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  1. While I can see that she's technically not a professional photographer in as far as it isn't her full time job, I find it hard to believe that anyone could capture photos like that without professional grade camera equipment.
  2. I remember Sandra Madgwick as Clara in the 1994 telecast of BRB's Nutcracker. I videoed it & watched it repeatedly. I was 9 at the time & very much identified with Clara. I remember being a bit disappointed that when I went on a school trip to see the production live the following year that it was a different Clara. As I didn't see BRB again until 2 months ago I therefore never saw Madgwick live, but still think of her as the first dancer I who really liked.
  3. Oh, I didn't realise that. From the audience they all look the same. (I have zero practical/technical knowledge of ballet, so I read this area of the forum to try to find out something about it.)
  4. This is probably a daft question but if so few people can sew nowadays then why is it pointe shoe manufacturers haven't been forced by demand into supplying shoes with the ribbons already sewn on?
  5. I did have a look but they all seem to be mid week, so even the ones that could be fitted in before a performance aren't before any of the performances I'm going to, as I'm mostly booked for Friday/Saturday performances.
  6. Get well soon @LinMM I really enjoyed it this evening, especially Act 2 which was basically a farce but with added dance. I particularly loved Skvortsov's sending up of La Sylphide. I know a number of pieces nowadays have men go en pointe but this was the first time I've seen it live & I was impressed by how good he was. I thought his & indeed everyone's comic acting was very good, especially as the Bolshoi doesn't really have a reputation for comedy (or arguably even for acting!). Unlike Spartacus, this one I could imagine the RB doing, though I doubt they will. Chudin reminded me a bit of Muntagirov, in that he came over as inherently nice & I can't imagine him playing any villainous characters. I thought both Nikulina & Shipulina were very good. The latter seemed to have more presence, but I don't know if that was partly because her role had more character acting & I tend to judge dancers more on their acting than their dancing (yes, I know I have my priorities wrong).
  7. I'm sure some are being held for guests, press, etc. but with there being 4 performances in a nearly-400 seat theatre surely they wouldn't hold the best part of over 1500 tickets?! It's not that I partiularly want to see this programme - I think it'll be too modern for me - but that I'd love to know why in general some Linbury productions have been so difficult to get tickets for since the re-opening. If it is going to continue then maybe they should mark off the perofrmances as not for public sale, like they do for the schools' performances. It seems wrong to advertise a performance as if tickets will be available to the general public if in fact they won't be.
  8. I was looking at main stage performances rather than Insight events. I never go to the latter as I don't feel I can justify a trip to London for them.
  9. Isn't Premium 2 Friends the highest level? If not many tickets were available to the highest level of Friends & few or none were held back for public booking then who is actually getting the tickets for these performances?
  10. I had a look this morning at a few performances where I hadn't been able to get what I wanted during the Friends booking, expecting there to be more availability because of the extra 20% of tickets. However none of the performances I checked seemed to have any more tickets available than last night. I am very puzzled by this. Can anyone who has been looking at both Friends & public booking for a while confirm if there are usually visibly more tickets available when the latter opens?
  11. I only decided to get Friends membership the day Friends booking opened & by the time I had visibility of tickets that evening all the performances were already sold out. Perhaps someone who had access as soon as Friends booking opened can say if there were tickets available then or if they had all already gone to the higher levels of Friends? Linbury lack of availability seems to be much more a problem now than it used to be before the refurbishment. I saw a couple of things in there back around 2015 & don't recall any problems getting tickets when general booking opened. However now almost everything in there seems to sell out & returns also seem to be very infrequent. I spent several weeks checking every day for returns for Berenice back in the spring before finally managing to get a ticket on the day of the penultimate performance.
  12. I had a vague idea that the Russian Orthodox church still had a certain amount of underground activity during the Soviet era but I suppose any contact with it would depend on an individual's family background. I've not seen that painting before & if I'd seen it without explanation I would have assumed that it was depicting the Crucifixion (though with more victims than usually depicted). I suppose that the Crucifixion is so iconic to Christianity that one forgets it was a generally-applied Roman death penalty.
  13. By "background" do you mean the Soviet society in which it was composed being anti-religion or is Grigorovich known to have been personally anti-religion? If the latter then yes that would rule it out but if the former then maybe it could have been him subtly disagreeing with the official line? The staging at the end of the ballet, with Spartacus lifted up "on the spears" and then the final tableau also seemed to be to reflect religious imagery of the Cruxifiction & Ascension, but that may just be my interpretation. Having seen Spartacus at the ROH, I've been musing on what it would be like if the RB took the piece into its rep. While I can imagine quite a few of the RB's female dancers in the 2 leading female roles, I'm not so sure about how the RB men would be suited to the leading male roles. The best fantasy casting I can come up with would be Bonelli as Spartacus & Hirano as Crassus. Anyone else got any fantasy casting ideas?
  14. Yes, it's the second one down that I meant. Although it looks slightly different to how I thought it was done last night as I thought he was holding her body rather than one of her legs. I may be mis-remembering though. In case anyone is interested:
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