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  1. RBS Summer School

    I spoke to them yesterday. The woman said beginning of March.
  2. Feb half term

    Where do you live balletmum20?
  3. Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    Hope she’s better but if not, ring them and change to another centre. They won’t mind.
  4. The little red spots could be foliculitis (inflammation of the follicles which can become infected if products and sweat remain on the head). The hair follicles can become irritated due to the hair being continually pulled tight. Trying different styles (a sweep over sideways at the front or a cane row) can help lessen the stress on the follicles while the irritation goes down. The pharmacist can also recommend medicated shampoo.
  5. Living at The Hammond

    I watched the show last night. It really was a mixture of all that is great about the Hammond school. I much preferred it to the usual dancers show (although there was a great deal of dancing in it). Very proud of my DD but also really enjoyed seeing all the young people I've watched develop over the last four years. End of an era for us. Well done the teaching staff!
  6. An eye opener

    My DD's used to go there. Taught by Eve Leveaux. She was fantastic.
  7. An eye opener

    Where is the Derby class?
  8. Hosting House Tring

    3rd years at Tring have to live out of school. The school do have a list of host families etc. I have no idea if these are all gone and the school won't get involved in any way but they might be happy to send you the list at least? Good luck Maybe a boarding place will come available
  9. Royal Ballet Summer School.

    Fabulous news
  10. Hammond 6th form Accommodation

    I think they have a list of landlords for under 18's. Under 18's aren't allowed to live independently. Hopefully someone who is giving up their place can give you details so you can get in quickly? Or give school a call to ask?
  11. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    Always worth going along to these things. You never know what will happen. Which Summer course is your DD going to?
  12. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    Will your DD do the Musical Theatre course or Dance course Pictures? My DD loves Musical Theatre but is put off because she hasn't been able to dance whilst at Hammond.
  13. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    Thanks for your reply and yes I understand regarding using Tring as a meter for potential. My non dancing DD did the drama Summer course last year and absolutely loved it! She will do a drama qualification (Cambridge rather than Btec I think) as well as the Commercial Music course. She will join the lower 6th. My other 2 DD's are at Tring so I am thrilled. I'm exhausted with all the driving up and down the country. Just one journey, even though it is a 210 mile round trip, will feel like a stroll in the park to the past few years
  14. Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    Hi,Afab, I have been following your story for years. Congratulations to your DD. Will she be at the Taster day on 29th June? My non dancing DD is starting in September and will be there.