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  1. Yes of course you're right. I had forgotten.
  2. He is now director of the ballet company of the Ural opera in Ekaterinburg. Interestingly he has choreographed his own version of La Fille mal gardee for the company, and for the Bolshoi he made a new Ondine to the same music as used by Ashton.
  3. There are a couple of versions on line. This is the Kremlin ballet version.
  4. Burlaka has indeed made a version of Esmeralda for Samara Theatre. The production of Esmeralda shown at the Bolshoi in July this year was that of the visiting Rostov ballet company in the version of Vladimir Bourmeister. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/542389/
  5. The Ratmansky production for La Scala is my favourite but I would like to see it again in a better environment than the Paris conference centre when it toured there a few years ago. For those who like the 70s RB production, it has a similar 'flavour'. Alastair Macauley had the same reaction to it - he described it as being like the Swan Lake of his childhood memories. The best Rothbart costume I've seen, not to mention the demi pointe work, attention to the narrative and the mime, and the lovely swan costumes, the traditional apotheosis and, oh yes, a tipsy tutor John Neumeier's version (Illusions like Swan Lake )for Hamburg ballet is wonderful. Complete reimagining based on the life of Ludwig ll of Bavaria aka The Swan King.
  6. This production entered their repertoire in 1981. The credits are as follows from the Mariinsky website: Choreography by August Bournonville, revised version by Elsa-Marianne von Rosen Set design by Vyacheslav OkunevCostume design by Irina Press
  7. Yes they are all individual variations for different dancers. The principal couple dance the final pas de deux
  8. That is exactly how I thought he was when he guested in La Scala's Giselle last year in Australia.
  9. Surprising that they are doing Raymonda again given that after the last run in 2008/9 the sets and costumes were discarded being way beyond their use by date. There is some speculation that they may use those of the Vienna company which has the same production.
  10. John Neumeier's 'Nijinsky' is also available. Not geoblocked. https://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/Nijinsky-Ballett-von-John-Neumeier,nijinsky112.html
  11. It's still available on Culturebox I don't know for how long. However it may be geoblocked, in which case you will need a VPN to view it. https://culturebox.francetvinfo.fr/danse/revivez-en-replay-sur-culturebox-le-lac-des-cygnes-presente-a-bastille-285894
  12. Ivy Lin, are you intending to go to Houston to review the new Sylvia? Seems like a lot of fun. And it's not every day that this ballet is revived especially in the USA. I think Mark Morris's version was the last but I don't know whether it has ever been revived. I saw the livestream of the new Vienna production last year but it didn't appeal to me. Keep up the good work!
  13. I do hope you enjoy it DQF. It's one of my favourites which I only know from DVD. IMHO it fits the Ludwig ll (aka the Swan King) story perfectly. Best modern classical version of SL. Would love to see it live. Do please let us know what you think.
  14. Best wishes for the new year to all you hard working folk.
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