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  1. I don't know what ours may or may not be doing. I haven't dared to set foot inside Cambridge's main shopping centre since before the first lockdown!
  2. I don't know when they re-started but due to my mother's ill-health I couldn't go spring/summer. When my mother tried, a few weeks ago, to make appointments for us both, the soonest she could get was the start of December, because she wants us to go first thing in the morning so we're not having to go into a room that loads of strangers have already been in & out of that day. As to whether we'll actually be able to go at the start of December, that depends what the covid rates are doing then. None of the theatres I've been to in the last 2 months - Regent's Park, Sadler's Wells, the ROH & my local theatre - have asked for proof of vaccination or testing, nor have any of them attempted to enforce mask wearing.
  3. I have 3 tickets booked for Giselle. Goodness knows which cast I'd go for if I could only attend one, it was hard enough to get it down to 3! My mother had her 3rd jab at the end of September. The problem is because she's immunosupressed there's no way if knowing if any of the 3 jabs have actually worked (she's had no jab side effects). I'm hoping that, as a "household contact of [an] immunosupressed person" I'll be allowed a third one, but that won't be until the end of December at the earliest. Having an area of theatres for mask wearers would be a great idea in theory but in practice it would depend on where it was situted. I'm very short sighted so sitting somewhere like the back row of the ROH balcony would be no use to me as I wouldn't be able to see the acting, & for me the acting is the most important aspect of both ballet & opera. I gave up sitting in the amphitheatre some years ago as I didn't find I got enough enjoyment to make the trip worthwhile. Not having been to the optician's for 2 years now, due to covid, even when I was sitting in the front row of the stalls the other week I was still peering at the stage!
  4. Oh bother. That was one of the ones I was planning to catch up on, as I thought all companies were going to have their WBD videos available for 30 days.
  5. That's why I'm so anxious: I live with my mother who came down with a slew of serious health problems earlier this year & is immunosupressed & vulnerable. We're trying not to be in the same room together for 5 days after each performance I go to but that's pretty awkward in a fairly small house. I didn't re-start theatregoing until the end of August, having only been once in the past 17 months in August 2020, and now it looks like I might have to stop again after only a handful of performances. Theatregoing is my main recreational & emotional outlet & prior to covid I was seeing about 100 performances a year. So I have to choose between not going to the theatre & feeling like my life's not worth living, or going & risking my mother's life. On the ticket checking front, I haven't had my ticket checked 2 out of my 3 ROH visits. The other time it was only checked because I presented it to an usher, rather than them asking for it.
  6. Are the taxi drivers wearing masks though? Most of the taxis I've walked past recently have had unmasked drivers. I'm avoiding the tube by walking from Kings Cross to the ROH and back, although after R&J on 13th I got to Kings Cross only to find no trains back to Cambridge were running so I had to take the, fortunately not too busy, tube to Liverpool Street in order to catch the last train that would get me home that night. Mask wearing on trains I'd put at around 50%. Fortunately none of the trains I've been on have been horribly busy so I've not had anyone sat next to me. Possibly the less I say about mask wearing (lack of) at the ROH the better, as I am deeply hacked off by it. A large part of the performance on 13th was basically ruined for me when an unmasked woman in the row behind had a prolonged coughing fit during the ball scene & continued to cough intermittantly through the rest of Act 1 & Act 2. I was made so anxious by this that concentrating on the performance was extremely difficult. I've returned my Dante Project tickets - which I only bought in the first place because of package booking - as I decided that I was prepared to risk covid to see R&J but not to see the Dante Project. I'm really hoping that covid rates might drop with half term because otherwise I might have to return my Giselle tickets too, which I really want to see as I have yet to see the piece live. I don't know what to do about The Nutcracker, given that always has a large number of children in the audience.
  7. I've not yet ever seen McRae live! Just after I started seeing the RB he went on leave to do Cats then got injured. Do they cast Mercutios on height though? All the RB Mercutios seem to be on the shorter side. I don't think Hay's that much shorter than Acri or Sambe, is he? I guess Zuchetti's a bit taller. (Is that all the RB Mercutios?) The cast sheet definitely says Hay as Mercutio, with Ella as Benvolio. I don't think it's a debut though, as I'm sure I remember being disappointed that I didn't manage to see him Mercutio in 2019 so he presumably must have been doing it then.
  8. When they said that I wished we could have seen more of the R&J rehearsal instead of the modern piece that followed it!
  9. Having finally been able to view the cast sheet, I see Hay was Mercutio. I seem to be doomed not to get to see him in the role! Last time I saw 5 casts & no luck. This time I see 3 out of the 4 October casts & he's in the only one I don't see. Grrr! I do wish they'd announce Mercutio & Tybalt casting in advance.
  10. It did cross my mind, when reading the thread on BRB's alternative Romeo & Juliet pieces, whether Acosta's apparent preference for an increased number of modern works would cause any of the dancers who prefer performing primarily more classical works to look elsewhere for employment. Though I don't know the company well enough to know if they have any/many such dancers.
  11. Unfortunately when I click on that link it just redirects me to the main R&J page at https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events/romeo-and-juliet-by-kenneth-macmillan-details I've tried 2 different browsers, in case Firefox was doing something with remembering cookies that was messing it up, but I get the same thing in Chrome & Edge too. Grrrr! I wonder why they don't give him a period-appropriate wig, if he doesn't want to have a haircut.
  12. I tried to have look up tonight's cast sheet - just curiosity, I'm not seeing this cast - but the link on the cast sheets page just goes to the main R&J page and then tonight's performance, as it's already started, is no longer on the list of performances. Has anyone managed to find where tonight's cast sheet may be? I see from his Instagram that Gartside is Tybalt tonight. He's posted a picture of his costume with the label showing his name & another name underneath that looks like Mock, so I wonder if that's an indication of an upcoming Tybalt for the January run? I don't think he's done the role before, has he?
  13. I wish they could have some way of indicating who's who in corps rehearsals. Out of the 24 dancers I could only definitely identify about half of them & there were at least a couple who I didn't even recognise, let alone try to put a name to.
  14. Thank you. Is the ROH website not up to date with the young dancers listing? Because I checked the names before asking on here & the only 3 female dancers listed on there are Hanna Park, Maddison Pritchard & Marianna Tsembenhoi.
  15. Does anyone know who the dancers were for Denilson Almeida's pdd? The names sounded like Jung and Eva but there aren't any RB dancers with those names. Are they perhaps RBS final year students?
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