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  1. Thanks for the review Lin. coincidentally I have just finished reading Dr Zivhago and to me the book is more about Russia and the great upheavals of war and revolution, rather than the relationship between Lara and Yury. However, no reason it couldn’t be inspired by the film. Sim - I learnt about the etiquette of duels from reading georgette Heyer’s regency novels!
  2. I hope you have a lovely time. I would have liked to have seen this so look forward to hearing reports.
  3. Very sorry to hear of this cast change for you Sim, especially when travel arrangements have been made etc. Ms Lawrence is down to dance another performance I think though. There is no excuse for poor communication in this era and a lack of communication suggests a cavalier attitude to customers.
  4. I may have done, but you pays your money and take your choice as they say.
  5. Alison I agree it’s very frustrating that the “News” section doesn’t highlight cast changes any more. I find out more from Balletco to be frank
  6. Very sad that my long planned trip to see Onegin has been subject to the cast changes. It is not what I booked for so I returned the ticket. Hope it's a great performance for everyone.
  7. Strange choice for Valentine’s Day- would have preferred Bayadere!
  8. Is the BRB production of Cinderella the Ashton one Janet? I have not seen it before.
  9. I hope you both have an enjoyable time. It’s a special place to visit
  10. I am sure that single use plastic cups will not be available in the future. I do try to remember to carry one if I can. But all food and drink should be banned from auditorium
  11. Heard yesterday at the BRB swan lake matinee- “...what there’s no singing in this then?” please audience do not disrespect your swan queen and orchestra by: 1. Waiting for the oboe solo to start then saying loudly “...this is the most iconic piece of music.” It would be nice if we could enjoy it too. 2. waiting for the white pdd to start then eating a whole bag of sweets, each in a rustly wrapper 3. dropping your phone in the same pdd 4. Squeezing the plastic drinks cups (these should be banned in the auditorium.
  12. So despite travel challenges we made it to yesterday’s matinee and were amply rewarded for our trouble. It was lovely to meet fellow forum member Lin and chat ballet. it was my first time seeing BRBs Swan Lake and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The orchestra was great as was the performance. Hirtata was a beautiful swan queen, best in the white acts. Ably supported by Morales. The swans were very impressive. The little cygnets so well coordinated. I loved the way they advanced menacingly towards Von Rothbart, reminded me of the wilis in Giselle. the audience was very enthusiastic and supportive. Carlos Acosta was in the audience- phew so handsome. The lady next to me was very excited to see him.
  13. You deserve a medal prs59 - real commitment. It sounds like it was all worth it.
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