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  1. Darn, if I’d known I’d have been tempted to back it! 😂
  2. My late father was a pianist and hated Scott Joplin! He said it was simplistic, overrated and all sounded the same. Having seen Elite twice now, I’m inclined to agree with him....
  3. Forgot to say - Monotones I found rather tedious (and I’m usually an Ashton fan!) on first viewing but it grew on me slightly second time around - I just think it goes on for too long. No criticism of the performances, though - Melissa Hamilton was perfect for this (and what beautiful feet). And Yasmine Naghdi is perfect for that Concerto movement. I must also say a word about Nicol Edmonds’ excellent partnering in both Concerto and Monotones - unobtrusive, but solid, secure and sensitive. I’m sure his partners appreciated it. Clarke too.
  4. I rewatched the livestream last night as these days I feel I need a bit more time to digest performances to crystallise my thoughts before writing about it. Things fell into place in my mind a bit more on a second viewing! My thoughts in no particular order.... I really liked Scherzo and I think Valentino Zucchetti should feel justly proud of his creation. It was lovely to see dancers who rarely get much of a showcase dancing so beautifully and I loved the fact that all the dancers involved had a chance to shine. A stayer in the repertoire, I hope. I won’t write at leng
  5. This is all over the internet now and rightly so. Brought me to tears.
  6. I have a single ticket for the 10th Nov (a Tuesday) and now cannot attend on that date. Not a fantastic seat (Upper Amphi, R77) but £10! And seeing as single tickets are like gold dust.... I’ve cross-posted in the Tickets for Sale section. Please message me if interested.
  7. I have a single ticket for the 10th Nov (a Tuesday) and now cannot attend on that date. Not a fantastic seat (Upper Amphi, R77) but £10! Please message me if interested.
  8. I thought I had seen something somewhere to the effect that there would be no promotions this year?
  9. Also Leticia Stock is expecting a baby and Gemma Pitchley-Gale had one a little while ago (all public on their Instagram accounts).
  10. I do know what you mean, Fiona, because I thought the same myself. He was nothing less than Majestic (the capital M is intentional!). And Marianela just looked so thrilled to be back on stage. A wonderful performance that showed clearly why they are at the top of their game. The other highlight for me was Anna Rose O’Sullivan and Marcelino Sambe in Fille. I love that pas de Deux anyway and it was just such a mood lifter that they performed delightfully. But I wish they could have found someone better than Anita Rani to present it. The inane comments and ill-judged jokes
  11. I had booked Giselle at Cineworld last week... *sigh*. The refund has just been sent. At least it was quick. it is listed on Vue as TBC and no booking option. But then, the information was supposed to be up on the ROH website on the 25th and it isn’t there either.
  12. Donated with thanks 🙂
  13. Was there tonight, a wonderful evening which was very well-organised and received a standing ovation. So lovely to see them all on stage! I will write more fully in due course.....
  14. Actually it was on someone else’s account, but here it is.... https://www.instagram.com/p/CCx2lnxgLcU/?igshid=otf56n83qs62
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