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  1. Anyone who puts James Hay in a blonde curly wig has, to my mind, committed a particularly dreadful crime!
  2. Me too. It was one of the first ballets I saw and I'm afraid to say, it was pretty new at the time. Wish it was done more often - seems as though Cranko is pretty much ignored in this country,apart from Onegin.
  3. The Georgian dancers used to be regular visitors to London and I always enjoyed their performances. Amazing that the men could dance en pointe and still manage to look extremely masculine!
  4. I agree about blind wigs looking distinctly odd on darker skins. The Nutcracker wigs are probably not so bad as they are just part of the general glitz of the designs. But for me the worst wig of all is the dreadful blond curled job given to Kolya in Month in the Country. Awful!
  5. For totally confused over start time. ROH confirmation said 8.00 pm. At 7.31pm I received an email telling me it was starting at that time. The stream, at 7.45, said it would start at 7.30 and there were 19 minutes to go! Having said that, I enjoyed the programme, particularly the chance to see some of the younger dancers. I thought Sissens/Naghdi were so well matched, and I hadn't seen James Hay in Bluebird before - a real treat. In spite of the slightly bare looking SB it was good to see some 'proper' ballet again.
  6. Sorry, but my mind is well and truly boggling at the thought of some sort of cross fertilisation between McGregor and hip hop!
  7. Have to admit I was less than impressed by the offerings, although no criticism of the performances. For what it's worth, my cat was fascinated by the Crug piece!
  8. While I loved Sambe on the streamed performance, I prefer Alexander Campbell. The cast in the DVD is,for me,perfect. But that means I miss out on the Hay/O'Sullivan partnership which I thought was perfect. Both casts offer so much in this gorgeous ballet.
  9. What an interesting evening! As Sim said, the overall tone,was rather sombre - understandably so. But I enjoyed Marcel Sambe's take on Othello. He seems to have some good ideas at how to translate it into dance. Matthew Ball's piece was clever. Liked his choice of music. Zucchetti seems to have a real affinity for music and uses it so well. I couldn't believe I was watching Ed Watson for the first time in goodness knows how long A real bonus. Agree with Sim about the lack of information about dancers - where did Rob S find it or is he a genius at recognition?
  10. Most impressed. Simple to use, highly informative - just what is,needed. Thank you. Regarding the Onegin recording. I did once see this showing on You Tube. I tried to watch it but it looked as though it may have been one that the ROH recorded for its archives. The quality of the recording was awful, so that even an Onegin addict like me gave up. Think it was Soares and Nunez but wouldn't swear to it.
  11. And of course her Hostess in Les Biches
  12. Excellent news, and congratulations and good wishes to them both.
  13. I enjoyed Raymonda rather like enjoying a whole meal made up of desserts! Agree about the plumes, although I thought the costumes matched the rather over the top look of the whole ballet.
  14. What about Van Manen's gorgeous Four Schumann Pieces? And Macmillan's Triad?
  15. Very grateful to the Forum for helping to keep me reasonably sane! And thanks to contributors who have amused, enfuriated, agreed with me, educated me! In one sense it's been a good year, with the chance to see so much ballet and other arts that I wouldn't have seen under normal circumstances. Let's hope for some semblance of normality next year.
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