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  1. Short impressions of Swanlake-rehearsals in a Covid-situation - in the studio and running the whole ballet on stage with orchestra (elevated and extended platform for the musicians sitting in a required distance) at the state-opera in Munich https://www.instagram.com/p/CFCBm4EA83T/
  2. To put it simply: the bride in the human world. The Staatsballett explains the part of Charlotte in the first act as follows: " Charlotte, Siegfried’s intended, is lead in by the Queen. When Siegfried signals to his mother that he is not happy with her choice, the Queen once again reinforces her unrelenting will to seal this engagement. With the very first dance Siegfried lets Charlotte know she cannot win his heart. The Prince, deeply affectedly by his mother’s appearance, sinks into depression, his thoughts confused." In a nice variation she shows her attractiveness and beauty. She appears a
  3. Yes indeed, it took place: 'Schwanensee' at the Munich State Opera at Wednesday! The ensemble had to make some compromises: only 16 swans, one or two scenes deleted, only 500 in the audience. But that means nothing against a full-length ballet presented again in high quality. It was very touching to see the committment and the dedication of the dancers. There was an heartwarming atmosphere of coming back to life. In their Instragam-accounts they speak about a highly emotional experience. It is remarkable how well the dancers kept in shape. Apparently they used the time to work on their ro
  4. Today State Opera and State Ballet in Munich canceled all performances from March 11th to April 19th. Obviously, the 'Portrait Wayne McGregor' tonight will be a kind of farewell performance for the next few weeks... https://www.staatsoper.de/en/staatsballett.html
  5. It is already: The information can be found in the Staatsballet-playing schedule: Saturday, 26. October 2019: https://www.staatsoper.de/staatsballett/stueckinfo/coppelia/2019-10-26-19-30.html?tx_sfstaatsoper_pi1[fromSpielplan]=1&tx_sfstaatsoper_pi1[pageId]=551&cHash=934a4ca0dcdeba1820e22565969ab96d
  6. The audience voted indeed: booking for Spartacus with Sergei Polunin (25. 3. in Munich) started today, nearly sold out in one hour. The Nationaltheater has approximately 2000 places...
  7. By the way: Sergei Polunin is still dancing - and I have never regretted attending one of his performances in Munich. Here a quotation of the latest information by the Staatsballett: "Sergei Polunin will return as Jean de Brienne in Ray Barra’s Raymonda on 19 and 20 January 2019. The online, phone and box office sales has already started. For tickets please check the production website here. Sergei Polunin will also be dancing the title role in Yuri Grigorovich’s Spartacus on 25 March 2019. Written ticket applications are already possible. These bookings wil
  8. Might be of interest: The Bavarian State Ballet announces on facebook: World ballet day - rehearsal with Osiel Gouneo, Ksenia Ryzhkova and Sergei Polunin (Raymonda, 14:30 - 15:00, CEST (UTC +2hrs) )
  9. Two informative trailers for the two premieres in Munich 2018/19 now available on Youtube (english subtitles and ... english speaking director):
  10. ...and meanwhile the final pas de deux from Onegin (4. 2. 2018) is also available: Vladimir Shklyarov and Ivy Amista as outstanding dramatic artists... Source: https://www.facebook.com/staatsballett
  11. Premiere-cast for Anna Karenina (choreography Christian Spuck) in Munich (19. 11. 2017): Ksenia Ryzhkova and Matthew Golding, Jonah Cook and Laurretta Summerscales, Ivy Amista and Tigran Mikayelyan and others https://www.staatsoper.de/stueckinfo/anna-karenina/2017-11-19-19-30.html
  12. The leaving of Maria Shirinkina and Wladimir Shklyarov would be a massive loss for the Staatsballett in Munich. But Ilona Landgraf had to “update” her alarming news: “Maria Shirinkina and Vladimir Shklyarov are currently under negotiation […] the press office […] wrote that, “as of today neither party has terminated cooperation.”” In general in this case the “informations from within” in the Landgraf-blog are not very reliable, for example: “If the numbers are correct, the troupe currently consists of only 47 dancers”. Yes, if, but the official 2017/18-preview records 61 dancers an
  13. Thank you for the friendly welcome, dear Jan McNulty...
  14. There a r e reports of new dancers in Munich (new booklet ‚Spielzeit 2017/18’). Besides of Kristina Lind (soloist, ex-member National Ballet of Holland) and Alejandro Virelles (first soloist, ex-member of English National Ballet), both of them already announced, there are: the new demi-solists Arianna Maldini (The Royal Ballet’s Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme, first prize at the 2015 Ursula Moreton Choreographic Awards), Sergio Navarro and Emilio Pavan, and many new members of the corps de ballet, from A like Stanislava Aitova to T like Giovanni Tombacco.
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