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  1. My small local theatre, which seats under 200 under normal conditions, has not changed any of the conditions brought in just after lockdown. So it's e-tickets, check in with your phone, masks, socially distanced seating, no cash taken for programmes. Don't know if they can enforce it but performances I've attended have had a compliant audience. But I've got an uncomfortable feeling that they've decided not to relax the rules until the new year just in case!!
  2. Very true. At the RSC in a production of Lear poor demented Lear, clad in a nightshirt and garlanded with flowers came on to be greeted with huge guffaws of laughter from two young girls in the front row.
  3. First of all, what a great to be returning to the ROH! Staff all seemed super helpful,even coping with one lift on the left hand side being out of action,which didn't help the several wheel chair users and many, like self, with mobility issues. I think Dante is pretty stunning. I admit to being a Bonelli admirer, so I booked this and decided to see Ed Watson n the streamed performance. I thought the whole cast were on excellent form but due to the already mentioned lack of cast sheets I found it difficult to identify who was who. Trying to unscramble a complex cast list on a small phone screen is not good for my eyesight or temper. I suspect Bonelli's performance is a lot softer and less sharp than Ed Watson's - but to my mind a totally acceptable interpretation. I think I was most struck by the production as a whole. I loved the simple sets offset by stunning lighting. And musically it's a superb score. Look forward to seeing the stream - and would be more than happy to see it again at any time.
  4. Is the ROH selective about the recipients of their emails? I haven't received anything about packages although I'm a Friend.
  5. Haven't walked out of any ballet, although I have a small selective list of things I wouldn't see, even if they were free, again. I have walked out of opera at the Coliseum - twice! A dreadful Mazeppa which sickened both me and my pretty tough husband, and an awful Fledermaus. On that occasion an usher saw us leaving, at the interval and when we said we thought it was awful he replied regarding us,with scorn ,'_well, this is an experimental house' . My suggestion that they should charge for seats on that basis was not appreciated.
  6. Yes, but think of the queues! Added to the queues for drinks, then the loo, and possibly lift, not to mention any Covid related requirements, I can see an evening at the ballet becoming an assault course!
  7. And if we, as audience members print them out,as has been suggested, paper is still used! Like many others I would be happy to pay a small sum for the convenience of a cast sheet
  8. Pity the poor occasional visitor who forms out £8 for a programme and the discovers it doesn't give information about who is dancing/singing!
  9. The carrot,of a freebie may entice me to watch this. For some unknown reason I find Czech music difficult - I have tried, have seen a couple of Martinu operas, Mackropolous Case, listened to quite a lot of chamber music, but it's tough going.
  10. I'll probably be shot down for saying this but here goes! It seems to me that styles of dance, particularly for men, have changed somewhat. Dancers like Bonelli, Campbell, have a rather more elegant style than some like Sambe, Corales,whose dancing seems to be to be rather more ' flashy ' - very exciting to watch, but quite different to dancers like Campbell. I found it very interesting to watch them both in DAAG. Quite different, both enjoyable - just a case of individual preference. Perhaps Muntagirov manages to combine both styles! I should add that my poor mobility means I can only see RB dancers so my views are a bit limited.
  11. His Romeo is my top 'looking forward to' performance. To my mind he's much underused.
  12. Strange how some of the most expensive seats offer the worst view. Beware the most central seats in Stalls Circle. I sat there once and there were a couple of fairly tall.people in the back row of the stalls. My view was very much impeded. Interesting that these problems only arose after the major refurbishment of the auditorium. My seat of choice used to be Row A stalls. Perfect view - feet and all!
  13. Well, I did find that I'd almost forgotten what to do when I booked my package, and spent a short while cursing the system until I realised that I hadn't confirmed my selection! But my purchase this morning of an extra performance was totally trouble free.
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