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  1. I can understand a dancer new to a role doing their first performance at a schools matinee if they then do one or more public performances later in the run. I would not think that only being allowed a single performance on debut would be that helpful, as there's no opportunity to settle into a role after the inevitable debut nerves. Also, the example I gave wasn't a debut, as I understand Melissa Hamilton had performed Manon in previous runs, unfortunately for me before I started attending RB performances.
  2. I find it infuriating when the ROH do that. I still haven't forgiven them for me not being able to see Melissa Hamilton in the last run of Manon.
  3. I just wish she could change into one of the other wigs for the curtain calls as it's so unflattering, especially in curtain call photo close-ups!
  4. I've yet to watch the online stream but I think the point is that Hamilton, Calvert & Kaneko are taller relative to Ball than Naghdi, O'Sullivan & Magri are relative to Muntagirov, not that Ball isn't tall. At a guesstimate, I'd say Ball & Muntagirov are both around 6 foot tall.
  5. I'd fogotten so many seats were rush seats. Oh well, I suppose as I'm unemployed I might be able to try for rush seats this autumn! Though I prefer advance booking as it's less stressful (once you get the stress of the first booking day over, that is).
  6. I'm glad it's not just me who's not heard of it. The diverts aren't quite was I was expecting. I thought they would be mostly the "traditional" gala set pieces rather than being mostly relatively modern works. I'm slightly disappointed that the SB cast for the streamed performance is Nunez & Muntagirov. Before anyone screams at me, I'm not doubting that they'll do it brilliantly. It's just that they've already been recorded in a complete SB so it would be nice, especially for archive purposes, to have a different leading couple filmed.
  7. No, C22-26 and C87-91 are the greyed-out ones I've referring to. I'm well aware that the blocks nearest the stage have been rarely available & indeed rarely physically present for the last few years. Thanks for the info. I'll have to hope they decide to add in the seats I was able to book in a package in 2019.
  8. That's a big price jump as a proportion of the total seat price. Yes, I'm eyeing up the lack of row C side stalls circle seats with concern. 5 out of the 10 seats on each side of the auditorium are greyed out. That's where I usually sit for the higher-priced programmes both for opera & ballet so with availability cut in half it's not looking good. I've also noticed, looking at opera at well as ballet pricing, that those row C side stalls circle seats that are £63 for R&J are £59 for Traviata. Given the top price seats for the respective pieces are £135 and £225 it seems strange for lower-priced seats to be more expensive the other way around. I would expect the prices for all seats to increase proportionately Especially considering they are restricted view & a restricted view is more detrimental for ballet than opera, as you can at least hear the singers even when you can't see them whereas when you can't see the dancers there's nothing.
  9. I'm not saying it is in general, just that is has been for me in the last year because I've been unable to attend any of the few performances there have been hence priority booking, which is the reason I decided to try getting Friends' Membership, was irrelevent for me. I haven't had much luck with Friends' Membership all round really. The first year I got it was 2019/20 so lost a quarter of that season & then 2020/21. So I've not yet had a full season's value of Friends' Membership in 2 attempts!
  10. Hence £105 is nothing to them, whereas to me it's quite a lot! I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand this. While on the subject of ticket prices, having rummaged around on the ROH website in search of package booking details for next season, I'm disappointed to find this information "Packages are available in the Orchestra Stalls (Rows F-P Centre), the Stalls Circle (Row A Centre) and the Amphitheatre (Rows B-F Centre, B-E sides)." at https://www.roh.org.uk/visit/tickets/advance-booking-packages In the last full season I was able to book a couple of packages including seats at the outermost edges of the stalls, which as they were cheaper anyway plus the package discount got them down to a price I could just about manage. I can neither afford nor want to sit in stalls rows F-P. It also looks as if the 2 outermost seats in the first few rows of the stalls side blocks are now the same price as the next few seats in rather whereas if I recall correctly in the 2019/20 season they were at a slightly lower price.
  11. I meant I didn't get anything out of it - obviously the ROH did! Given their income is many, many times greater than mine, I'm not sure their need is greater!
  12. I think I'd forgotten how high the R&J prices were last time around because when I looked at the prices yesterday I was shocked at how high they were then checked my tickets from the last run & found that, while they had risen, it was by a few pounds only. I suppose I'm fortunate compared to some in that I only have to find £20 or so train fare on top of the ticket price for each visit but, not having had any income for almost a year since a few months of furlough ended last July, ticket costs are definitely going to be an issue. I still haven't decided if I can justify over £100 to renew my Friends' Membership, given I did renew for this past season & then ended up not being able to attend a single live performance so it was a complete waste of £105!
  13. I wasn't keen on what I saw of it at the Fonteyn Gala, though admittedly I think the rather visible partnering issues were more due to Hallberg. I think Hay missed his first performance of SB in November 2019 & Ball substituted. Hay was definitely back later in the run though, as I saw him & O'Sullivan on 12th December. I too was really hoping Magri & Ball would be cast together in R&J. I can't really imagine Richardson as Romeo, though admittedly I've not seen him in many roles, I think the only lead role I've seen him do was the Instrument in The Cellist. Clarke did Des Grieux in full in October 2019 opposite Hamilton's Manon but their only performance was a Schools' Matinee. I was deeply disappointed, as I really wanted to see Hamilton's Manon. I wish the Mercutios & Tybalts were announced in advance. I would definitely book to see Ball's Tybalt again. I would also like to see a greater variety of Mercutios this time round, having ended up seeing Sambe twice & Zuchetti 3 times for the last run. Starting this coming season with 11 female principals does seem rather a lot, given in the last few seasons there have been 8 & even then some of them didn't seem to get many performances at times.
  14. I hadn't immediately clocked that he's doing the first night of Giselle. I know he did the first night of Onegin but that was as a replacement rather than deliberately scheduled. To expect the only non-Principal Albrecht to make his role debut in front of the first night critics does seem rather a lot of pressure.
  15. I'd like to see Sophie Allnatt as Clara, as she's stood out for me in the corps since she joined the RB, but as her only performance is a Saturday matinee I fear there would be a lot of children in the audience. I rather wish it wasn't, as I like Clarke but don't really like Osipova. I was hoping to finally get to see him as Romeo, having had tickets in 2019 to see him with both Hamilton & Nunez, but I'm not sure I want to see Osipova's Juliet.
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