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  1. Right now I'd be happy with just being able to leave my house & walk by people without feeling terrified of them.
  2. The music selections for Manon are genius. Much better music, especially for the final pdd, than that which Massenet actually composed for his operatic version of Manon, in my opinion. None of the music in the operatic Manon manages to move me.
  3. I avoid having to choose between the two by saying R&J is my favourite score written for a ballet & Manon is my favourite score compiled for a ballet.
  4. It shouldn't matter as it's not live. I've watched masses of streams from the Wiener Staatsoper in the last year & the only time I've had a problem was when I was an hour out for the live Rosenkavalier back in December. All the pre-recorded ones you can start watching at any point after 6pm GMT so if anyone starts at 7pm rather than 6pm it'll be just the same.
  5. I feel similarly. I doubt I'll be vaccinated by June so I'd rather they started with something I'm not desparate to see!
  6. I'm now imagining the iceberg as being rather like Lady Mary in Enigma Variations, floating among dry ice!
  7. I've just watched it. I enjoyed the performances but found the picture problematic. Whenever there was movement - which was most of the time! - there were horizontal lines visible. I believe this is to do with deinterlacing. Has anyone else had this issue? I didn't have any issues with the first video back in December & I'm using the same laptop to watch on.
  8. I've finally got round to listening to the podcast & I probably should have done so before replying to the question. I didn't think that ballets such as R&J and Manon came under the lovey-dovey category, which I'd only apply to ballets with happy endings. But as it seems they do then I'd put those 2 at the top of my list.
  9. So what ballet do you have in mind, should you win the lottery?
  10. I think I'd describe all three of MacMillan's major works as passionate rather than romantic in the "lovey-dovey" sense cited in the first post. The only other MacMillans I've seen are Winter Dreams & Concerto so I don't know if he did anything of the sweetly-romantic-happy-ending type (though I'd rather suspect not!).
  11. Love the overall idea but I don't see Muntagirov as the right type for Jack. He's too naturally princely for a steerage-class passenger! I think I'd cast Matthew Ball or Alexander Campbell. Also Thomas Whitehead for the villainous Cal.
  12. I've not yet listened to the podcast either but I think one of the most romantic ballets I've seen is Don Quixote. I thought Kitri & Basilio had a lovely relationship. (I have seen fewer ballets than the rest of you undoubtedly have so I may be well off the mark in the overall romantic ballet stakes.)
  13. That seems to be the sort of promotion rate those who end up as Principals have, promotions every couple of years. I imagine it must be a bit depressing for dancers who are stuck at the same level for years, realising they're unlikely to make it to Principal.
  14. Thanks for mentioning this. I'd seen the interview with Bracewell but not this one so I've just watched it. I found it very interesting, especially when Annette Buvoli said she had gone straight from the first to the third year at the Royal Ballet upper school. I would have thought that anyone who did that would be exceptionally talented & would then progress rapidly up the company ranks, but she later mentioned both that she's been with the company 7 years and that she's only been promoted once during that time.
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