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  1. Fascinating Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker programme from the Paris Opera Ballet streaming till 5 July. It includes Bartok quartet Gross Fugue by Beethoven Transfigured Night by Schoenberg https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/063021-000-A/anne-teresa-de-keersmaeker-a-l-opera-national-de-paris/
  2. La Bayadere with Osipova, Alexandrovna and Lantratov. From 11 June. Watch out for the scene with the snake charmer at the beginning of act 3. A scene which Ratmansky reinstated in his reconstruction for Berlin. And for extras, the theatre conscripted some Indian students who were studying medicine at the Perm university. Just for an authentic touch.
  3. As I'm sure you are aware, Alexandra Danilova worked with Neumeier on the lakeside scene. She must have known that version first hand, like Balanchine. What a wonderful connection and fountain of knowledge for Neumeier to tap into.
  4. @WoodlandGladeFairy Yes I agree. This ballet is one of my all time favourites for all the reasons you mention above. Glad you found it and enjoyed.
  5. I'm not trying to be facetious here, but what in your opinion is Neumeier's best work? I'm just trying to understand. Illusions like Swan Lake is one of my all time favourites but I struggle with the rest of his output.
  6. This video has some interesting material related to the exhibition even though it dates from 2017
  7. If you open this link and scroll down, you will find the credits https://kglteater.dk/xtra/forestillinger/forestilling-raymonda
  8. I had issues too but did manage to see the entire performance. It looks like a video for in house use with just one camera. I found the following link at the end of the performance. It may work better. Good luck. https://video.kglteater.dk/raymonda-1
  9. Yes it is. It's a Soviet era ballet choreographed by Leonid Lavrovsky in 1934 and is also in the repertory of the Mikhailovsky theatre. It's a good excuse to hear the lovely Delibes score once again. https://permopera.ru/en/playbills/playbill/72191/
  10. Perm Opera Ballet streaming 'Fadetta' . A ballet which uses the score of Sylvia by Delibes and a completely different scenario based on a French short story by Georges Sand. Starts on 19 April. Plot of the story here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Petite_Fadette
  11. things have changed on the Vienna opera site since I last looked. For the free streams you no longer need to register and get a ticket. The link now takes you straight to youtube. But for the paid streams the procedure remains the same. Very confusing
  12. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/about/press/articles/none/2020-05-04-broadcast/ Previously recorded On their YouTube channel for 24 hours Starting 15 April Le Corsaire Bright Stream Spartacus Don Q A hero of our time
  13. @alisonJust be careful here. Bear in mind that there are no live performances at Vienna at the moment. The performance on 17 May is livestream of an actual performance which will probably not take place and will cost €15 or so if it does. As you pointed out above it appears they are still selling performances. But if you try to buy, the site blocks the sale. For the free streams stick to this list https://www.culturall.com/ticket/ists/performance_schedule.mc?view=month&year=2020&type=month_menu&process_mode=normal For video on demand which cost €5, this list https://www.culturall.com/ticket/ists/performance_schedule.mc?view=month&tab_seq_id=32206637&type=month_menu&process_mode=normal If you are interested in accessing these streams always remember to register in advance and get your ticket. Don't leave it till the stream is happening.
  14. Sorry you missed it. Not sure why it wasn't available. But if you are willing to fork out €5 it is available in their video on demand section now. See link below. Scroll down. https://www.culturall.com/ticket/ists/performance_schedule.mc?view=month&tab_seq_id=32206637&type=month_menu&process_mode=normal
  15. @JNC. So glad you enjoyed it. They do have live streams from time to time but in normal circumstances they charge about €15. You can find snippets of Ashton's Sylvia on YouTube which give you a taste of the production and which might sway you towards getting the DVD. Or not as the case may be. 😀
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