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  1. Hi, has anyone heard of movement on the Central wait list? x
  2. Hi Shauna, have you looked into the ballet BA at the Brighton Academy. I believe it’s relatively new (so there is not a huge amount about it on line) however there is an online Q&A this Sunday and applications are still open for this September. best of luck xx
  3. Thank you and how lovely to keep her more local. We’re keeping everything crossed for some movement on the wait list. xx
  4. Thank you, I thought they were scheduled for 17/18 April but perhaps they will be using video auditions only?
  5. Hi, we’ve just received a ‘waiting list’ email from Central for my DD. I was wondering if this is a standard response for all who aren’t invited to finals? Thanks
  6. Thanks Jane, we did manage to get hold of another parent in the end.
  7. Hi, I wonder if anyone could help please? My DD is on her way to CBA’s but is stuck on the motorway and it looks like she’s going to be very late. Does anyone know how I can get a message to Tring as it’s assesments today? Many thanks.
  8. Tring Classical Ballet Academy (CBA) runs on alternate Sundays. We’d definitely recommend it.
  9. Thanks Pixiewoo (love that name!), that does give an indication.
  10. Hi, has anyone had anyone had experience of Tring’s Easter dance course? The age range is quite broad (8-16) and I was wondering whether they have many attend at the upper end? Many thanks
  11. My DD has just received a yes for yr 10 with an invite to funding auditions. Good luck to those still waiting xx
  12. Thanks Dancey, ours also arrived
  13. Thanks Loulabelle. Good luck to your DC too.
  14. Thanks Dancy and Loulabelle. I'm guessing there must be different dates for different groups. Group 3 was on May 21st. I'll keep checking the post......assuming they come via post?!
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