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  1. Miracle

    Prix de Lausanne 2019

    Results of finalists on Facebook 21 selected.x
  2. Miracle

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

    Northern Ballet School is a fantastic vocational school my DD has a contract on finishing graduate year so do at least 10 of her year. It is great when they go straight into work. The Principal certainly gets them industry ready.x
  3. Miracle

    Private Health Insurance

    My DD is 19 and has had a policy with Bupa since 13 ( private one) it covers her anywhere in the country and has London included. Covers everything including unlimited physio appointments. Cost rises with age even though she has never claimed at first it was £400ish now £600ish.x
  4. Miracle

    Oliver’s story

    I have received a email from the government this morning regarding the petition. So pleased they have discussed it.x
  5. Miracle

    RBS Summer School

    I have heard of this before. Can happen when they really want your child to attend but have run out of beds. Well done to your DC.x
  6. Miracle

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Have the London Yr7 results come back yet?
  7. I believe it is a balance of different strengths and skills that are sought for.x
  8. My Ds was a RBS JA and is now in vocational ballet school. He did not have flat turnout 150/180. My DD went to vocational ballet school lower and upper and had better turn out 165/180. Both have, long limbs, long neck, strength, passion, musicality and performance.
  9. Miracle

    Northern Ballet School (Manchester) audition

    Balletaddict I have sent you a pm.x
  10. Miracle

    Dance belts

    My Ds wears one from wear moi which are pricey but comfortable. When he was younger Capitzio in their London shop had American style that was more like pants with a added bit of support for the tummy muscles built in. It came in a boys and small mens size.x
  11. Miracle

    Northern Ballet School (Manchester) audition

    I have a DD in 3rd year at Northern Ballet School and I am happy to answer any questions on pm.x
  12. Miracle

    Life at Ballet West

    Has anyone stayed at Cruachan Cottage while training at Ballet West?
  13. Miracle

    Show reels

    Good Morning to All. Any recommendations regarding show reels. Planing a dance one and a singing one.x
  14. Miracle

    Ballet West student loans.

    Thank you.x
  15. Miracle

    Ballet West student loans.

    Has anyone starting in September started the process for student loan yet?