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  1. Really enjoying this afternoon's Triple Bill but can someone help mw out with casting? I recognise most of the principals but not all of the others and Sky doesn't show the cast until right at the end (and then the picture is usually minimised to make room for trailers). Linda
  2. That's interesting. The Friday screening is on the screen guide but not on their website. In fact, there's very little on the website, apart from pictures. You'd think a media company would try a little harder to keep their customers informed. Linda
  3. Looking at the Sky website and the screen guide, the Ashton Triple is now scheduled for Sunday, 26th at 14:50. Linda
  4. Going through old copies of Dance & Dancers, I found this comment which struck a chord: " I get the impression that the [Royal] Opera House's ideal would be to play every night to an audience none of whom had ever been there before. They talk a lot about building up audiences, encouraging regular attendance via the Friends etc - but the way they actually behave would discourage any but the most dedicated from repeated visits." That's from a reader's comments in February 1989. Sound familiar? Linda
  5. I remember Christopher Gable in Ken Russell's version of 'The Boyfriend'. During a Busby Berkeley style fantasy section he dances with Twiggy on a huge 78" (that's an early vinyl record, for all you youngsters.) In another one he carries her in a Voices of Spring lift over a country bridge and they dance around a folly of a Greek Temple. See the internet movie database for more images: www.imdb.com. Linda
  6. Actually, this is in the Times. The comment is by Debra Crain, a well-respected dance critic.
  7. I can think of quite a few male dancers who gave up dancing in SB but continued to dance happily in many other ballets. Let's face it, it's not the most exciting role for the man. Linda
  8. If that's the Boheme Jonathan Miller staged for the Florence Maggiore Festival in 1997, it's brilliant. I was working in Florence at the time and was lucky enough to attend the first night. I'm going to record it anyway - you can never have too much Puccini IMHO. Linda
  9. I decided rather late to treat myself to a ticket for Sleeping Beauty but nearly every performance was sold out. I ended up with the Lamb/Hirano cast which is fine but not my first choice so I wondered if anyone can tell me who else is cast. Bluebirds, Lilac Fairy, Florestan and his sisters, for example? Thanks Linda
  10. Thanks very much Alison. I wonder if naming a seat gives the donor any special privileges? Not that I have a thousand quid to spare, mind you. Linda
  11. Can anyone tell me about the changes to the Linbury & the Clore (if there were any) that were made as part of the 'Open Up' project? I'm particularly interested in the seating and the sightlines. Thanks Linda
  12. Is watching ballet recorded 'live' from the ROH stage vastly improved by the Blue-ray format? I assume that DVDs are on the way out and I need to buy new equipment anyway but I don't find HD makes a major diference so is it worth going to a new format? Linda
  13. This explains why it didn't contain all the info usually shown on the cast list. I wondered why there was no credit for staging or principal coaching. I did wonder if Anthony Dowell had coached Matthew Ball, given that it was his debut in the role and Dowell had created Des Grieux. Linda
  14. What worried me about the list (apart from the lack of Wheeldon and any other ballet) was the one described as 'painful to watch'. Really? Is that a criteria of something to be labelled as the best this century? Linda
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