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  1. I thought having a male principal dancing Carabosse was the biggest difference for the Stuttgart production. I remember seeing the previous RB production with Dowell as Carabosse on TV years ago but from what I remember the role was a mime/character one so not actually too different from the female Carabosses in the current production. Whereas Reilly doing so much actual dancing, including lots of jumps, was completely unexpected. I agree the Stuttgart sets & costumes were very attractive. In particular I thought Aurora's 3rd act tutu was one of the loveliest tutus I've seen. Fortunately I didn't have any issues with Badenes!
  2. In the last week I've watched Sleeping Beauties from Stuttgart & La Scala and was very surprised at how different choreographically both were from the RB's & from each other. I knew that Swan Lake has lots of different versions but hadn't realised Sleeping Beauty evidently has too. I was wondering if there is an "authentic" version of Sleeping Beauty & how near the RB's version is to that?
  3. Layla Harrison was in the West End cast of Phantom of the Opera from about 2011-2015, as one of the dancers & understudy Meg Giry. I've just dug through my programmes & found her biography and it gives her training as at the RBS & says that she created the role of Bird in Peter and the Wolf.
  4. I think it's nice if you see a real-life couple playing the romantic leads in something & you know they're not entirely acting. This isn't just ballet, I like it in opera/plays/musicals/improv too. But maybe it's just me.
  5. Same here. I'd especially like to see more of Andrijashenko after being so impressed by his Romeo jmp-in opposite Melissa Hamilton last season. Presumably the Sleeping Beauty & Swan Lake exerpts shown in the video are from full-length recordings so maybe they'll get released on DVD at some point.
  6. That was basically why I wanted to check if I was interpreting Instagram correctly. I didn't want to assume 2 dancers were a couple only to find out later that I was wrong and they weren't, just in case that led to any embarassing assumptions.
  7. May I ask what counts as public then? I thought that Instagram, unless an account is set to private, is public. Also, do moderators not inform members when a post they made is removed? Mine has been but I have not had any message from any of the moderators to tell me that it was unacceptable.
  8. I prefer the ones with Edward Petherbirdge personally. Apart from having brown eyes rather than blue, he's almost exactly how I imagine Lord Peter. I've been watching quite a few old Midsomer Murders episodes on the ITV Player recently. Compared to what's happening in the real world, watching fictional people getting murdered in often bizarre ways is oddly soothing!
  9. I've managed to do something a bit like this by donating one of the three tickets I had to fill the form in for today & requesting a refund for the other two. I can't afford to donate the lot, being a temp who had to give notice for my job yesterday, but wanted to donate something. Assuming closure extends into May/June then again I'll donate one or two of my tickets & request a refund for the rest. It's a bit ironic that the first season I decide to pay for Friends membership, after 15 seasons of ROH-going, then turns out to be the one when up to a third of the season may be cancelled!
  10. I found I had the opposite problem earlier today when I had the ending of Swan Lake so strongly stuck in my head, thanks to watching having watched the video of the multiple endings that was posted up-thread, that my brain wouldn't go onto Happy Birthday for handwashing purposes.
  11. Handy for the ones who are married/living together who can practice together. I also like the ones using their kids for weightlifting purposes!
  12. I'm hoping I'll get to see Traviata on Saturday, especially as one of my favourite mezzos is making her ROH debut, but I'm not holding out much hope that I'll get to see what was supposed to be my first live Swan Lake (yes, I am very belated!) on 28th, let alone my April-May bookings. It's also difficult to know what to do about future bookings. Tomorrow not only does ROH summer season Friends booking opens but also Opera Holland Park's Inspire ticket booking. Between the two there are seven performances I wanted to book for June-August but goodness knows what state the country & the theatres will be in by then.
  13. I quite agree, though it was somewhat tongue in cheek as I know they're not going to cut a chunk of choreography at the last minute! For me The Cellist had a number of longeurs, including when the children were dancing, hence I wouldn't have minded if the roles weren't there. Actually unlike some of the comments on here from people who enjoyed The Cellist more on a second viewing, I enjoyed it less & found it dragging for me. I had the complete opposite feeling with DAAG, where when it got to the final scene I could hardly believe that was it, as it seemed to have flown by. And I'm hoping to see Corrales in Swan Lake on 28th, but with the coronavirus who knows if the ROH will still be open then.
  14. I had a look this morning, blenched at the cheapest package stalls circle seats for Don Carlos being £135 with 10% discount, & decided to wait until next week & hope I there will be some reasonable tickets available for that & the triple bill then.
  15. As someone seeing it tonight, I would have much preferred they cut the brief appearances by the children so Corrales could appear!
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