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  1. I had that too. I'd done the personal info & selected how interested I was in opera, ballet & orchestral music then suddenly it ended. I don't know if it decided I was the wrong demographic or something but it's rather annoying not to be able to give an opinion on the presumably more interesting points.
  2. Maybe people could pair up & share a seat, so one person sees Acts 1 & 3 and the other sees Acts 2 & 4! Though I personally would want to see the parts of Acts 2 & 4 with Odette, Siegfried & Von Rothbart that advance the plot, just not the endless swan corps parts.
  3. Those are the parts of classical ballet that I tend to find boring because they don't add anything to the plot. I'd happily watch an hour-long Swan Lake minus most of the swan action!
  4. As he was choreographing it on the Upper School students I wondered if it could have been intended for the RBS's end of year performances?
  5. Last week I had an email giving details of refunrds for 2 performances. Followed a few minutes later by another email saying they'd also accidentally refunded me for a performance back in February! I then had to donate the money back to them. Quite how their system allowed that I don't know & I wasn't exactly impressed.
  6. Same here, living outside London. Given it takes me about 2 hours each way to get from my house to any of the central London theatres, I'm not likely to go unless the performance itself is 2 hours or more. This is why I've never been to any of the Insight Evenings; I don't feel it's worth about 4 hours of travel for only an hour or so of event. (Though as I currently can't even cope with walking past people in my village without feeling extremely anxious, I suspect by the time I feel comfortable going into any theatres the programming will be back to normal anyway.)
  7. Yes, the logistics of having to get people in and out while keeping at a safe distance seem extremely difficult. And what if someone were to be taken ill in the middle of a row during a performance? It would pretty much limit the audience to those living in central London or those a further out who can both afford the congestion charge & manage to find parking in the centre. I live 60 miles away & don't own a car so I don't think I'll be going to the ROH, or any other London theatre, for the forseeable future. Going to my nearest theatre, 5 miles away, would I suppose be possible but there are rarely more than half a dozen shows I want to see there a year even when they have a full programme. I suppose the RB could do that. The majority of the dancers are live permanently in the UK so would be available. The opera side of things would be very difficult to do though, with travel restrictions. When the ROH season had only been cancelled up to June I had a look at the cast lists of the 3 operas that were scheduled for July. Of the half a dozen lead singers listed for each opera, there were only two singers over all three operas who, as far as I know, live in the UK. So the ROH might have to do some serious re-casting if they want to put on any performances. Critics do sometimes say in reviews that they think the ROH should hire more British singers so maybe this will finally force them to do so!
  8. I like video directors who include reaction shots. What annoys me is when the camera's only on a singer when they're singing & you don't get the reactions. This is, obviously, for opera rather than ballet, which I've been watching on video for far longer & which is currently making up the majrity of my lockdown viewing. My favourite opera-for-video director is Brian Large, precisely because he always included reaction shots.
  9. I'm not that keen on the music either. I saw the livescreening back in 2014 mostly because I'd recently seen a musical version of the piece & was curious to see how a ballet version compared. The musical version, by Howard Goodall, in my opinion certainly had much better music!
  10. @alison May I ask which company is showing the Manon you refer to? I haven't come across any streamed Manons yet. Some ballets seem to be being streamed by loads of companies & others rarely: I've seen 4 SBs already & will be seeing a 3rd Don Q this evening.
  11. I got Friends membership for the first time last July. In hindsight I definitely picked a bad season to start! I don't think I'll be able to attend any theatres next season, unless a coronavirus vaccine is developed incredibly quickly, so if I renewed my Friends membership I'd be paying for nothing in return. I have a low income at the best of times & can't afford to effectively donate over £100 to the ROH on top of the donation I have already made by not requesting refunds for a proportion of my tickets for the rest of the season.
  12. I found the Vienna Nutcracker interesting when I watched it the other day. I've seen various doublings of roles in different productions but this is the first one I have seen th have Drosselmeyer & the Prince played by the same dancer. I found myself wondering what Freud would make of Clara dreaming about being romanced by a younger version of her elderly godfather! Unfortunately I had what looked like an interlacing issue with the picture for the Nutcracker so movement looked rather odd. I've not had this for any of the other Vienna streams I've watched (over 20 of them) so I don't know why that one had an issue.
  13. Was that the Culturall site? I can't understand why that is getting involved when I can watch without it.
  14. I'm baffled by the Wiener Staatsoper's site. I signed up for it in mid-March & have had absolutely no problems using it (apart from yesterday's Nutcracker, which played fine but the picture looked like it had an interlacing issue throughout). I just go to https://www.staatsoperlive.com/live, select the video I want & watch it. However a few days ago my mother tried to sign up to the site, kept getting redirected to https://www.culturall.com & was unable to access any videos. When I tried with my login on her computer I had the same problem, though it works fine on my computer. Has anyone else had this issue?
  15. On the https://www.staatsoperlive.com/live page if you scroll sideways it's currently showing Swan Lake as tonight's offering. I've watched 15 opera streams & 1 ballet on there over the last few weeks & thus far it's always been accurate for what's on next.
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