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  1. Tried to look at the casts for the Concerto triple bill. They are totally hopeless! For one performance of Concerto we have two female leads, no male, and for,another two male but no female. For Enigma at at least one performance the orchestra leader is playing Elgar. Should be interesting!
  2. Saw Campbell in this last run and he was,to my way of thinking, quite perfect. I think he is one of the very best partners in the RB at the moment and I'm looking forward to seeing him in a couple of weeks time.
  3. Agreed, but I think there is a certain section of the audience that likes the idea of seeing Kaufman because he's famous, just as people will go to the Bolshoi because they've heard of them!
  4. i think it's,yet another example of the 'celebrity cult'. I suspect Fidelio with a less glossy cast would have had far fewer people shelling out megabucks!
  5. if that isn't 'elitism' what is? And I suspect that what I call ordinary Friends haven't got much of a look in either. Bet Viagogo is running it' s grubby hands with glee.
  6. I found it slightly odd that it was advertised as showing Enigma being rehearsed, but showed a picture of Concerto just before it started. But an enjoyable programme, especially seeing Zuchetti being coached by Wayne Sleep.A very short programme, lasting just under an hour. I did wonder if there had been an intention to show something of Concerto and it had them been dropped.
  7. For more years,than I can remember, designers have come,up with splendid sets that are fine for an audience sitting about 15 rows back and bang in the middle. Ballet probably a bit more tricky in that sets tend to be pushed more to the,sides to allow space for dancers, but in the main the poor paying audience frequently gets a raw deal.
  8. I hope we're not getting to a situation where it's only performances with guest stars that sell out. Obviously good for the box office, but hardly good to the 'home team'.For my money, I'd rather see any of the regular casts - they are all excellent and I would happily see any or all of them .My two performances come up later, and I can't wait!
  9. I am always annoyed by the fact that there is a large gap in opera tickets between approx£85 and approx£120. While I can cope with the occasional £80, the jump to£120 is just too much. Ballet doesn't seem to have,such a large gap. I'm rather priced out of opera these days. I'm a bit limited as to where I can sit, and very much feel that I've been pushed out.
  10. Apologies for hasty and slightly inaccurate posting. It is, of course, Monday 14th. And it is via You Tube, which I watch on TV. In my defence, I now see that the filming details are on individual insights, but as I cannot get to these i rarely look at them. But have, in the past, received emails telling me that they are on.
  11. Why is the Opera house so coy about issuing information about these? I have just noticed, in You Tube, that the Insight on the Concerto Triple bill is being shown on Tuesday 14_October at 1930. As far as I can see, there's nothing on either the web site or Facebook pages about this. Or have I missed something?
  12. before the big refurbishment my seat of choice was front row stalls. No heads,in the way, perfect view of dancers, feet and all. I think after the refurbishment they 'improved' the rake in the stalls so that now you can only see from knees upwards in the first few rows. And the improved rake means that the last couple of times of the stalls are higher, meaning that if you get a centre stalls circle ticket you have to hope and pray that you don't get someone talk in the back row of the stalls. I noticed, when buying my horribly expensive ticket for the Bolshoi that some tickets which were charged at Premium prices were advertised as possibly having a slightly restricted view.
  13. My white Persian exotic is busy rehearsing his beautiful jetes so that he can audition for Sleeping Beauty. Must tell him to be careful!
  14. Cats have an unerring sense of occasion. Hope all is we!l.
  15. Was that when there was an extra pas de deux for the Gaoler and his mistress? It was particularly nasty.
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