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  1. Many thanks Lynette H. The performance was to be filmed and made available to Royal Ballet School supporters so I’m hoping very much this happens.
  2. JohnS

    Room 101

    I’m all for decrying loutishness but am not sure if members of the Bullingdon Club (and many other examples come to mind) are football fans.
  3. There were very late changes to the General Rehearsal (11:30 on Friday) casting for Anemoi and for Sleeping Beauty just the divertissements were rehearsed. I think the casting was only available just before curtain up so I guess most of the audience scanned the cast sheet during the first interval - I certainly did. Doors to the auditorium were opened about 11:25.
  4. Many thanks Lizbie1 for posting your thoughts. I’m very much hoping there’ll be a few more detailed posts. I very much enjoyed the General Rehearsal which was this cast and will look forward to the live streaming. I’d disagree with your ‘essentially pointless’ Morgen comment. I thought Morgen was one of the highlights of lockdown when the Royal Ballet returned to the stage and found it deeply moving in the theatre. There’s a richness to the performance with its mix of words, dance, and music which I find compelling. I’ll wait to the live streaming before saying more.
  5. It’s great planning visits to maximise performances for nights away. I too rather like 27th November but was astonished to find there isn’t a train home despite the 5pm start. The last train on Saturdays seems to be 18:30!
  6. I think ‘rhodo bashing’ just means clearing the rhododendrons using loppers and saw when the rhodos are too thick. National Trust and other conservation groups publicise ‘rhodo bashing’ events for volunteers but I don’t think it’s supposed to be taken literally. The only bashing I do would be to shake the water off but I find I’m as likely to get drenched in one go rather than by gentler if incessant dripping. There is something very satisfying in seeing an area cleared of rhodos, the rhodos in neat piles drying out for a couple of years, native trees liberated from the grip of 40+ foot invasive species, and the ground quickly regenerating. And even better when some bashing opens up views of Wastwater and the Wasdale valley, with Great Gable and the Scafells at the head.
  7. Red squirrel at Nether Wasdale when rhodo-bashing the other day.
  8. Many thanks oncnp but I’m having difficulty opening the link - is it working? I don’t see the report/accounts on the ROH website.
  9. I think this refers to getting into the building rather than the theatre. When I went the other day the Bow Street entrance was used for Stalls and Stalls Circle (just the one door where the old box office used to be); the new entrance for the Amphitheatre. Not sure about Balcony. The website doesn’t seem to have this information and states: ‘Please enter the Royal Opera House via the Bow Street entrance.’ https://www.roh.org.uk/visit-us/attending-a-performance-safely#entering-the-building Enjoy Sunday’s matinee - I keep looking for returns as I see it’s now possible to get to London thanks to a new morning train service.
  10. Agreed capybara. It’s astonishing that the heights achieved in March 2020 are again being scaled. I can’t say if they’re being exceeded as I’m limited to rehearsals and streaming. I wish I were seeing more and it’s great to read the posts from all those attending.
  11. Apologies for copying this across from the Apollo/Dances at a Gathering thread but my post crossed with Alison creating the new thread. I was not looking forward to wearing a mask for much of my day trip to London and wondered how I’d get on in the Opera House but was very pleased with how I found things and thought it might help others similarly concerned by the prospect: I normally have to take my glasses off when wearing a mask and walking from shop to shop etc. I was very pleasantly surprised how unobtrusive I found my mask when watching the rehearsal the other day and also on the three + hour train journey. Certainly no misting from the mask. Dances at a Gathering another story as I find it so deeply affecting.
  12. I normally have to take my glasses off when wearing a mask and walking from shop to shop etc. I was very pleasantly surprised how unobtrusive I found my mask when watching the rehearsal the other day and also on the three + hour train journey. Certainly no misting from the mask. Dances at a Gathering another story as I find it so deeply affecting. Sorry - this has crossed when Alison was setting up a separate thread.
  13. Fabulous seeing the Royal Ballet in yesterday’s rehearsal, first time since March 2020 when down for Dances at a Gathering/The Cellist (with Beatriz Stix-Brunell in what has now become an even more memorable performance) and the opening Swan Lakes. It certainly felt very fitting to have Dances at a Gathering ending yesterday’s performance and I’m looking forward to the live streaming. Impressive COVID arrangements at the Royal Opera House. I’d downloaded the NHS apps etc the previous day - there hasn’t been much call for them in rural Cumbria and definitely not on the fells. Worked well once shown which way round to use my iPhone by a very helpful Front of House staff member. Very pleased to have late lunch at La Ballerina - I’d bumped into the manager opening the restaurant in the morning and he insisted in giving me coffee. The train down was fine; going back it seemed as if mask wearing was optional which was not good. I’ll have another day trip for the Beauty rehearsal and am then very much hoping to book overnight trips for the new season.
  14. Many thanks Sim - very good to read such an encouraging and spirited post. I certainly admire your joie de vivre!
  15. Very much enjoyed an outdoor lunch with friends the other day. It would have been months since sharing a meal and despite the unfamiliarity of social eating took the high risk strategy of eating a bacon sandwich - fortunately no Ed Miliband moment. Having had my second jab and booked a ticket for next week’s rehearsal, I’m going to try a day trip to London. I’d almost given up as when asked for seating preferences I couldn’t book an aisle seat on the train and didn’t want to run the risk of being hemmed in for 3+ hours but then I realised that social distancing means that no one can sit in an aisle seat. If all goes well, I’ll have a second day trip later in June and then hopefully book overnight trips for the new season. It’s much safer on the fells but even when walking it can feel a bit odd at times. Dozens of people on Scafell Pike and queuing to get on the summit cairn yesterday but no one at the Eskdale cairn a hundred or so yards away and one of the most dramatic views in the Lake District, a fabulous lunch spot.
  16. Many thanks Richard - that’s a much better response.
  17. Couldn’t help but note ENO’s charges: “Tickets start at just £10 plus £2.25 booking fee per ticket. A maximum of £9.00 per transaction is charged for Multi-Buy Packages.”
  18. I can’t help but look back fondly to the pre COVID times when you could choose your seats and sometimes get your favourites. Here’s hoping that those days return for next season. Meantime I see the socially distanced performances as something of a bonus. It must be pretty tough for Box Office/Front of House staff trying to deal with the unfamiliar, ever changing restrictions. And from my limited experience, things seem to be going reasonably well.
  19. Many thanks Richard. I rather liked Tom’s prompt response although I don’t think ‘Misleading’ is quite the word I’d have chosen.
  20. Booking online We know that booking looks different to many of you right now, even those of you who have been booking online for many years. Laurence in our Box Office has put together this video to guide you through registering and signing in, using our temporary social distancing seat map to find your tickets, and where to download your e-tickets. With the Friends’s booking email (extract abive), there was a useful video which explained about e-tickets and front of house staff not being able to check printed out tickets. There’s also confirmation about tickets being sold in 1s or 2s so if you book more than 2 tickets, you may find you are not together (unless you’ve booked a box). Not in the video but I think in the ‘attending a performance’ section on the website, there’s a reference to signing in using the NHS app. I’ve never needed to download the app so I’ll have to do have a look at that. I’m hoping to get to a couple of rehearsals in June as day trips but they’re contingent on when I get my second jab.
  21. I’m sure when booking there was a clear statement that ROH front of house staff would not be able to accept/check printed tickets because of COVID. Hence the 100% e-tickets. I don’t know what arrangements (if any) there may be for people without iPhones etc. I can’t recall when the ROH introduced the £3.00 ‘donation’ per booking added to the basket and have no idea what the split is between those who pay the donation and those who remove the donation. But I imagine introducing a booking fee would see the £3.00 donations taking a hit.
  22. Squirrel in Burtness Woods, Buttermere busy collecting and burying nuts yesterday lunchtime - kept me entertained. Yellowhammer on the lower fell side above Crummock Water. Proper snow on Skiddaw earlier in the week - even better with blue sky and sunshine.
  23. Robin on Castle Crag, Borrowdale. If the robin turned round ...
  24. Six roe deer (only the snout of the sixth) on Grange Fell when climbing Ether Knott, high above Watendlath. First time on Ether Knott - well away from the main Grange Fell summits and normally very wet under foot but the Lake District is still incredibly dry so very little risk of wet boots today.
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