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  1. Too late at night/morning to try to form any coherent words about the performance but in my continued attemps at dancer identification may I ask who Liam Boswell was partnering in the Act III ball?
  2. From a 7.30pm start? Oh dear, that's 20 mins longer. That's me not seeing it on Sunday then.
  3. If anybody is at the first performance of this tonight, I would very much appreciate information as to whether the 1h50 running time on Sadler's Wells website is accurate.
  4. So did I! Although most of her duels aren't fatal, as the protaganists are decent enough to delope or aim somewhere non-lethal. I wonder why Onegin doesn't do that, given Lenksy is supposed to be his friend & he seems reluctant to accept his challenge, you'd think he'd try not to kill him.
  5. Aah, I now really want to see this. Unfortunately I don't think Sadler's Wells to Cadogan Hall is do-able in 40 minutes.
  6. I sympathize with you, as I had a similar situation when I saw BRB's Nutcracker in December, having likewise spent a lot on tickets & trains. The Sugar Plum Fairy, Prince & Drosselmeyer were all replaced with no explanation given. It wasn't even possible to assume illness/injury for all of them since Maureya Lebowitz, who should have been dancing the SPF, was on stage as a lead Snowflake & Flower.
  7. It was actually 2 roles on consecutive nights! She was very good. I imagine she must have been to drama school & had acting training before going in for backstage work. The only slight problem was she was quite petite, one of the roles was a trouser role, & she was playing opposite a singer in the female role who was about half a head taller!
  8. One voiceless singer acting & another singing from the pit/wings seems to be a surprisingly common occurance for opera. I've seen it at least half a dozen times, including a couple of times at the ROH. I've also seen an ASM have to do the acting because the scheduled singer was too ill even to walk the role. Of course it's not something that can be done for ballets!
  9. That reminds me of once reading about a performance of Tristan & Isolde which had a different Tristan for each act! ETA Found the details of it, in case anyone is interested. http://archives.metoperafamily.org/archives/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=BibSpeed/fullcit.w?xCID=183640
  10. I agree with these two points. After my first viewing of Onegin last month I couldn't recall any of the music afterwards, in fact I had music from the opera stuck in my head instead! Having now seen it a second time a couple of brief snatches of melody have stuck, including the most dramatic bit of the final pdd. Both times I wanted more from the music at certain points than what it was giving me. That's exactly how I thought Hayward played the party scene too. She just wants to enjoy herself & can't understand what Lensky is getting in a strop about.
  11. I much prefer the structure of the opera, with Onegin rejecting Tatiana alone in a separate scene before the party. For me Act II of the ballet seems to cram too much in & rejecting Tatiana in the middle of the party rather than privately makes it seem crueller, quite apart from the actual manner of rejection being harsher in the ballet.
  12. I still can't quite believe my luck at getting to see last night's performance. Back when the Onegin casts were first announced I thought that if only Nunez was in the (then) Muntagirov/Ball/Hayward/Avis cast it would be perfect. I thought the same after seeing the first performance of Osipova/Clarke/Ball/Hayward/Avis as, while I thought Osipova gave an excellent performance, she isn't a dancer I instictively warm to. I can't give any specific reason for this, it's just a feeling. Therefore while I thought that performance was extremely good it didn't move me as much as I hoped it would. Last night Nunez gave what I had missed previously and I was in tears in the final pdd. This isn't to say that Nunez always does it for me, as I found her Juliet last season disappointing, but as Tatiana I thought she was wonderful. The rest of the cast I loved the first time round & loved just as much last night. I fear that, after seeing Ball twice, the other, less experienced, Lenskys that I'll be seeing later in the run may be not as good by comparison, as I find it hard to imagine a more ideal Lensky. I found myself wishing in Act 2 that the character didn't get killed off! I thought Clarke was very good as Onegin again, though in this case I suspect when I see the much more experienced Bonelli & Soares that they will probably bring more in places. Hayward was just gorgeous & as usual seemed to be occupying a different planet with less gravity compared to us mere mortals! I thought maybe Avis & Nunez had done Gremin & Tatiana together in previous runs, as they had such great chemistry in Act III, but I asked him on Twitter & he said they hadn't (the rest of you probably already know this), which makes it even more amazing.
  13. I'm sure I will at some point. There are several RB dancers who I have yet to see live due to them being off injured or for other reasons, for instance Steven McRae & Tierney Heap. Thiago Soares I will see for both the first and last time in Onegin at the end of the month.
  14. Sorry. There were so many cast changes for the autumn triple bill that I must have got the various reasons given (or not given) mixed up.
  15. I'm sure I will at some point. As for Hirano, after finding his Prince Rudolf disappointing from an acting point of view, I'm not desparate to see him in another leading dramatic role.
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