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  1. Does anyone know where we can find a list of the winners? Thank you
  2. They certainly won’t be the only new child entering that year. I know of a lovely child going in September. And I know one who is continuing on into the sixth form who is also lovely. I’m sure anyone joining will be fine. Well done for all the places!
  3. Interested in the Claudia dean ones. Could you send photos and what size is it comparable to? Thank you
  4. Results are out for Mids. It was a no for us. Think daughter has forgotten about it anyway as it was so long ago!
  5. Does anyone have any of the above or silimar for sale? Looking for child age 14 or Xs adult. Thank you x
  6. Hi yes I did. I rang today and although my results email said White Lodge Only Audituon, which is what panicked me, I did in fact tick the MA box. So panic over and now just to wait for the invitable no!
  7. I also have a terrible feeling I didn’t tick the MA box!?! I feel sick. I’ll email tomorrow but do t hold much hope as it says it can’t be added at this stage.
  8. She was auditioning for year 9. Yes results are by email in order of the auditions. My daughter is fine, thank you. She wasn’t expecting a yes. Good luck to everyone else x
  9. Results for White lodge Bath audition are out - it was an expected no for us. 😥
  10. Results are out from Elmhurst auditions last Tuesday. It’s a no for us 😥.
  11. Thank you for the encouragement and support as always. of course we will still audition for mids - just know it’s a long shot. She was a JA, then fell out of love with ballet and is now beginning to love it again. It is def a rollercoaster ride .
  12. Waiting list here too! Im taking it as a no. Also makes me wonder weather it is worth attending the Mids audition?! I didn't tell my daughter I was applying for Summer School for her. I figured that way she wouldn't be disappointed if it was a no. Glad I didn't now as I won't have to tell her anything and she will carry on with christmas in blissful ignorance! Well done to those with a yes x
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