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  1. This was very interesting. But regarding her resting place, I note that she is now interred in a crypt with Tito in Panama City. I say 'now' because originally her ashes were buried again with Tito in a modest plot 'at the wire-fenced, tin-shacked edge of the Jardin de Paz on the outskirts of Panama City' according to Meredith Daneman's biography. So, sometime between the publication of this book and Darcey's documentary, their remains were moved. Does anyone know the story of how this happpened and who was behind it?
  2. My favourite Nutcracker. If you miss it, there are several recordings of this on line, including one with gorgeous Nina Kaptsova. It is relatively sugar free, Ivanov free and has IMHO the best Arabian dance, although in this case it is an Indian dance. No bare midriffs or gauzy harem pants thank goodness. Both Shrainer and Chudin have a rocky moment in the pas de deux.
  3. Their Facebook page has certain streams. Currently Hugo Marchand in 'A suite of dances' by Jerome Robbins, but I realise that Facebook is not favoured by many forum members
  4. So many good things. The two companies which stood out for me were Stuttgart and San Francisco. Both incredibly strong and disciplined and musical. Loved everything they offered. Favourites as follows ... All first viewings except for SYLVIA Stuttgart MAYERLING and CONCERTO FOR FLUTE AND HARP San Francisco BALLET GALA Miami City Ballet SYMPHONIC DANCES Ratmansky NYCB DONIZETTI VARIATIONS and CONCERTO DSCH Ratmansky Royal Ballet THE SLEEPING BEAUTY Vienna State Opera Ballet SYLVIA Manuel Legris Paris Opera Ballet PLAY Ale
  5. It was commissioned by Helpmann who created the scenario and the choreography was by Ronald Hynd
  6. Whoops. Thanks Jeannette. It even says Burlaka and Medvedev on the label 😁
  7. They were originally cinema broadcasts which in the case of the Bolshoi anyway, were also available on their youtube channel for 24 hours, and probably downloaded from there. And if you have never seen Esmeralda, have a look. Maria Alexandrovna is great with stellar support with a number of current principals in in smaller roles. It's one of Vikharev's reconstructions. I'm not sure how often it is revived these days but it's really engaging.
  8. Fascinating Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker programme from the Paris Opera Ballet streaming till 5 July. It includes Bartok quartet Gross Fugue by Beethoven Transfigured Night by Schoenberg https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/063021-000-A/anne-teresa-de-keersmaeker-a-l-opera-national-de-paris/
  9. La Bayadere with Osipova, Alexandrovna and Lantratov. From 11 June. Watch out for the scene with the snake charmer at the beginning of act 3. A scene which Ratmansky reinstated in his reconstruction for Berlin. And for extras, the theatre conscripted some Indian students who were studying medicine at the Perm university. Just for an authentic touch.
  10. As I'm sure you are aware, Alexandra Danilova worked with Neumeier on the lakeside scene. She must have known that version first hand, like Balanchine. What a wonderful connection and fountain of knowledge for Neumeier to tap into.
  11. @WoodlandGladeFairy Yes I agree. This ballet is one of my all time favourites for all the reasons you mention above. Glad you found it and enjoyed.
  12. I'm not trying to be facetious here, but what in your opinion is Neumeier's best work? I'm just trying to understand. Illusions like Swan Lake is one of my all time favourites but I struggle with the rest of his output.
  13. This video has some interesting material related to the exhibition even though it dates from 2017
  14. If you open this link and scroll down, you will find the credits https://kglteater.dk/xtra/forestillinger/forestilling-raymonda
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