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  1. I don't like the ballgowns either, they look quite tacky imo. The original costumes are so beautiful and perfect for this ballet, it's a pity they felt the need to change.
  2. Unfortunately my browser gave me an error message every time I pressed the Back button. Never mind, I got my tickets and that's what matters!
  3. I've just booked for "The Bright Stream" with the Victor Hochhauser list priority. It was quite an annoying process. After selecting my tickets, I wanted to have a look at availability for other productions, but the 'continue shopping' link took me to the main page. After the laborious process of finding the date on the event calendar, a message appeared saying general booking opens in April. I had to go back to the VH email and click on the link to get to the right page. This needless faffing about put me off considerably. I left my comments on the feedback pop-up but I doubt whether anyone cares.
  4. I have, Don Q Fan. This has replaced Onegin as my favourite ballet since I first saw it in Munich a few years ago. I find the whole concept fascinating and very intense. Last April I saw it in Hamburg where it was beautifully danced, although I have a soft spot for the performers in the dvd (Bubcenik, Riabko, Azzoni etc) The only negative is that it has ruined all other Swan Lakes for me!
  5. This thread prompts me to write about a not very pleasant incident during my last visit to the ROH. I went for the Ring, and would usually pop in to the Grand Tier or the Stalls during the intervals to chat with friends there. When I did this during Siegfried (i.e. day 3 of the cycle) I was chased - literally chased - by an usher calling "here, wait a minute, here". When I realised he was talking to me (I'm not used to being addressed as "here") I stopped and asked what the matter was. He asked if I was there for the performance and I said "well, obviously", and walked away. Another usher had come up and joined him and I heard her hissing "ask to see her ticket" , but nothing further was said to me. I didn't connect this to Open Up and the fact that apparently anyone can wander in off the street *and get into the auditorium during a performance*, and was quite annoyed, to put it mildly. I still feel that I was treated rudely, but there is some justification for the ushers I suppose. It made me feel very unwelcome, which is sad because I travel regularly for ballet/Wagner and have spent quite a lot of money at the ROH.
  6. Re sustenance during the intervals, I had to go and forage during the second interval of Siegfried since I was beginning to feel weak. The truffled egg sandwiches in the Paul Hamlyn bar were really good, so much so that I chose them again for Goetterdaemerung. I think it was very kind of the ROH to provide plenty of free water, a gracious gesture which I haven't so far seen anywhere else, certainly not at Bayreuth.
  7. I completely agree about the killing of Erda. It makes no sense, especially when you consider that the Norns' wisdom comes from her. Surely they would have noticed that she was dead and that the newsfeed wasn't being updated? I also found the rapprochement of Brunnhilde and Gutrune absurd, why would a vengeful ex-Valkyrie comfort the 'harlot' who had led her husband astray? How was Gunther? I saw the third cycle and his voice didn't seem to carry well.
  8. I've actually got a ticket for Bayreuth this August, after only two years of waiting, thanks to the online sales. I'm so glad I don't want to try for the gala, just reading the instructions toursenlair posted made my head ache - imagine trusting everything to the notorious Italian postal system!
  9. I paid £69 per night for an Upper Amphi ticket for the Ring Cycle. I see that the same seat is showing as £58 for Lohengrin.
  10. I've always been a fan of Tamara Rojo, both as a dancer and as someone who has done a lot of good for ENB. However I feel that in the current circumstances, a proper external investigation is called for, in everybody's interests. Perhaps especially in Ms Rojo's interest. Sweeping things under the carpet and pretending that everything in the garden is lovely is doing nobody any favours.
  11. Given the increasingly bizarre stagings, I've decided that so long as the music is good, I can live with the rest. This made me very cross with the Munich staging of Der Fliegende Hollaender in which the closing bars were not played by the orchestra but by a tinny recording from far away. This will be my very first live Ring, unless I get tickets for the Munich Opera Festival which I'm still hoping for. so I'm very excited about it.
  12. The Bayerische Staatsoper will be livestreaming Die Walküre directed by Kirill Petrenko on 22nd January. More details here : https://www.staatsoper.de/en/staatsopertv.html
  13. Thanks to this thread I discovered the 1966 film Ballerina and have just finished watching it on YouTube.Very enjoyable. I quite liked the recent cartoon too, but I found it annoying that the final big performance ostensibly at the Paris Opera had some rubbishy pop music. Surely it couldn't have hurt to put in some Delibes/Tchaikovsky/any real ballet music?
  14. I too have tickets for the Ring, which will involve staying in the UK for 10 days, so I'm very hopeful that there will be interesting ballet to watch. I'm afraid Swan Lake doesn't appeal to me. I'm curious, why is it unthinkable for the RB to dance Neumeier? Nunez would be perfect in Kameliendame.
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