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  1. Thank you for this - now you tell me I remember that it was the,Dutch. I think the proscenium version is rather better, although would happily ditch it for the Ashton.
  2. I admit to finding the whole ballet slightly unsatisfying, a fact I put down to the difficulties of choreographing for such a large space, plus difficulties in actually filming it. Like Irmgard, I found Cojocaru somewhat underused, although what she was given to do she did beautifully as you would expect! I rather liked the four 'spirits ' or whatever, and thought they were cleverly employed as scenery/props changers when required. Certainly a clever way of dealing with the awkward space. I'm sure I saw another Cinderella by Wheeldon on You Tube which was rather different to this - was the ENB version done specially for the Albert Hall?
  3. Nearly took me back to my childhood! This was one of the first ballets I saw,, but I doubt if whoever danced Belaye was as good as rhis!
  4. I'm still intrigued by the apparent cut in Act 2. We did not get the appearance of Eric Underwood in his gold Elizabeth 1 outfit, although we did see him at curtain call. What happened?
  5. have just watched Taiyo etc and agree with Bruce Wall. I had absolutely no idea what the second part was about, but what a pleasure to see the Stuttgart company. I've said in the past, of actors, that they could read the telephone directory and I'd be happy - not sure what the balletic version of this is but Stuttgart has it for me!
  6. . Yes, I think considering the offerings we've had and enjoyed from other companies, both in this country and abroad, the RB hasn't shown itself in a very good light. The short pieces shown during the last three weeks, or the little excerpts on Facebook have been the only items that have not already been issued as DVD s. I accept there are various copyright difficulties, but if other UK companies have managed to get round this why not the RB?
  7. Sylphide was, to my mind, pretty stunning! I admit to a particular weakness for it, and I was well rewarded by the performance. My only possible criticism is that Madge looked far too pretty to be a witch, but her performance was excellent. I followed it by watching Balamouk - a very good double bill and certainly one that I don't think I'd ever see at the ROH, even under the best circumstances!
  8. Can you adjust the format on your tv? I've got an old DVD transferred from an old video where the lead male dancer (no names mentioned) looks extremely chubby! I altered the format and he slimmed down immediately.
  9. I've enjoyed the shorter ballets more, probably because they've been easier to fit in with all the other things on offer. My main enjoyment has been the chance to see other companies, particularly Stuttgart, Hamburg, SFB, NYCB. I really hope that in the future we get more opportunities to see streamed performances, I wouldn't mind paying for this. On a rather different note, just before lock down started I embarked on playing my complete set of the Haydn symphonies -all 104 of them - and finish today! Another highly enjoyable experience!
  10. I watched Woolf Works and was intrigued by the ending to part 2. There were none of the extreme lighting effects, and we did not have the appearance of Eric Underwood in his gold Elizabeth 1 outfit, although he did appear for the curtain call wearing it. Was this scene cut for some performances, or maybe the televised one?
  11. Had no problems at all this time, and they even mention using a Fire stick. Both pas de deux were absolutely beautiful, although something happened to my connection just before the end of Concerto. But it really made me realise what I've been missing.
  12. I agree with your comments Lizbie1, but there were so many comments on the web site from people who had been unable to access it, I suspect many from people who had thought it a good way to see something from the ROH, and had thought that it was just a matter of paying their £4.99 , receiving their link and settling down for a good evening. Some were even asking for their money back.. They might not be as understanding or forgiving as Forum members!
  13. Good luck! please let me know. At the moment I'm feeling that it's a case of the ROH making things as complicated as possible!
  14. I see that the ROH web site now states clearly that their live programmes cannot be accessed by streaming from a smart tv. To view, it is necessary to either a phone, tablet or pc and connect to the tv. As a slightly technologically challenged,lady I am unwilling to disconnect items connected to my HDMI ports, buy the correct connection lead, and then have to reconnect and re set up the connections for my Fire stick and DVD player. I've been happily watching streamed programmes and think the ROH could have come up with something simpler.
  15. I enjoyed this,as well. For my money, Cojocaru is near to Jennifer Penny - every emotion showed, and it goes without saying that it was so beautifully danced. I liked Joseph Caley, for me he didn't quite have the charisma of Bonelli or Campbell, but he is a very strong partner and I can offer no criticism other than personal preference. Where I must disagree with Jan is the production. I remember watching the Danish production a couple of years ago and saying I didn't like it and being told by Jan slightly gleefully that it was the version used by ENB, so at least I had been warned! A case of you pays your money and takes your choice!
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