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Found 12 results

  1. Dear All We have just received the rejection letter from Tring Upper School. It is heartbreaking when DD has several auditions to upper schools in the next coming months. I would be grateful of examples of children who went on to receive offers from other Upper Schools after the Tring rejection. I suppose that Tring must have much fewer places available than other upper schools given they have pupils moving up to the Upper School from the younger years. My DD's dream is to pursue classical ballet as a career. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, sorry I am a novice here. I am trying to work out which vocational schools have the best success rates at getting the girls into RB Upper school, Princess Grace, ENB etc. Do the RB take from Elmhurst? Thank you so much for your help.
  3. I would be most grateful if you could help me compile a list of ballet schools with boarding/residential facilities please, for overseas students. DD will be 15 turning 16 in October this year and living outside the UK. Elmhurst Ballet West
  4. Hi everybody, This has been my first time auditioning to vocational dance schools in the UK. From everyone's vast experience here with dd's and ds's, I would like to when or how long do schools take to reply to queries or decisions about help with funding? I understand that they are closed during the months of July and August... during what time period are bursaries/awards/scholarships given out in the months leading up to the course? The wait is seriously killing me. Thank you!
  5. Does anyone have a DD or DS applying for contemporary degree courses at 18?would find it very helpful to compare notes. Or anyone who has been through this recently? Looking to apply to schools such as Laban, London Studio Centre, London and Northern Contemporary. Thanks.
  6. I have no idea how much rest is advisable before the January audition season for a Yr 11 voc student i.e. over Christmas hols- is the answer none, some, lots or it depends on the dancer and if they finish the autumn term tired or not?
  7. Does anyone have any information about or experience of these schools? One of the KSD graduates secured a contract at Northern Ballet last year, but until that I had never heard of the school. I have perused the websites ( http://ksd-online.co.uk ) ( http://www.chantry-school.org ), but wondered if anyone here had actually been there or knew anyone who had? They are non-residential so wondering if anyone knows where the dancers generally live? Are they happy? Also, anyone any idea of fees? Or teaching faculty? Or standard of acceptance? We will be applying for upper school this time next year and finding it difficult to choose where to apply to! During GCSE year so don’t want to apply to too many schools, I’m thinking 3 or 4. Dd has a 1st and 2nd choice already (Central and Rambert), but beyond that ……….??? UCAS forms for university seem so much easier because you have so much more information about required grades, course content, etc …. I am currently trying to compare KSD, Chantry and Ballet West.
  8. We have ONLY 3 places left on our 'Confidence in Dance Performance' workshop this half term!! (10 places total) A must for anyone looking to audition, join upper schools and want to get ahead of the competition. Details below:- Confidence in Dance Performance, with Anna Reynolds (NLP) On the 23rd and 24th October 2016 Woodside Dance Retreat is proud to host this unique 2 day course. Tackling the ‘mind set’ and adding the building blocks to help towards producing the future Principal Dancers and West End Stars Anna's workshops explore the mental rigour that is needed to be successful in the world of Ballet/Dance, with a specific focus on building confidence within yourself and being present in the performance, allowing who you are to shine through. The emphasis will be on shifting mindsets for more happiness and greater success. Participants will:- Connect deeply with their intention to dance. Clarity on our 'why' serves as a strong motivator. Reconnect with the joy of dancing. Learn that confidence is a result, not a requirement. Learn how to move beyond fear and strengthen courage. Learn how to listen with an open mind and open heart, therefore aiding the teacher/student relationship. This is experiential learning and Anna will skillfully mix theory and practice to create a inspiring and transformative workshop. You will also take a workshop with Emma Harris {currently assissting Christopher Wheeldon and who has 22 years as a professional performer) and David Lucas Shaw (who has 17 years in West End and has assissted Adam Cooper). Additionally 8th Element will visit, they specialise in sports and dance science he will speak about injury prevention, key stretching and strengthening excersices for longevity in our industry. This course is a ‘must' for anyone looking for a serious dance career. Course Fee’s - £300 (10 places only) * including 2 nights accomodation, organic locally sourced breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 full days of classes and activities aimed at making you a better dance performer. Contact nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com to book a place or dicuss the course in more detail. www.woodsidedanceretreat.com
  9. Anyone looking at 16+ dance courses I just thought it worth a mention how I am impressed with the course on offer at Preston College. Set in the affluent area of Fulwood it has a state of the art performance building on campus. It's a 3 yr part funded FE course, the performance element of the course is £1,100 which can be paid monthly. Means tested bursaries are available too as is a £700 scholarship that any student can apply for. As it is a FE course families on a lower income do not lose family allowance or tax credits , help towards living costs are also available plus free lunches and subsidised bus passes . Campus itself is like a small shopping centre with a shop , resteraunt, hairdressers, nail salon, snack shop, gym and physio and much to dds delight a subsidised Starbucks. The students study for their DDI & DDE in a chosen genre as well as lessons in performance. Ballet , tap and modern are studied up to ADV 2 . It is a full on course dd starts at 8:30 -4:45 mon- fri As well as ballet , tap and modern syllabus classes every day she also does Jazz Contemporary Commercial National Body Conditioning MT Plus Weekly workshops with industry professionals Throughout the year students take part in a Xmas showcase , a fashion show , Move It and the main show in the Summer. The enrichment programme is fabulous there has already been a trip to a Dirty Dancing also planned is a trip to Alvin Ailey , a weekend to London for Move It plus much more. There is also a yearly trip to New York for 5 days including 2 Broadway shows and 2 master classes on Broadway this time one of them is Wicked. It was a huge leap of faith to hand back dds dada from her previous school but she was ready for a change and is loving every minute ( except for the bus journey home lol). Well worth a look for any 16 yr old not yet quite ready for London life.
  10. Hi all I know there have been several questions about associate schemes and just wondered what people's thoughts are. In talking about RBS, Elmhurst , Tring BTUK, Central etc, does being in any of their associate schemes carry weight what so ever when it comes to auditioning for full time training ? Do they even take this into consideration do you think ? I mean you would say that a JA must have ' something ' to even be one so would therefore a JA get preference when it came to auditioning ? Not necessarily for the RBS but would Elmhurst say take this child more seriously ? The same applies for SA's and upper school. Or does it make no difference whatsoever ? Just interested on what other people though
  11. My DD is coming to London to audition for Upper School in a few months time. I am curious to understand what exactly happens with Elmhurst and Royal Ballet school places. Are there extra places opened up for upper school or is there only filling of places for those who have been assessed out? I understand with ENBS and Central it is a whole new intake, but I would have thought there must be very few opportunities for a place in Elmhurst and RBS if they already have a full compliment of there own students which presumably are already of an extremely high standard. My dd is especially keen on RBS or Elmhurst but I thought as we are coming such a long way we should try for some others too. Are there other ballet schools that could be suggested for opportunities that perhaps we don't know about.
  12. I'd be very interested to hear more about how the audition process works for graduates through the final year ... Do ADs come into schools or is it a case of the grads travelling as far and wide as they can, or a combination of both? Are jobs advertised, is it just grads that are seen or do they join open auditions. How much help do grads get from their schools? It's all a bit of a mystery to me at the moment.
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