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  1. The full length Bolshoi Coppelia with Osipova and Lopatin can currently be found on YouTube. Both dancers are wonderful in those roles.
  2. @alison I'm glad you finally got to see the Sylvia of Manuel Legris who went back to the original choreography by Louis Merante and the revival by Lycette Darsonval to get as close to the original as possible. I read somewhere that the various gods and demi gods in the RB version were an invention of Ashton himself who intended a Sleeping Beauty style divertissement featuring various dances for these characters but ended up by cutting them. They were not reinstated in the last revival by Christopher Carr and Monica Mason. Only the ensembles for the gods and the pas de deux for the goats remain. I think your assumption about Aminta's solo is correct
  3. Just arrived on Youtube, two approx 30 min extracts of Ashton's La Fille mal gardée performed by the Bolshoi with delightful Nina Kaptsova and Ivan Vasiliev. From the 90s I think. It's interesting to see this ballet with a Bolshoi inflection. The Grigorovitch version is danced these days.
  4. There is currently on YouTube a full length 1978 Royal Ballet production of Sleeping Beauty with Merle Park and David Wall, Monica Mason as Carabosse and Wayne Eagling as the Bluebird. Not great quality unfortunately which seems to be the result of a transfer from VHS. The credits were cut off early so most of the production details are missing.
  5. I went back and had another look at that performance. While it is good overall, it lacks the precision, sharpness and discipline required to dance this extremely difficult work by Ashton. The female corps does well (but several times the lines were not straight and a dancer out of position) but the men were much less coordinated. They need to move as one. The dancers are so exposed in this choreography that the slightest deviation draws your attention. The soloists were very good. In the end I feel that it was probably lack of both rehearsal time and familiarity with the work in the company which contributed to my muted impression. I am glad that you enjoyed it @li tai po
  6. Yes Sheila I agree. I notice also from the credits that another former POB etoile Charles Jude was involved in the coaching. It made me wish that there was an equally good recording of Ashton's Scenes de ballet. The last revival was a bit scrappy I thought.
  7. Thank you. Suite en blanc impeccably danced and beautifully filmed.
  8. This was very interesting. But regarding her resting place, I note that she is now interred in a crypt with Tito in Panama City. I say 'now' because originally her ashes were buried again with Tito in a modest plot 'at the wire-fenced, tin-shacked edge of the Jardin de Paz on the outskirts of Panama City' according to Meredith Daneman's biography. So, sometime between the publication of this book and Darcey's documentary, their remains were moved. Does anyone know the story of how this happpened and who was behind it?
  9. My favourite Nutcracker. If you miss it, there are several recordings of this on line, including one with gorgeous Nina Kaptsova. It is relatively sugar free, Ivanov free and has IMHO the best Arabian dance, although in this case it is an Indian dance. No bare midriffs or gauzy harem pants thank goodness. Both Shrainer and Chudin have a rocky moment in the pas de deux.
  10. Their Facebook page has certain streams. Currently Hugo Marchand in 'A suite of dances' by Jerome Robbins, but I realise that Facebook is not favoured by many forum members
  11. So many good things. The two companies which stood out for me were Stuttgart and San Francisco. Both incredibly strong and disciplined and musical. Loved everything they offered. Favourites as follows ... All first viewings except for SYLVIA Stuttgart MAYERLING and CONCERTO FOR FLUTE AND HARP San Francisco BALLET GALA Miami City Ballet SYMPHONIC DANCES Ratmansky NYCB DONIZETTI VARIATIONS and CONCERTO DSCH Ratmansky Royal Ballet THE SLEEPING BEAUTY Vienna State Opera Ballet SYLVIA Manuel Legris Paris Opera Ballet PLAY Alexander Eckmann Perm Opera Ballet CINDERELLA Alexey Miroshnichenko Mariinsky THE LITTLE HUMPBACKED HORSE Ratmansky Bolshoi A HERO OF OUR TIME Yuri Possokhov La Scala LE CORSAIRE Holmes Royal Danish Ballet JACOBS PILLOW PROGRAMME and BALLO DELLA REGINA
  12. It was commissioned by Helpmann who created the scenario and the choreography was by Ronald Hynd
  13. Whoops. Thanks Jeannette. It even says Burlaka and Medvedev on the label 😁
  14. They were originally cinema broadcasts which in the case of the Bolshoi anyway, were also available on their youtube channel for 24 hours, and probably downloaded from there. And if you have never seen Esmeralda, have a look. Maria Alexandrovna is great with stellar support with a number of current principals in in smaller roles. It's one of Vikharev's reconstructions. I'm not sure how often it is revived these days but it's really engaging.
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