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  1. Cabriole made the suggestion in the BRB casting thread on the News forum but I absolutely agree that I would love to see James Barton as Will Mossop.
  2. The casting for Daphnis and Two Pigeons for Birmingham has been posted on the BRB website: 29 February 2012 7:30 pm Daphnis and Chloë Daphnis: Iain Mackay Chloë: Elisha Willis Lykanion: Ambra Vallo Dorkon: Matthew Lawrence Bryaxis: Tyrone Singleton Pan: Tom Rogers The Two Pigeons Young Girl: Nao Sakuma Young Man: Robert Parker A Gypsy Girl: Elisha Willis Her Lover: Matthew Lawrence A Gypsy Boy: Tzu-Chao Chou Conductor: Koen Kessels 1 March 2012 2:00 pm
  3. Sadly, my technical IT knowledge is of the dinosaur variety (and my main background in systems analysis and design with database design thrown in) so is probably not much use to help technically with the forum. I'm happy to be considered as a moderator if I can be of help. I'm also happy to pay a membership fee in the future. I'm not based in London. This forum is the most cohesive and friendly place to discuss and find out about what is going on in the UK and beyond. Although I'm a big fan of twitter and use facebook, it just isn't the same. I hope everyone appreciates this board
  4. I was at the Lowry last night to see Blanca Li's company in Elektro Kif. From the programme notes and the post-performance talk, I learned that Elektro is a street dance style that started to emerge in Paris in 2007. Apparently it emerged from the dance clubs and developed a very intricate style of arm movement partly because of the lack of space to move around and because the fashion at the time of long sleeves or gloves highlighted the arm movements under the ultraviolet lights. The show relates a day in the life of a class of boys at college and is absolutely exhillerating to watch
  5. Another review of Northern Ballet's Perpetual Motion programme: http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/lifestyle/arts-entertainment/theatre_review_perpetual_motion_northern_ballet_leeds_1_4254756
  6. Young footballers learn moves from ballet! http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2012/02/15/ballet-masterclass-for-aston-villa-teens-97319-30332447/
  7. I am disappointed that Jamie is injured too. He's a terrific Mossop. I hope he is back soon.
  8. Casting now out for Hobsons (Hobson, Mossop and Maggie) next week. Only two casts listed. Nice to see David Morse performing Hobson again. http://www.brb.org.u...09&tsk=fullcast 22 February 2012 7:30 pm Hobson's Choice Henry Hobson: Morse, David Maggie Hobson: Elisha Willis Will Mossop: Robert Parker Conductor: Philip Ellis 23 February 2012 2:00 pm Hobson's Choice Henry Hobson: Jonathan Payn Maggie Hobson: Ambra Vallo Will Mossop: Campbell, Alexander Conductor: Sutherland, Gavin
  9. Alexander Campbell has tweeted that he is scheduled to perform Hobsons on Thursday matinee, Friday evening and Saturday matinee.
  10. Northern Ballet have put up some nice photographs of Perpetuum Mobile and Project #1: http://northernballet.com/index.php?q=perpetual-motion/photography
  11. Northern Ballet's Perpetual Motion programme: http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/leisure/theatre/9527507.Review___Northern_Ballet__Perpetual_Motion__Stanley___Audrey_Burton_Theatre__Leeds__until_February_18/ Birmingham Royal Ballet's work in a nursing home: http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2012/02/13/ballet-fever-sweeps-birmingham-nursing-home-97319-30317489/
  12. I have received a letter from the Coliseum offering £10 off the top 2 ticket prices for the performances on Wednesday 14th March. It should also be noted that there is a 20% discount available for Friends of BRB.
  13. For anyone wanting to see Two Pigeons, don't forget that BRB are performing this in a double bill with Daphnis and Chloe at the Coliseum on 13 and 14 March. As well as Symphonic Variations, I would like to see the sublime Scenes de Ballet again.
  14. NORTHERN BALLET – PERPETUAL MOTION PROGRAMME – LEEDS – FEB 2012 On Thursday evening Northern Ballet was able to fulfil a promise made to their fans to present an evening of short works in the Company's own home. Quarry Hill, NB and Phoenix’ state of the art home, has a small theatre on the ground floor with an audience capacity of around 200 and a good sized performance space. The performance space is at ground level so that on the front row you are on a level with the dancers. The seating is well raked. The presented programme was entitled Perpetual Motion and comprised four w
  15. Recently BRB have only been publishing the casting about 10 days - 2 weeks before the performances so it could be anytime now. It could be that if arrangements with ROH have only just been agreed they have been unable to publish earlier. You can predict the sequence of casting with BRB!
  16. It's been announced on Twitter that Alex Campbell will be guesting with BRB in the role of Will Mossop in Hobson's Choice. The exact performances have yet to be announced.
  17. Propeller Theatre Company are back at the Lowry this week with The Winter's Tale and Henry V. We saw The Winter's Tale last night. I love this company and the way the females in the plays are played by men wearing women's clothes (as opposed to men pretending to be women, if you see what I mean). This is a terrific production. The court of Leontes is dark and dour and the Bohemia of Polixenes is full of colour, light and fun. The start of act 2 in Bohemia was an absolute hoot with the entire company dressed as - well I don't really know how to adequately describe the silly wigs and out
  18. A nice article about Vadim Muntagirov and Daria Klimentova: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/arts/may-december-partnership-a-triumph/story-e6frg8n6-1226266117105
  19. Northern Ballet open their mixed programme, titled Perpetual Motion, on Thursday this week at their home - Quarry Hill in Leeds. It's a small theatre and will give a great opportunity to see the dancers up-close. There is one matinee on 18th February. Details are on the company website: http://northernballet.com/boxoffice/indexa.aspx
  20. Northern Ballet open their mixed programme, titled Perpetual Motion, on Thursday this week at their home - Quarry Hill in Leeds. It's a small theatre and will give a great opportunity to see the dancers up-close. There is one matinee on 18th February. Details are on the company website: http://northernballet.com/boxoffice/indexa.aspx
  21. Bacl to BRB: I would love to see Vicky Marr get a shot at Maggie Hobson and Tyrone Singleton get a go at Beenstock
  22. I'm looking forward to seeing their Sleeping Beauty again at the Liverpool Empire in the Autumn. Tickets are already on sale
  23. Here's a preview of Ballet West's Swan Lake, which is touring Scotland: http://www.list.co.uk/article/40148-ballet-west-swan-lake/
  24. Not in the current BRB rep but I would like to see Chi Cao as Carabosse; I think he would be sensational! Newbie soloist Tzuchao Chou was like lightening as the Raven, I hope he gets to do Take Five I'll keep thinking about this one!
  25. No, Alex didn't do Fille at BRB but he did do Romeo, Mercutio, Puck, Bluebird and Florimund in the cross-over rep (and (yes, I know I am biased) did them wonderfully well). I know what you mean about a dancer getting an opportunity too early. I remember a dancer many years ago at Northern Ballet who got an opportunity where it didn't go awfully well and it seemed to really knock his confidence. I know I have seen some wonderful debuts over the years in midweek schools' matinees. I think the wildly enthusiastic children can give a newbie in a role a real confidence boost. It must be
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