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From the ballet.co archives ........

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Something on Twitter caught my eye this morning, and it may serve to start a thread for occasional gems from the past.


Current members from the ballet.co era will remember the very distinctive reports from Eric Taub in New York, none more distinctive than this review of the ABT Gala in May 2007 that immortalised a Rose Adagio that Veronika Part must recall in horror:





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Oh @Ian Macmillan, thank you! I was in need of a good laugh and doubled over on reading "[Lang Lang] treated the audience to some improvisations on Brahms' Hungarian themes. Had I ever wondered about the sound of a sewing machine on crack, I should wonder no more." It encapsulates my own opinion of Mr Lang!

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Here I am back from the dead to say thanks for the kind words. I must admit that review was fun, although another example of the inadequate work of the copy editor who kept refusing to be fired (how many times did I say "command?"). Although Part's Rose Adagio definitely had the white-knuckle moment as described, it happened in blink of an eye. By the time you might've said to yourself "holy sh..." it was over. All the parties involved were experienced professionals and quickly and efficiently averted the potential disaster, and I wish I'd made it clear just how immediately matters were put, if not right, right enough. It wasn't amateur hour, just (apparently) badly underrehearsed. And Part did indeed go on to be a lovely Aurora in that dreadful, dreadful production.


Again, thanks to all for the remembrances. (And thank goodness for the Internet Archive!)


It has always been a privilege and a pleasure writing for Bruce.


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