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  1. I found the Miyako programme very sad - she seemed to be suffering so much. The part with Mukhamedov was very moving - as they Worked to overcame the challenge of the piece.
  2. Thank you Anna I just watched Swan Lake on YouTube with Rodkin and Zacharova as I was working earlier.
  3. Well you never know when you will need your regular supporters - so the message is value them!
  4. Will they ask for ID at the ROH then Lin? there could be serious restrictions on opera and ballet audiences if so.
  5. I walked past the Wells today and saw the posters. I understand the decision and I am sure it wasn’t taken lightly. lets hope all our dancers keep well too.
  6. They would be very sensible steps. whatever the situation re performances stay safe all.
  7. A further thought - it would be a tragedy if the current wonderful RB dancers didn’t get the opportunity to dance in these productions in their home theatre for their home audience
  8. I would be sorry to lose either of these productions. I don’t want to wait for the Russian companies to tour them. I would be very interested in Ratmansky’s reconstruction of Bayadere though. I think Minkus has a bad press!
  9. Yes indeed the situation is now evolving quickly. It doesn’t seem to have put people off attending the ROH for swan lake so far!
  10. Thanks Stevie for your reply. What I meant was the filming as in sometimes the camera is directed at the wrong dancer, or at the face only when you want to see the feet as well etc. I will go ahead and buy this blu ray to add to my collection.
  11. Thank you Helen for your posts. As the Uk situation evolves - precautionary measures will need to change. I can’t remember what happened in 2009 when we had the swine flu pandemic. I don’t know if venues closed etc.
  12. Thanks but the filming itself can change the perspective of the performance - hard to explain what I mean exactly.
  13. Is it a good performance though as I missed that in the Theatre,
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