not as students. It bridges the gap between training and being a professional working dancer. We are currently auditioning in Portugal but we do have dates left in Wales, Switzerland, Ireland, Malta and Birmingham . We have purposefully kept our fees very low to enable students to access our training and we located the academy in Lecestershire because of its amazing quick links to London but also provides excellent access into Europe and the accommodation is so much more affordable than in London . Have a look on our website and don’t hesitate to telephone if you have any queries. kings International Ballet academy
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