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  1. While I'd be happy to see Magri promoted in that I've enjoyed everything I've seen her dance this season, am I right in thinking that Kirti was her first full-length principal role? If so then I'd guess she'd be expected to do a few more before being considered for promotion to principal? Even having danced several principal roles over a number of seasons doesn't seem to have qualified some dancers.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions about Carmen @Stevie. I don't understand your last comment about Petrushka though. I've never seen it before so I have no idea how long it usually runs.
  3. Given both Stix-Brunell & Muntagirov have made Instagram posts today about rehearsing, whatever caused them to miss Saturday evening was evidently short term, which is a relief given this season's injury rates.
  4. Isn't £45 currently the top price for Linbury tickets? So I'd take a guess that they picked that as the benchmark so they could put all the Linbury tickets into the category in order to increase the percentage of tickets in it. I'd be surprised if 40% of tickets for main house productions are under £45. We could probably have worked it out for the main house when they used to produce those seating plans with every seat shown in a category then the prices for each category given but since they've stopped doing them I imagine it'd be much harder for interested punters to try to work it out. Being cynical, that may be one reason why they stopped producing such a plan!
  5. Going a bit off topic here but I'm 2 years older than you & I too am not sure if I count a younger audience member or not. By the standards of most opera audiences I'm at the younger end but I've been seeing opera at the ROH for 15 years so am I actually part of the repeat audience that the ROH seem to want to get rid of...?
  6. It was on the Bolshoi website but now seems to have gone. I managed to get through it before it vanished. I mostly enjoyed Carmen Suite, though I was somewhat confused by some parts of it. Why were the ensemble costumes half black & half coloured? Why no Micaela? How did Don Jose kill Carmen when he had no weapon but she acted like he'd stabbed her? Why did anyone think a pink polkadot shirt, bouffant hair & almost as much eye make-up as Carmen was a good look for Don Jose? Why did the cast look so unenthusiastic at the curtain calls? There didn't appear to be a smile between them! I was expecing Petrushka to be a traditional production. It wasn't. I really disliked it & was counting the minutes until it ended.
  7. He was present in December/January as he was in the Nutcracker cinecast & then I saw him as a replacement for Hay in the same role on 9th January.
  8. There was no reason on the cast change sheets & I don't recall any reason was given in the announcement either. I didn't look at the screens so can't say what they had.
  9. That knocks out almost all the current male first soloists though! Isn't Sambe the only one who has danced all his scheduled perormances so far this season? I've seen Bracewell, Corrales, Hay & Zuchetti all replaced, though Zuchetti's may have only been illness or something minor as he was back before long. The other 3 have certainly all had lengthy periods out though. Given Zuchetti's roles this season don't really indicate that he's likely to get promotion, that seems to make Sambe the only likely promotion to principal among the men. I did wonder if there would be 2 new male principals, given Kish's move towards character roles as well as Soares' leaving, but maybe there won't be due to lack of contenders. Given the shortage of uninjured male principals for much of this season it does feel as if they could do with a couple more going forward!
  10. I suppose arguably being off ill is better for them than being off injured, as it's likely to be a faster recovery. While they both seemed to be holding up alright, I was surprised to see on the R&J thread that both Sambe & Hirano were in Friday's performance of R&J. Since they were both dancing on Thursday & Saturday I would have thought it'd make more sense to cast other dancers on Friday so they both had a day off, especially as none of the other Tybalts were appearing in the Triple Bill, though admittedly the other Mercutios were. I agree on the guesting. Since I joined Instagram a couple of months ago I've been really surprised at how much some of the dancers do. For instance today both Hamilton & Hay have been posting images of travelling elsewhere. I can understand Hamilton, who is certainly not one of the over-employed dancers this season, but how Hay has the energy, when he danced both Golden Hours yesterday & is on again tomorrow, I can't imagine! When I was waiting to look at the cast change notice the person in front of me asked for a cast change slip & was given one, but as I heard the attendant say something about there only being a limited number I didn't have the nerve to ask for one as well so just took a photo. I thought it rather a shame that only the principal cast changes were announced over the loudspeakers (i.e. Stix-Brunell/Muntagirov & Cuthbertson/Hirano) & not the various ensemble changes in all 3 ballets. It wouldn't take that much longer to announce the lot.
  11. Well, this'll teach me not to be seduced by £40 stalls seats into booking for a programme of modern dance! I found Within The Golden Hour rather similar to Asphodel Meadows: attractive music & mostly attractive choreography but it didn't really do much for me emotionally. As I've already mentioned on the R&J thread, 2 nights ago I dreamed that I'd arrived to see it & 5 of the 6 principals had been replaced. This evening that basically came true! Stix-Brunnell & Muntagirov were replaced by Choe & Hay, Cuthbertson & Hirano were replaced by Hayward & Zuchetti, & given Campbell already replaced McRae some time ago the only dancer I actually saw out of the original 6 was Lamb. Also Edmonds & Mock were replaced by Donnelly & Dubreuil. I realise dancers get injured but to have half of a cast of 14 replaced does seem to be getting a bit ridiculous. So much for that article the ROH tweeted recently about strength training reducing injuries! Medusa exceeded my expectations but after the Insight livestream they were pretty low! Neither the writhing around parts of the choreography nor the electronic music are to my taste but at least there's a plot, Purcell, & some good lifts. Plus all 4 leads were on, though Edmonds, Kay & Serrano were replaced by Acri & Ella. I don't know if that means they were a soldier short? Apart from the music, I really didn't like Flight Pattern at all. Kay & Serrano were replaced by Donnelly & Lee, though since the lighting & uniform costumes meant I only managed to recognise a couple of dancers I can't say I'd've noticed.
  12. I've seen 3 Juliets in their 30s so far & found 2 of the 3 to be plausible teenagers. It is interesting though that the Juliets in this run are generally older than the Romeos. I think there are only 2 Romeos over 30 but 5 Juliets. Hirano's doing Tybalt as well as Romeo & Paris? He'll be doing a one man R&J at this rate! (A bit off topic but 2 nights ago I dreamed I was seeing the triple bill but all the dancers in Golden Hour had been replaced by ones I'd never heard of, except for the ubiquitous Hirano!)
  13. Also no McRae. The 6th July cast looks to be pretty much what was his cast last year, but with Ball instead. I won'der if that means McRae won't make the Symphony in C performance he is currently down for next month or whether he'll be able to manage a short piece but not a 3-acter?
  14. It's showing up alright for me. I'm using Firefox. I'm very pleased that they've finally put up the casting. The downside for me is that the pair I want to see, Hawes & Frola, are only doing 2 Friday matinees plus a Sunday that I can't make, so I'll have to hope I can beg an afternoon off work. The stalls prices are also rather more than I was expecting so, given how many seats there are still available, I may try holding out for a bit & see if there are any offers.
  15. This section made me pretty hacked off when I read the article earlier. It's depressing to read that an organisation that I've spent spend hundreds of pounds with most years for the last 15 years doesn't seem to actually want my custom. The fact that Pappano earns £17,000 per performance was also rather depressing to read, given that's more than I earned all year in the last tax year!
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