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  1. Interesting my message says ‘you need to self isolate until…’
  2. I believe that this will also be at the Mayflower Southampton
  3. I am just hoping to be able to attend the celebration performance for RB 100. I will start saving now!
  4. Thanks all - the app does tell you the site of the contact and date so ROH, 11 July. Not sure if the app can link to the e tickets at ROH so they may be able to identify a smaller area? Or Capybara there may be different codes for different areas within ROH. I checked in on ‘old’ Bow street entrance. To be honest I felt more at risk on the tube, especially with all the football fans crowded on the platforms and trains! It’s just a bit late as I have been out and about since Sunday but following the precautions.
  5. Off topic but did anyone else get pinged by the COVID app after last Sunday? I just have but no symptoms.
  6. No I was sc right. I admired Osipova - she was as fluid as water, Sambe very strong. Voices of Spring was much preferred near where I sat. agree re Bluebird- swift footwork and soft landings - impressive.
  7. Goodness me that’s expensive . I was told today that no decision has been made yet re seating plans. It’s all very uncertain.
  8. Thanks to a return ticket I was there today. First time in 18 months and I felt it was well organised and I felt safe. I know the seating can’t remain but it was great for me not to have anyone sitting directly in front of me. thoroughly enjoyed the performance - those around me didn’t enjoy the Mats Ek piece. I thought it weirdly amusing but out of place in this programme. Lovely farewell to ms Stix-Brunell. Got to admire ms Naghdi a ballerina fully majestic in the role of Aurora. i must say it was a bit challenging getting out of Covent Garden- two tube stations shut due overcrowding with football fans. Thankfully I was wearing trainers and walked to Charing Cross but there were a lot of noisy fans there too. very glad I went though
  9. Superstars by their very nature are few and far between. Regardless, productions must be staffed and actually I think the RB has more strength in depth now than for many years.
  10. Hope all attending have a great evening and happy birthday to Ms Osipova
  11. I do wish that the producers had cast real dancers for the dance segments though, but I agree that it would not be possible to capture the essence of Margot.
  12. Did anyone watch Margot? It was from 2009 but I didn’t recall it at all. I would ha e thought it quite a daunting role to play.
  13. I would be overjoyed to see a live performance but it seems that it may be a long wait still. Vaccination will not be complete until end of July for adults but that wouldn’t stop me.
  14. Rather late to the discussion but I also nominate the adagio from Spartacus with V Vasiliev and Maximova
  15. Hope everyone going has a wonderful evening and reports back. I am sure it will be an emotional one.
  16. I did enjoy la Dame first time round Alison. I guess cinemas will also be closing from Thursday.
  17. Me too - but congratulations to Natalia & Ivan on a successful full length Don Q. is Natalia performing Giselle on 17 October at NOVAT? with London’s increased controls will live performance still be possible I wonder.
  18. A tear of joy here to see this live performance- wish I could have been at the House but audience was v appreciative. It would have been good to acknowledge the composers and the beautiful singer for Medusa. The evening whizzed by.
  19. I thought it was the most thought provoking and intelligent documentary that I have seen for some time. Really worth watching - loved his comment that he had done too much Mahler.
  20. Re the Gala - are Osipova and Corrales to dance Prodigal Son? Some SM posts suggest so.
  21. Well that was a thrilling watch- really enjoyed it and what a cast of principals. Would love to have seen that live. Really liked the costumes too. Screen was too dark in some parts - particularly the shades scene, which was behind a screen as well. grateful to see this production and would love a DVD to add to my collection
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