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  1. Thank you for this - didn't know about Can do and this will enable me to see some Tudor.
  2. I've just received an email from the Friends Office adding another couple of items for our delectation. Gloriana and Winters Tale. I'm distinctly underwhelmed. I realise there are probably copyright issues but surely they could have done,better than just stick a few dvds on?
  3. maybe the announcement was to tell us that there was an interval - my fault for not speaking German.
  4. The Met is streaming opera for free every night. I think mostly older versions - last night Eugene Onegin with Renee Fleming,and Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Production weird but what a performance! Next week is Wagner week.
  5. No ballet - just the Rachmaninov and Wolf songs. There was an announcement at the end, but only in German
  6. I saw his first performance as Rudolph, and while the dance element was superb, his acting and interpretation was pretty basic. However, the DVD shows that his interpretation had really been worked on and refined, and in fact I think he gets closer to the character than other current interpreters. Not to say it's the interpretation I most enjoy but that's another matter!
  7. i did enjoy Bennet Gartside's class from his kitchen!
  8. i suppose it's nice to be valued now - makes a change from being effectively thrown out of the opera house a while ago!
  9. Have just received an email from the Arcola theatre advising that they are closing 'until further notice' . Obviously smaller theatres do not have the resources th big nationals have. A great pity - they do excellent work.
  10. Probably a sign of the times - I attended a Chamber music concert this morning at my local theatre. it was billed as sold out but was actually about half full. The concert, one of a very popular and usually well attended series does attract an older audience, so it seems that a large number of my vulnerable age group is already self isolating.
  11. At least we don't have Benno helping Siegfried in the Act2 pas de deux as used to be the case.
  12. First of all, let me say that my knowledge of ballet history is pretty small and someone on the forum will probably be able to correct my comments, for which I will be grateful. It seems to me that we have little detailed information about Petipa's choreography and that most productions of his ballets have been a combination of dancers passing on their memories and teaching younger dancers, notes left by Petipa plus assorted photographs, memoirs etc. Therefore it seems inevitable that choreographers over the years should alter, amend, invent new choreography and while we can lament the loss of the Ashton choreography (which I enjoyed) it is not unreasonable for choreographers to add their two pennyworth to the mix.
  13. I admit to a certain liking for the Minkus scores, even though the ball are not my favourites.
  14. Enjoyed this evening, although DAAG slightly less and Cellist slightly more! DAAG was less 'classical' than the first cast -more humour, and lovely performances particularly from the women. Sambe's Brown boy very different to Campbell; he doesn't have the same lines as Campbell,or the same quality of stillness, but I loved his apparent enjoyment of the role. James Hay, as always, good to see. I still have my reservations about The Cellist, but felt that, although this was only the second performance for this cast that it had settled,somewhat. If anything, I like Stix-Brunell more than Lauren Cuthbertson, but it's a very close call. Calvin Richardson good, maybe Sambe slightly more bendy but little in it. At the end there was just about the largest standing ovation I've seen when Hetty Snell came on stage - as another poster,has commented it's a strange phenomenon!
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