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  1. I'm so sorry to read this. I only met Katherine once, in Stuttgart in 2016, but enjoyed reading her posts here and her blog. Apart from ballet we had a love of cats in common. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.
  2. The Guardian's obituary mentions that he'd created a Midsummer Night's Dream for Queensland Ballet. I'd love to see that.
  3. Terrible news, he was so brilliant. I loved the bits of Sweet Violets that the RB streamed. and of course his glorious Swan Lake.
  4. Sadly I have just received an email from the Southbank Centre saying that the complete Ring Cycle scheduled for early 2021 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis. Of course I'm absolutely gutted by the news. This was the statement issued by the London Philharmonic Orchestra 'It is with deep regret and heartfelt sadness that we must inform you of our decision to cancel our Wagner Ring Cycle, which was due to take place in January and February 2021. This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make, and one we have not made lightly. 'We explored every possible option in an effort to retain these much anticipated performances, but due to the current Government guidelines relating to Covid-19, this has been impossible. 'Firstly, it would not have been possible to meet the strict guidelines around social distancing between players, soloists and conductor, given the huge orchestral and vocal forces required to stage the Ring Cycle. 'Secondly, due to the substantial scale of this project, it required significant financial investment from the orchestra. We have been saving towards this project for a decade, but it still needs substantial ticket income. Since our only option now is to house a very small, socially distanced audience rather than a capacity Royal Festival Hall audience, and with no immediate signs of a change to this restriction, it has become very clear to us that we can no longer afford to stage the Ring Cycle at this time. 'Finally, there would have been additional complications around the international artists involved. Potential quarantine measures are regularly changing and evolving, making it impossible to plan with any of the certainty needed for a project on this scale. 'We will programme Götterdämmerung at the earliest possibility, to complete the orchestra's first ever Ring Cycle with Maestro Jurowski. In the meantime, Jurowski is developing a typically inventive four-concert series, which will be recorded and broadcast internationally in the new year. Information on this project will be on the LPO's website as it evolves. 'All of us at the LPO are incredibly sorry to be giving this news to everyone who has bought tickets for the Ring Cycle.'
  5. I remember a very old film called The Blue Bird in which Nadezhda Pavlova danced. Wikipedia helped me to identify it as a film made by George Cukor in 1976 The story of the two children who search for the bird was also mentioned in Noel Streatfeild's Dancing Shoes.
  6. Woe, woe woe! I hadn't seen anything about this, and have tickets for the Ring Cycle in November which is clearly not going to proceed as scheduled.
  7. Two of mine have ballet related names. There's Estella Esmeralda Rojo-Osipova, who is a tabby who has become plump, as ex-ballerinas sometimes do (cough). The other is a beautiful black cat named Georgette (after Georgette Tsingurides) Narcissa Kitri, the last name because of the way she holds her tail which is very long with a little curl at the end.
  8. I remember seeing Hallberg and Nunez in a dazzling performance of Sylvia in Rome, I think it was in 2010. Last week I saw him with Zakharova in Giselle at La Scala. While he is definitely a very different dancer from the brilliant and spectacular one who danced at the Bolshoi, before his long illness/injury-related absence, he continues to have an extraordinarily graceful presence, very reminiscent of Erik Bruhn. IMO, of course.
  9. Thank you so much Don Q Fan! I'm glad I missed your reference in the earlier post and asked my question because there's so much detail in your reply :-) I'm 1.57m so a good bit shorter than you... but with the rake and your experience of the stalls I'll go for that.
  10. I found this very useful thread (thank you alison!) after searching the forum. The Deutsche Oper in Berlin isn't included, could someone very kindly tell me what the rake is like? I've already booked for several Wagner operas next May, but didn't bother about the view. Now, however, I'm booking for Giselle which is on while I'm there. The specific areas I'm looking at are Rang 2, (the first row unless there's an annoying safety rail) or Rang 1 from the third row onwards. These are in the 2nd price category, though I would be happier with the 3rd category if the rows 6 and 7 aren't affected by an overhang or something. Of course the same applies for these categories in the stalls, depending on the rake since I am somewhat short. Many thanks.
  11. Obraztsova will be guesting in Don Q in Rome on 15th and 17th October. https://www.operaroma.it/en/shows/don-quixote/ I remember seeing her Giselle in Rome a few years ago. Words cannot describe how wonderful she was.
  12. I've been waiting to see this ballet live since I first saw it at the cinema in 2011, and loved every moment of it.
  13. IIRC, when Paris says that girls younger than Juliet are already mothers, Lord Capulet replies that being a mother so early could 'mar' a girl. I remember clearly that in the Zeffirelli film he made this comment and looked at his wife, as an example.
  14. I ate at the Crush Room on my very first visit to the ROH for The Sleeping Beauty in 2008. It was pretty expensive, and while the food was good the portions were tiny. But the whole experience was wonderful, and I always meant to go back but it's probably completely different now. Other than that my only experience with ROH food has been the truffled egg sandwiches served during The Ring, again very expensive but very good. Possibly the fact that I was famished made them taste better!
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