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  1. Thanks to everyone for their contributions. Linda
  2. Reading the Times regular update on what arts to watch online, a reference to the ROH's streaming of Faust caught my eye: "a gleefully weird send-up of French romantic ballet as choreographed by Michael Keegan-Dolan". I've never heard of Mr Keegan-Dolan, probably because I don't have much enthusiasm for contemporary dance but can someone better-informed than I, tell me something about him and his works? Thanks Linda
  3. I think the press is trying to give us light-hearted items to read and cheer us up at present. Either that or the silly season is 4 months earlier than usual. For example, I read that: 1) The Duchess of Cornwall has taken up ballet at the grand old age of 72 and is asking Darcey Bussell for advice 2) Police called to a disturbance in someone's garden found the cause to be randy hedgehogs having an orgy 3) Colin Firth claims that his wet shirt scene in Pride & Prejudice blighted his career Is the whole world going crazy or should I stop reading The Times (source of the above) and switch to The Sun for serious reading? We are certainly living in interesting times*. Linda * Ancient Chinese curse; 'may you live in interesting times'.
  4. Is this game based on the sci-fi novels by Anne McCaffrey? I read them years ago and they were fairly lightweight but fun. They featured dragons and their riders who shared a telepathic bond - not sure how that could be conveyed through dance but maybe....? I understand that Sambé portrayed a totally believable cello at the ROH lately. After that a dragon should be child's play. Linda
  5. I've just come across a lovely photo (by the late, great, John Ross) of Melissa Hamilton as the Dying Swan. It's mounted on a lightweight polystyrene backing and I would like to pass it on to anyone interested. Send me a p.m. and I'll put it in the post. Linda
  6. Funny how cats stick in your memory and dreams. When I was growing up we had a black & white moggie prosaically called Smudge because of the black patch on his otherwise white face. I still dream of him sometimes, heaven knows why - he was the most aggresive animal on four legs since the days of the velociraptor. Although a 'retired gentleman cat' and supposed to be placid, at night he would roam over nearby Coulsdon Common looking for a fight. I suspect the foxes were scared stiff of him but one night he went too far and got on the nerves of a badger. In the morning he limped home with half his ear hanging off, bloodied but unbowed. His whole attitude said ' you should see the other guy'. He lived a long time but we had to let him go when he was 18 years old and had succumbed to kidney disease. I still miss him. Linda
  7. I have decided that I must de-clutter my overcrowded flat which means that more than 20 years of ballet magazines, programmes, photos & recordings have to go. In these uncertain times I would like to pass them all on to fellow ballet-lovers who might enjoy them, rather than leave them to be dumped in landfill when I'm not around anymore. I don't mean to sound morbid but none of us can foresee the future and there's lots of stuff here which I'm sure others might want to see and hopefully get as much pleasure from it as I have done. If you're interested generally or have a special interest in any particular area/ballet/dancer, please let me know and I'll post you a list of everything I have to dispose of. No cost unless you want a huge amount in which case I might ask for a contribution towards the postage. Hopefully, this lockdown will be over in a month or so and I can invite people over to my flat (5 minutes from Canary Wharf) to see for themselves and carry away what they want*. I have a small patio garden so would be happy to entertain other ballet.co-ers as I've done in the past. Linda *Some people have been in touch with me already so some of the really early stuff (1950s onwards) has been promised.
  8. Just received an email from the BFI and they are opening their archive now. It's free to view so look at their website: www.bfi.org.uk/ Linda
  9. I thought the BFI was saving some TV programmes which were considered worthy of preservation? Possibly it would be worth finding out what ballet and dance-related stuff they are keeping. Bluebird posted about their viewing booth on the South Bank some time ago. Obviously we can't visit it now but perhaps it might consider putting something online? Linda
  10. Apologies to those who don't have Sky but for us fortunate enough to get Sky Arts there's a lot of dance-related material available on their Catch-up option. I particularly liked the Top Dance Scenes from the Movies which was more than just the usual catalogue-type programme usually seen on Channel 5. There's genuinely interesting debate about the choices which include a sizeable clip from The Red Shoes, one of my all-time favourites and worth a dozen Black Swans. There are also plenty of performances of the classic ballets too (plus dance-drama from Matthew Bourne) and you can download them to watch as many times as you like. Linda
  11. I do remember reading in the press that Kobborg was really let down by the Royal Opera , not the ballet company. He was announced as providing the choregraphy for a new opera production, then suddenly there was a change of heart at the top and a different choreographer was picked. I believe he may have felt that the RB should have fought harder for him. After his retirement Anthony Dowell said he had regrets at not fighting harder for the ballet company when he was AD but the opera always came first at the ROH. The politics at the Opera House is hard for outsiders to understand as was mentioned in both in Jeremy Isaac's book about his time there ("Never mind the Moon") and Mary Allen's A House Divided. I'd quote from these but I gave them away as part of my de-cluttering project. Linda
  12. I liked the POB version of Jewels though I suppose the NYC version might be better (if it exists) Linda
  13. One of the funniest things I've seen for ages is on iPlayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00td8g6/bbc-proms-2010-sondheims-80th-birthday-celebration It's the Sondheim Prom from 2010. I never realised Bryn Terfel can do a mean soft-shoe shuffle. There's also the John Williams Prom. BBC 4 broadcast both concerts last weekend, I hope they continue with these more lighthearted programmes. Linda PS Dame Judi Dench makes an unbilled appearance singing Send in the Clowns from A Little Night Music.
  14. Yes that's the one. I'm glad she (Alina) has found a new home in ENB but I still think it's a great shame that she chose to follow him and leave the RB. Nothing wrong with ENB particularly under Rojo's re-vitalising leadership but it doesn't quite have the international reputation of the country's flagship company. But that's a bit academic at the moment.
  15. For white: Greco di Tufo or Falanghia Red: any Taurasi or Aglianico For the sweet-toothed Lacrima de Christi del Vesuvio Look for the Feudi di San Gregorio, a very reliable shipper. I always knew those long lazy lunches in Sorrento weren't wasted! Linda
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