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  1. We had the same problem and we are in self isolation for my husband so really didn't want to go anywhere near it. In the end we wrote to our Pharmacy and asked them to post it to us. That was 2 days ago, and today they delivered it by hand (not literally) which was really marvellous (Lloyds). In future, we are going on line with Echo.
  2. Bennet Gartside and Everybody Ballet did a Live Instagram class for beginners online last week (free). I came across it by accident and have now signed up for more beginners classes - being run via Zoom (very reasonable pricing). These classes are usually held in London at the ROH and another venue but the initiative has now been taken on line. I'm self isolating as my husband is at risk and can't see myself going out for weeks/months, and whilst I would normally have been too embarrassed to join a live class, not to mention being able to fit it into my work schedule, I have found these online classes very inspirational from a mental health perspective, as well as the physical exercise. The beginners classes are gentle and encouraging. So, I'm in my dining room with a chair as the barre. Benn was in his kitchen for the Instagram class. Well done him for offering these - I'd go so far as to say it was a public service.
  3. Thank you Bridiem was a wonderful description of last night's performance. I wish I could write like that! I've always loved watching Soares' interpretation of the dramatic roles and he didn't disappoint last night. I will so miss him in these ballets as I found watching his facial expressions and gestures almost mesmerising. I first saw him quite by chance as the prince in the Sleeping Beauty when he replaced I think Jonathan Cope, and although I had never heard of him at that point, was very much struck by his stage presence. I then looked for him subsequently and it wasn't long before I was booking specifically to see him. Other male Principals may have more technical bravura but Thiago always added something special which made his characters alive and fascinating. He's also a great partner. Last night was a very fitting end to a marvellous career and the perfect final flower throw, speech by Kevin O'Hare and company celebration. Also lovely to read Marianela Nunez's tweet of celebration for him on Twitter. I've sated myself in Onegin's - 4 in the last 8 days and have loved this run. When I first saw it many years ago, I found parts of it a little dull, but I think the Royal Ballet have so upped their game in all departments, this last run has been exceptional. Oh well, on to Swan Lake I suppose.
  4. I'm looking round for "gangs" and it looks like the usual crowd to me. However, I'm reminded of a recent trip to Milan when our guide on a walking tour told us to beware of pick pockets who looked like very well dressed ladies - but they are not...……….
  5. Arrived this evening and had normal bag search and then was warned that there were a lot of pick pockets, working in gangs, so be very careful and keep my bag closed at all times!
  6. I went to the cinema last night and really enjoyed seeing both ballets again. I found I saw many things I had missed first time round. I love DAAG and the joy of seeing so many wonderful dancers on the stage at one time still makes me feel happy. I do love the close up viewing you are given at the cinema, so many close ups of the dancers faces. Hard to pick out individuals ...but I will. Will Bracewell was stand out for me, Marianela of course, Alex Campbell and the wonderful Laura Morera. Such pure dancing throughout.. I also found a lot more emotion in the Cellist 2nd time round and I think the cinema production helped as if focussed on the principals and the storyline very clearly. Watching first time, I found I was confused by so much action going on all round the stage and wasn't sure what quite to focus upon. I will repeat that I think Marcelino Sambé gave the most phenomenal performance: one of the best I have ever seen by any dancer. One, does of course have to give credit to Cathy Marston for this in terms of her choreography and ideas. I'm so curious that the Cellist seems to have been given rave reviews in the press but not so rave on this forum. Discuss! I'm not in the rave category, but am delighted that I found so much more in it last night. I don't go to the ballet to be disappointed. As I am writing this, I am watching the original cellist and conductor play the Elgar cello conductor via You Tube. Not sure the rendition will ever be bettered. I remember watching it as a child and the fuss there was at the time.
  7. I went to see Thiago Soares and Itziar Mendizabal last night and loved it. I've seen Thiago in this role many times and he never fails to move me. It was also lovely to see Itziar being given a chance to shine in this major role. The last pdd was electric. I was interested to see the contrast between the Roberto Bolle and Thiago's characterization of Onegin. Bolle was far nastier, condescending. With Thiago there's a much finer line between the pleasant and the unpleasant, which makes it easier to believe why Tatiana still loves him at the end, despite everything that has happened. His final performance next week is going to be very emotional but the perfect part for him to make his exit.
  8. I felt exactly the same about Sambe, - in the end I couldn't take my eyes off him: an extraordinary performance. For me, that was the most emotional part of the ballet's experience. I had expected to feel more emotion, but it didn't really take off for me, even though I really wanted it to. Probably need to see it again.
  9. I thought the 3 Principals in the Cellist were superb, with Marcelino Sambe absolutely outstanding as the cello. Best thing I have ever seen him do - and that's going some. I wasn't so sure about all the narrative - some bits worked, some not for me. Similarly I liked the choreography for the 3 Principals as they interwove between each other and my favourite piece was when they "performed" the Elgar cello concerto. Very moving. I didn't find myself blown away by it, but there was much to admire and the audience gave it resounding applause at the end. Apparently Daniel Barenboim was in the audience although I didn't see him. As for DAAG, what a luxury cast and luxury viewing.
  10. In my view a phenomenal performance from the whole cast last night. Seems wrong to pick out Nunez/Bolle but their chemistry and dancing was electric. I saw them do this same ballet in Milan last autumn, so was so excited to get another chance to see them - and as Roberto Bolle said on Instagram that he got to play Onegin one more time, I am assuming this was the last performance in these roles for these 2 as a partnership. I was in Row E so had a marvellous view of their faces and emotions. Curtain calls were just so lovely. It never ceases to amaze me how uplifting ballet can be and what joy it can bring, especially sometimes when work or personal stuff are not so good. I think Marianela and Roberto surpassed even their Milan performances and as for the entire company - well the Royal Ballet are streets ahead of the production I saw in Milan - which was perfectly acceptable, I hasten to add.
  11. Or have a peak into the Grand tier, where they usually sit to watch the performance
  12. I've watched this several times now and am beguiled every time. I think you need to take it for what it is and enjoy it and try to forget that you don't see the dancers' feet all the time, and as you would on the stage. So much is enhanced with the opportunity to expand the backdrops, particularly the fight scenes, plus all the close ups of the dancers' expressions. For me too, it is a luxury cast with Francesca Hayward and Will Bracewell the perfect casting. I know we all have our favourite R&J's but they SO look the part, and their dancing is so beautiful. Glorious to see their expressions in close up. I was brought up in my teens with the Zeffirelli R&J which I still see as the ultimate Shakespeare R&J. This reminds me of that production - trying to be true to the age of the characters and so pure. . As for Matthew Ball as Tybalt - is it possible to smoulder better than he does? The film gives him more scope to characterise and I thought he was electric when I saw him on stage. This is even better. Then we have the glorious James Hay and Marcelino Sambe as Benvolio and Mercutio. Always my pick on stage and the film does capture their dancing and their acting and the fun they create. Biggest regret? The fact that we miss all the steps of the 3 boys in their scene with the Nurse. I love that scene, but the full impact is lost without seeing their feet, because the steps are part of the fun. Biggest revelation - Tomas Mock as Paris. Really empathetic performance - brought this very difficult part to life. Depicted far better on film that on stage
  13. Quote from the 2 ladies behind me at the RB Sleeping Beauty tonight "Isn't this long. When we came to see Coppelia we got 2 intervals of 30 minutes and it still finished by 10 o'clock" What are they coming for - the intervals or the ballet???
  14. I saw Melissa Hamilton perform Prayer in a rehearsal - no further comment on that. What I will say is that if I were her, the opportunities she gets to dance with Roberto Bolle, including the role of Juliet, would certainly tempt me away. I once asked a question at an RB event as to how important it was for the dancers to be allowed to "guest" with other companies / at other events. The 100% response from the dancers was that it was hugely important in their staying with the RB, that they are allowed such flexibility. I applaud KoH for this policy: there's so much competition for roles now - really good to let the dancers have their freedom and enhance their skills, and earn some more money. It's a short career.
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