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  1. A teaser for the January broadcast, featuring the first night performance and a few of the reinstated moments... It is interesting that in every interview or publicity for this new Giselle, everyone is at pains to point out that the version by Grigorovitch will not be replaced but will remain in the repertoire. Politics.
  2. a very interesting review of 2 casts, the second of which raises some fears in the reviewer about the possible future of the production. ( there are also some hilarious mistranslations) If you open it in Chrome you can read it with the help of Google Translate. https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4170628
  3. Yes USA and Canada as well as the rest of the world. It is part of the Bolshoi in cinema live screenings series, just as Raymonda recently.
  4. The date of the screening is 26 January 2020. And hopefully available on the Bolshoi video channel for 24 hours after the broadcast.
  5. His fans probably already know this but Vadim Muntagirov will appear in the full length Raymonda as Jean de Brienne in Paris at the Opera Bastille. The dates are 22, 25 and 27 December. I hope his performances will enable him to escape the guillotine. 😎
  6. It might be helpful to remember that not everything in a ballet is danced. There are scenes of mime for example accompanied by music but without dancing. And not all dances are given specific names either. The pas de trois for example has six sections, to show off the dancers individually and in different combinations in fast and slow sections but they are not named waltz, polka or whatever. Same with the pas de deux for two merrymakers. Again sujet is a rank of dancer as you state but is used only in France. Sujet in the orchestral score does not refer to a dance but a theme in the music. This is probably not of much help but that list looks like it came from an orchestral score for the back of a CD cover and the markings are for the benefit of the conductor only. I should also add that various productions may omit various numbers from that list above or even put them in a different order. Good luck in your quest.
  7. Very disappointing to hear this although not entirely surprising given the many different and competing political and artistic pressures brought to bear on the company.
  8. That 'clap' is silent in all Russian productions. (Not sure if it has anything to do with vulgarity.) Nureyev always insisted that the clap should be heard in his productions.
  9. The white lady was dispensed with, never to return, in the last revision by Grigorovitch.
  10. Bruce, there was a dancer in Allash's class who looked a little like Krysanova but I don't think it was her. The Bolshoi will now have three productions of Giselle and Vaziev seems to think that the new one will be very interesting. Assoluta, I hope you will report.
  11. Thanks Sim. There is already a thread for this subject. maybe it's more appropriate there rather than starting a new one??
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