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  1. Oh no, not again! This doesn't seem to be a healthy ballet for him at the moment!
  2. Oh good, I was beginning to think I was the only person who was looking forward to it! Admittedly I've only seen ENB's version so the RB's production will be new to me. I haven't seen enough ballet to meaningfully contribute to this thread but out of what I have seen I suspect I may find Romeo & Juliet the most repeat-viewable, especially as it'd be worth seeing it every year just to hear the score live, quite apart from the dancing.
  3. May I check if using surnames only is alright? Or do we have to use both first name and surname upon first mention of each dancer in a post? I pretty much always use just surnames because it is quicker than full names & I do not feel comfortable using first names as I do not know the dancers.
  4. True, but while they get what they want - money - in return they give me what I want - opera & ballet. It's philanthropy with nothing in return that I can't afford. I suppose if I spent less money on tickets I'd have more to spare for good causes but that's never going to happen!
  5. I'm interested in seeing this at Sadler's Wells but next week's weather forecast looks horrible to heat-haters like me. Can anyone tell me what Sadler's Wells is like on the air con front? I've only been there a couple of times some years ago so can't remember.
  6. I'm afraid I don't have the "support the company" motivation for any company because they all, and especially the ROH, have a heck of a lot more money than I do! If I ever win the Lottery or marry a millionaire then I'd be happy to support them but not on my under 20k a year wages!
  7. @saki pointed me in the direction of this when the first round of changes came out. It shows the original casts & last month's changes. I suppose now someone could do with updating it for the latest round! https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/44007-bolshoi-ballet-summer-2019-roh-london-residency/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-415362
  8. I've not seen her as Manon, obviously, so I can't comment on that but I haven't been too keen on her acting in what little I have seen her in on video (not seen her live, given her withdrawal from Symphony in C), especially the Bayadere Insight livestream where I found myself sympathising with Naghdi's Gamzatti & not liking Takada's Nikiya, which isn't the way round it's supposed to be! Given I'll only be able to see about half the Manons that I do want to see, I'm quite happy that there's one that I don't, as I'm finding it had enough to choose which to see as it is.
  9. Thanks for the information. I am busy kicking myself that I didn't decide to try the RB last season rather than this season, as I gather she did have public performances then.
  10. Since there are 4 or 5 other casts that I want to see then hopefully if it isn't Hamilton/Clarke then it'll be one of those. In fact the only Manon I definitely don't want to see is Takada. Going by some recent comments on the R&J thread there don't seem to be any new Manons this run at any rate. Not having seen the previous run (if I had then it would remove this whole issue but sadly time machines for watching past performances have yet to be invented!) I don't know about the other lead roles.
  11. Right, so the Spartacus performance I've booked for has gone from Ovcharenko to Belyakov and now back to Ovcharenko again (as Crassus rather than the title role). This is confusing!
  12. I wish I could but unfortunately the one person I knew who was a Friend moved abroad & I don't know anyone else who is.
  13. Tagging on to this thread so as not to start another one, as my query is sort of about Friends membership. I gather that if Friends rehearsals are on the same day as the first public performance of a ballet then the rehearsal won't have the same cast as the first performance but if the rehearsal is the day before then can anyone give any idea if it's likely that the cast of the first performance might do the rehearsal or are performances two days running considered too much? I'm musing on Manon. As Hamilton & Clarke are only doing the school matinee while all the other casts are down for 2 performances I'm wondering if they might do the Friends rehearsal & wondering if it's worth forking out for Friends membership just to try to get a ticket to the Manon rehearsal in case they do it. I realise there's a lot of uncertainty in this but I would really like to see Hamilton's Manon & this is the only remote possiblity I can think of!
  14. I'm very sorry, I didn't intend to annoy anyone with my remark. It was just meant to be a facetious aside. I'm afraid I can't remove it myself now but if I've contravened any forum rules on mentioning personal appearance perhaps a moderator could remove it?
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