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  1. As the Information Specialist for Humanities and Performing Arts in the University of Plymouth library, I have a special interest in this and have of course done my part. I know what problems this is likely to cause for the staff and students I liaise with and I fully expect it will be taking centre stage at the next round of Departmental meetings!
  2. So very tragic, whatever he may or may not have done. A waste of a life and a talent.
  3. Yes - she has been documenting her surgery and progress on Instagram.
  4. I think Tierney Heap is still rehabbing after her third ankle surgery. Hopefully back and ready in the Autumn!
  5. Also bearing in mind that all those ballets sell well, and that has to be a factor if they want to start recouping their losses.
  6. I can’t really add anything to this! My one choice would have been Month in the country but would be very happy with most of these suggestions.
  7. It’s lovely, and the photos on Instagram were adorable!
  8. I was vaguely aware but it’s a long, long time since I gave them even passing attention!
  9. I think the song is high up in the UK charts at the moment - or so I discovered on looking it up! I’m way behind the times these days....
  10. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face you’re beyond help! Just what I needed at the end of a tough working week - thanks to Vadim! Hope the link works.....https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKoti3ypC3t/?igshid=ixn4qduso7oi
  11. Yes, and they were well-deserved, she was a delight.
  12. I think so - I made a point of thanking the front of house manager as I was leaving and trying to explain that I wasn’t usually that clueless (well, not most of the time!), and he did say that they couldn’t do so at the moment - I couldn’t question him further as I was blocking the exit and I didn’t want to blot my copybook any more than I had already! I think there is one more performance tonight.
  13. It already feels rather poignant to be talking about Sunday’s performance given the developments today, but I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have seen it, having missed out on the previous galas because of lockdown - just got to see this in the nick of time. It felt wonderful just to be back in the building, not that I saw much of it. But the production itself didn’t really feel lacking in any way - the revamped battle scene was effective, the party scene felt more like an intimate family gathering rather than a big event, but no worse for that. The children who were there
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