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  1. Are there five colours with one colour for each couple for Dances at a Gathering? There's a rehearsal photo doing the rounds on several RB dancers' Instagrams where they're in rehearsal clothes that apparently match the colours they'll be wearing in the performances. So I'm trying to work out who might be dancing with who but I don't know the ballet so don't know if the colour schemes work in pairs or not!
  2. May I ask who this is? As there's no-one with this surname in the current RB company. Is she a former dancer returned to guest, like Hayley Foskitt did in SB recently?
  3. There are times when having zero technical knowledge of ballet is an advantage. Unless someone obviously messes up their steps (like Claire Calvert did on Saturday afternoon) I usually can't tell if a variation has gone wrong!
  4. I'd've loved it to be Mayara, as I didn't manage to see her do it, whereas I've seen Gina 2 out of 3 live viewings so would have quite liked to see someone else! When did Marianela last dance the role? She hasn't for a few years, has she?
  5. I too am a bit surprised that they haven't got a Principal replacement Aurora but even more surprised that Storm-Jensen is doing the Lilac Fairy given she's "only" a First Artist. I would have thought Calvert or Magri, both of whom I think are due to be doing fairies tonight, would be called in. It's not that I don't like Storm-Jensen, I do, but usually for cinecasts the casting seems to very much favour seniority in rank.
  6. He did it at this past Saturday's matinee too so it must be something he does as standard. Maybe the other SB conductors could be encouraged to follow suit in future runs.
  7. Ah, it must be that they only send mailings out to Friends then, given I've never had anything like this before. They evidently assume that the Friends are better off than the regular audiences - though I for one certainly am not!
  8. I was rather surprised to today get a mailing from the ROH just about this gala, as I didn't think they sent out adverts for single performances (though maybe they do & I just haven't received any before, as I only joined the Friends scheme in the summer). I imagine there's going to be a massive scramble on 29th for the non-Premium seats, as the Premium ones are all well over a thousand pounds!
  9. A cast change for the very last performance of the autumn (seems daft now it's mid-January!) season. (Duplicated on the SB thread.)
  10. Although it does now look like none of us will be seeing Cutherbertson either live or at encores as the RB have just tweeted this.
  11. I've been interpreting that scene as Paris trying to force Juliet to give her consent to the marriage rather than sexual violence. He's surely not about to rape her or anything like that with her parents in the room?!
  12. I thought that it intensified the tragedy to have a Paris that I felt Juliet could have married & been happy with were it not that she happened to meet Romeo & fall madly in love with him just after meeting Paris.
  13. I thought Mock as Paris came over very well on stage too. I saw 4 dancers in the role during the last run & he was the only one who I thought made the character likeable & sympathetic.
  14. Yes. But given the Forum rules expressly ban posting of anything learned at the stage door I can't repeat it. My comment was intended to point out that there is another way of finding out in addition to the asking the box office that another member did (though I think their comment is on the Reece Clarke thread rather than this one but I didn't want to derail that thread any further).
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