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  1. There's also The Theatrical Guild which helps backstage staff in any branch of theatre.
  2. Pleased to say I watched it again today without the problems I had last night. When you see Muntagirov making slightly jerky movements you know there's something wrong with your playback system - certainly not with him!
  3. I particularly enjoyed the Zuchetti piece. He used the music so well and it was so well danced. Lots to enjoy, but especially Takada/Campbelk, Sullivan/Sambe, Morera/ Bonelli and of course Nunez/ Muntagirov. And Golden Hour, especially for the chance to enjoy Sullivan again and with James Hay. I had slight problems with streaming - pretty sure it was a local problem and hopes replay will be better.
  4. No streaming problems at all. Just installed,the app, entered the code given on the email and it played without a hitch. Particularly enjoyed Lazuli, Waltzes was not, for me, so enjoyable. Probably because the format was so like DAAG, and it just didn't do anything for me.
  5. I couldn't get rid of the subtitles, which if they hadn't been so inaccurate would have,been hilarious. One particular movement came over as 'bowel milk'. At least I didn't get the comments from other viewers
  6. I sympathise with Margaret N7. My mobility problems have worsened during lock down and I really need to be able to select a seat that I can get to as easily as possible. This, combined with the difficulty in getting a single seat, plus the thought of having to queue for various checks has made me decide to give attendance for the coming months a miss. I wonder if any consideration has been given to those on the Access list?
  7. Wish I knew! I was told that the rules for the tier you lived in you must be adhered to if you go to another tier. i I can see the point if you go from tier 2 to tier1, but not the reverse. I think travelling between tiers for non essential purposes is discouraged anyway. I may, of course, have got it totally wrong - who knows!
  8. The streaming gremlins has done their worst when I tried to watch Back in Stage again, but kindly allowed me to watch DAAG, which was no hardship.I really don't know what it is about that ballet - there just seems to be honesty about being human, if that makes sense. It's impeccably danced, of course, and I get the impression that the dancers enjoyed dancing it. I've really had my £3 from watching it!
  9. Agree totally that streaming a good idea, but the recent streaming of ballet and opera and the many problems encountered by people on this forum and viewers throughout the country and abroad may mean that potential audiences are not keen to part with £16 when they are unsure of being able to watch. I found the 'standard' reply by the ROH to those complaining on Saturday unhelpful and rather insulting. They must take people's comments seriously if they are going to make streaming a viable service.
  10. Seems that the opera streaming this evening seems to be having the same problems as the ballet last Friday. Will the ROH/Vimeo ever take some notice?
  11. It's even more annoying when the set up you use - Fire stick, Internet on Panasonic smart tv - works perfectly well for the other ROH streams but didn't work on Friday. Just wish they would admit there was some sort of problem and what they will do about it.
  12. Have just received an email from the ROH reminding me to watch last Friday's streaming and enclosing a few well deserved congratulatory comments. What a pity that they appear to have totally ignored the many problems people have had and have offered no explanation or apology. I, for one will hesitate to spend £16 on something that is so unstable, and I am a supporter. Those that were possibly just tipping a toe in the water probably won't bother. I realise that some of those who had problems may not have read, or understood the copious instructions, but an awful.lot were well able to cope with
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