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  1. For me, a really super triple bill. Golden Hour I had seen before and enjoyed, and the excellent casting this evening add to the enjoyment. I loved Medusa, to me it was very much a complete ballet, with sets, music, costumes (apart from the men's Boiler suits) all making a very impressive whole. I don't think Kaneko could have been bettered - she had a marvellous other worldliness and Hirano and Sambe were both outstanding. Flight Pattern is very powerful, beautifully danced. Not the sort of work to send you out of the theatre humming but so impressive. I hadn't seen Sambe for a while and found him to be even better than I thought he was. Wish I could have seen his Romeo!
  2. the 'rival's opera or ballet packages are pretty good value if you can afford the higher prices, both offer 18% discount. The packages that let you select your chosen performances, and also mix ballet and opera, are again decent value. As a low level friend I find early booking can be helpful, although as someone who goes to performances in my own i find i can often pick up odd tickets nearer the time of performance. I think the suggestion that you try it for a year is a good one.
  3. Each to his own! I dislike Handel opera intensely, but the one thing that attracted me to this was Kosky!
  4. Finance, or the lack of it, and the promise to accompany my ballet going friend who has been ill, means that my one visit to R and J is the final one. Intrigued as to who I shall see, apart from Naghdi and Ball, and thoroughly enjoying everyone's comments.
  5. KSaw this last night and was,highly impressed. I thought the sets and staging were excellent and thought the way the large cast had been used to suggest the movement of the ship and the general activity of an 18th century man o war clever and effective. I noted that choreography was credited to Kim Brandstrup.
  6. Agree about the boy - to me he showed real flair and stage presence. I think the trouble with the Paquita solos is for less experienced dancers they come over as a collection of academic steps, and it takes rather more technique and experience to make a real dance.
  7. can totally understand you! I have to admit that although I quite enjoy the music, I find it totally unmemorable! I've got a pretty good musical memory and can hum(horribly) quite large chunks of many of the ballets mentioned in this thread, but Winter's Tale defeats me,and I have seen it on stage and DVD many times.
  8. probably because there's a bit of a dearth of memorable new scores being written for baklet. I have to admit repeated watching of Winter's Tale have made me enjoy the music more. Totally agree about Hobson's Choice.
  9. Not sure by ' best ballet scores' we mean scores that really add to the dance or scores that will stand by themselves. I love Sleeping Beauty as a score for the ballet, but don't feel it stands by itself as well as Swan Lake. Firebird and Petrouchka both work as concert works. Scores like Spartacus work so well with the ballet, but I don't think I'd enjoy just listening to the full score. Cinderella works well by itself, particularly with that gorgeous swoony waltz! Can think of several scores I don't want to hear again, with or without ballet!
  10. Yes, they were those colours originally. If my memory is correct, the costumes that have changed are mostly those worn by the men. I think the sets were also a bit more lavish originally - interesting to read other views on this. Must watch my Fonteyn/Nureyev DVD!
  11. enjoyed the Insight [Medusa] last night. Full marks to anyone who could recognise the masked men! Think I managed two. Osipova and Matthew Ball impressive. Definitely looking forward to this.
  12. Thanks for this - I thought I was wrong! Must have thought Onegin was older as I've seen older singers in the role, and a dancer like Cragun looked, shall we say, more mature. Could give a very different slant to the story to see Onegin and Lensky played by two young dancers.
  13. It's always seemed to.me that Onegin needs to be pLayed by an older man, either in the opera,or the ballet. Not sure if that was the intention in Pushkin's poem - it's many years since I read it. Obviously in the opera the baritone voice sounds older than Lensky and the music has a darker tone. Richard Cragun of course was the ultimate Onegin. But it does seem to me to demand a more mature dancer.
  14. I check it a couple of times each week, rather more if I have seen a particular performance or there is a new ballet that I am interested in. Like reading different reviews but am sometimes annoyed by the 'behind the wall ones. I think it's a great service and one I'd hate to lose.
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