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Found 4 results

  1. For Northern Ballet visitsā€¦. Amy recommendations would be great! Hilton chain reviews would be good too as get good reward scheme offers here! thanks in advanceā€¦
  2. Can anyone recommend the best hotel to stay in (location/parking/budget) near to NBS please?
  3. Hi, Currently looking for a budget friendly hotel for next weekend. DD attending ENBS Audition workshop on the Monday. We arrive at Gatwick late on Saturday, so any suggestions around Victoria Train Station area would be appreciated. Tried researching for hotels on Booking.com but with so many on the site it is challenging to know what's best. Appreciate any personal recommendations. Thank you
  4. Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone on this forum! It is fascinating to hear everyones different stories and journeys... I wonder if any of you have any tips- my dd is just 8 and joined RAD Associates recently, which she loves. She is interested in doing the Associates Summer School at Elmhurst in July. The problem is distance...we are 20 mins south of Gloucester, so driving up and back every day might be too much for her as well as the actual classes. Then there is my 5 year old ds to consider too, who, much as he loves vehicles and motorways, may not appreciate 3 hours in the car every day that week! Does anyone have any tips-well located places to stay or bed and breakfasts etc that are affordable or other ideas...any would be gratefully received... Or does anyone know of any other summer schools nearer Gloucester which focus mainly on ballet? Many thanks in advance Balletmummy
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