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  1. Can't think what they've done. Logged in without pre a couple of days ago. Tried yesterday and was told my 'credentials' were inaccurate. I've emailed them to find out what's going on. I'm reluctant to spend £15 monthly at this rate, especially as their operatic offerings for 20/21 are not particularly interesting to me.
  2. Thanks for this - I thought someone would know! And I agree totally about the £16 being well spent.
  3. Have just written something in the News section about the Opera evening. And no proper costumes I'm afraid!
  4. I found the Opera programme highly enjoyable. It was rather strange to see the orchestra using the whole stalls area and to see members of the chorus scattered around the theatre. Clever choices of repertoire that didn't require close contact between the soloists, some that is obviously difficult to achieve in ballet. There was a handsome set - I think.it may have been specially designed for the occasion, but someone on this forum may correct me on this. I most enjoyed the finale with Gerald Finley, orchestra and chorus in the Te Deum from Tosca. Amazing how an artist like Finley, can, in just
  5. it seems that Vimeo can be accessed via an Amazon Fire stick. I've just watched the opera programme with no problems at all. Just entered the link sent by the ROH on the Internet app on he Fire stick and it worked beautifully. Vimeo must have done something as the first couple of programmes were a bit of a shambles.But I agree, the system used for the Met, Maryinsky, is easier, although I haven't tried to watch one of the Met's paid recitals.
  6. I've been enjoying concerts from this via the Arte channel. So good to see proper concerts and recitals, albeit with some restrictions as to length of concert ( no interval), works needing a slightly smaller orchestra, although have seen a stunning performance of the Siegfried Idyll with Barenboim and the West- Eastern Orch. Audiences somewhat smaller because of social distancing but still a sign of blessed normality in our mad time. Thoroughly recommended, and on all of this month.
  7. This was one of the first ballets I saw when I started going to ballet again. I had heard of Ed Watson but only seen him on tv. I was totally bowled over by the performance and to this day amazed that a dancer who could take on roles like Rudolph, and the various McGregor works could produce something as delicate as his Des Grieux. Dancers like Bonelli and Campbell seem to have a natural affinity for the part - Watson, on paper, would seem an odd choice for the role. Shows what casting against type can sometimes produce!
  8. will be interesting to see if it is streamed via You Tube or what. The recent Met recitals were similar to the ROH paid concerts that caused problems. Hope my technology doesn't stop me seeing these.
  9. one of the best DVDs I've seen for a time. It was, of course, a particularly good triple bill and all three performances are very fine. I'm pleased to have Enigma after all these year - it's worth the money if only for Laura Morera! And Raymonda, which is a beautifully polished performance really made me realise what we've been missing these last few months.
  10. Thank you for this. Doesn't seem to appear on the You Tube app on my television. I have up in frustration so am grateful for the link. Let's hope for a DVD
  11. Am I the only one to have watched and thoroughly enjoyed Sleeping Beauty? I loved the rapport between Kaneko and Bonelli - they appeared to really enjoy dancing with each other. Bonelli's little skip when he took his solo curtain call suggested that he was pretty pleased with things! The actual filming seemed spot on, possibly focussing more on telling the story than the actual dancing but highly enjoyable. I think several other forum members commented favourably when this was shown in cinemas so I'm probably just a bit late to catch up with it. One small point about these transmissions - it w
  12. yes, let's hope if ROH does stream performances in a regular basis they settle in one platform. As someone who is facing paying for my tv licence from August I don't fancy the idea of having to pay multiple subscriptions - could end up even more expensive than ROH tickets!
  13. I'd buy this,immediately! Although I'd love the Concerto for Flute and Harp to be included, I think this,and RBME were my favourites from Stuttgart.
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