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ENB 2013/2014: A new production of Le Corsaire

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Broadway world broke the emabrgo - the press release clearly stated it was not to be released until 09:30 tonight. A shity thing to do and you wonder if its worth bothering to wait yourself next time.


For what its worth the press release in full is here:


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Press Release:




English National Ballet will premiere a new production of Le Corsaire (The Pirate), one of the great 19th Century classics, in October 2013.  English National Ballet will be the first UK company to perform the complete work which will open in Milton Keynes.  The production will tour Southampton, Oxford, Bristol, London and Manchester.


English National Ballet’s Artistic Director Tamara Rojo said:  “Le Corsaire is one of the great classics created by Marius Petipa for the Mariinsky Theatre. Like all great Russian classics it is a true epic story that offers drama, an exotic landscape and the best pyrotechnics of the classic technique. It’s a men’s ballet, with heroic and passionate characters and with the famous pas de deux that made a legend of Nureyev when he first performed in England with Dame Margot Fonteyn. This is a unique and unmissable opportunity as it has never before been performed by a British company.”


“We are working with Anna-Marie Holmes who created this version more than a decade ago and she is willing to change it to make it specific for us.

In reinventing Le Corsaire we have the chance to go through the whole narrative and look at it with fresh eyes, making it even better and personal to the Company.

“I am excited that this is a ballet with four male principal roles.  Unlike many of the classics it will give great opportunities to the men in the Company to show off their skills and athleticism.


“We are also re-orchestrating the work because there have been many additions over the years.  I want the music to sound more romantic and cleaner as it would have originally.

“And I am thrilled that Bob Ringwood, the amazing designer of Batman, has agreed to design the sets and the costumes.”

Bob Ringwood, whose film credits include Batman. Alien 3, Star Trek Nemesis and Troy, explains his ambitions for the piece:

‘’Designing Le Corsaire, I thought it would be interesting to bring out the romantic and historic elements of the original ballet.  I hope to capture the flavour of the Romantic period in which it was first staged. The sets and costumes are based on original paintings, prints and engravings of the mid 19th. Century to capture and infuse the essence of the period. I felt it was important to bring out the romantic, sensual and erotic elements of the piece, that have been so neglected in recent productions. The sensuality of the women and bravado and swagger of  the men, for us all to enjoy those heavily scented and perfumed Arabian Nights that so captivated Orientalist painters and writers of the second half of the 19th Century."


Le Corsaire is based on Lord Byron’s poem Corsaire and tells the story of Conrad, a dashing pirate, and his love for Medora, the beautiful harem girl. It is a swashbuckling drama of captive maidens, rich sultans, kidnap and rescue, disguise and conspiracy, love and betrayal, culminating in a shipwreck which is one
of the most breath-taking spectacles in ballet.


The Christmas Season 2013 will also include the family favourite The Nutcracker. Both productions will be generously supported by Swarovski.


Autumn tour and Christmas at the Coliseum

Le Corsaire

17 October – 30 November 2013, and 11 February – 15 February (on tour)

London Coliseum

9 January – 19 January 2014

Staged by Anna-Marie Holmes  after Marius Petipa and Konstantin Sergeyev

Music  Adophe Adam, Cesare Pugni, Leo Delibes, Riccardo Drigo and Prince Oldenbourg

Libretto Jules-Henri de Saint-Georges and Joseph Mazilier in a version by Anna-Marie Holmes

Based on the Corsaire (1814) by Lord Byron

Sets and Costumes Bob Ringwood

Lighting Neil Austin


“Romance, betrayal, murder – even a shipwreck…” New York Sun


Alfa Banking Group Alfa Bank is sponsoring English National Ballet’s production of Le Corsaire in its London season.  Petr Aven, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Alfa Banking Group, said: “I am delighted that we are partnering with one of Britain’s greatest dance companies. Alfa Bank strongly supports building ties between the UK and Russia, be they in the business, economic or cultural spheres. Alongside bringing inspiring Russian work, like Le Corsaire, to British audiences, I hope this sponsorship will also shine a light on English National Ballet’s young Russian dancers.”

English National Ballet is launching a Production Appeal to help fund the new production of Le Corsaire.  A new production is a huge financial and creative
undertaking, costing hundreds of thousands of pounds and involving armies of makers, technicians and artists. For more information and to donate go to
www.ballet.org.uk/productionappeal or call the Development Department on 020 7581 1245.


The Nutcracker

20 November – 23 November 2013, on tour

11 December – 5 January 2014, London Coliseum

Choreography Wayne Eagling            

Based on a concept by Toer van Schayk and Wayne Eagling         

Music Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky            

Design Peter Farmer                 

Lighting David Richardson


English National Ballet brings its acclaimed production of The Nutcracker to Liverpool in November and back to the London Coliseum for its annual Christmas season.


Set in a frost-covered, gas-lit London, it features Clara, her Nutcracker doll and the magician Drosselmeyer in this traditional, festive tale for all the family. On an enchanted Christmas Eve, under the heavy boughs of the candlelit tree Clara battles with the Mouse King and falls in love with a handsome stranger. As the air
grows colder and snowflakes begin to fall, Clara and her valiant Nutcracker take a hot balloon ride across the frost-dusted London skyline to the glistening Land of Snow where her adventure really begins.

In a world of Edwardian elegance, The Nutcracker brings to life the eternally popular Tchaikovsky score featuring the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Waltz of the Flowers.  This classical production is a magical, memorable and unmissable Christmas treat.

***** - “…has an air of absolute artistic integrity” –
Laura Thompson, The Daily Telegraph

**** - “The audience was clearly delighted” –
Clement Crisp, The Financial Times

**** -
“This is now a contender as one of the best Nutcrackers around” – Neil Norman,
Daily Express


The Nutcracker is generously supported by Swarovski, the Garfield Weston Foundation and The Nutcracker Appeal donors.



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Broadway world broke the emabrgo - the press release clearly stated it was not to be released until 09:30 tonight. A shity thing to do and you wonder if its worth bothering to wait yourself next time.


For what its worth the press release in full is here:



Somebody else must have broken the embargo as I first read about the new production on Twitter.  I googled it to make sure it was fact and not rumour and this brought up the Broadway World report.

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Somebody else must have broken the embargo as I first read about the new production on Twitter.  I googled it to make sure it was fact and not rumour and this brought up the Broadway World report.

I don't have the time to do all the searches. What I do know is that about 4 hours before the embargo came off Broadway World tweeted a link to their page with the complete release. Thereafter a few others tweeted links to the page also. No beef with those who found the page/tweet and linked on in good faith. The issue is that if you are given info and told not to publicly talk about it then you don't.


It might be that somebody without the release tweeted earlier having heard in passing about it or saw the page ahead of Broadway World tweeting its existence. Such things increasingly happen and its life. But the knowing release of all the info is different and no way to carry on. If others did the same as Broadway World then a plague on them.

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As can be seen from post #3, above, I was one of those ensnared by the Broadway World break at around 7pm last night.  I had seen it on Google with a time suggesting it had been published around 5pm UK time - ie some 4 hours before the embargo time.  I've just had a look and I still cannot see anything on this on the ENB website.

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The tour dates are on the ENB website, albeit with some gremlins!


Le Corsaire:


Milton Keynes:  17-19 October

Southampton:   22-26 October

Oxford:             30 October - 02 November

Bristol:              26-30 November

Coliseum:         11-19 January

Manchester:     11-15 February




Liverpool:         20-23 November

Coliseum:         11 December (?) - 05 January



Public booking for all performances opens on 8th April.

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Dear Janet ....I agree ... (It was only that the person responsible for the CORSIARE mounting here was the same as that for several other companies including ABT and the upcoming ENB.)  One should always hope ... well, look for the best.  I will too ... Well, certainly I always try.  I pray that the ENB CORSIRE proves commercially popular as I'm certain that was the intent ... especially given the current economic climate.  I'm sure there will be more ACE cuts and Westminster has already confirmed itself to be a write-off.  Tamara has her talented hands full.  I certainly don't envy her..  (That said you certainly could not have today a more star-studded cast than the ABT opening one proffered and reviewed in that notice.)  Our prayers are with ENB in these hours of our/their mutual need.  I am sure we ALL wish them naught but the best.  

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Meunier, this article won't be available to most members. Basically it is a rather poor review of ABT's production of Corsaire.


I'm keeping an open mind till October.

I don't think the review is behind a paywall.  I think you just need to register 'for free' with the FT website and you can then read a limited number of articles every month.  If I remember correctly, you're allowed to read about 8 articles a month.



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I saw the Raymonda which Anna-Marie Holmes did for ABT in 2005 (?)  And I have to agree with the FT reviewer on that subject.

The only hope I have for the ENB Le Corsaire is that Bob Ringwood (the designer) will avoid the temptation to include what the New York Times reviewer describes as the "bikini tutu" featured by the designer of the ABT production!

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