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  1. Was there with husband last night. We loved the Firebird - the music, costumes and dance. Thrilling and so glad that Kish’ retirement was properly marked. it was the first time my husband has seen Month and he liked it least. We both admired the dancers- Anna Rose O Sullivan was charming and very fleet of foot. Muntagirov was a bit of a lad - flirting with all the ladies! Cuthbertson very moving. It felt more Edwardian England than Russia to me. we both loved Symphony in C - terrific but I thought Magri was not the right match for Sambé- his jumps were so light. great end to the season and the company is full of talented dancers at all levels right now- lucky us!
  2. I agree more about her start and training would have made a more balanced production
  3. For those who like tea a visit to Mariage Frere in King Street is a real treat but not inexpensive. I had the “gold cake” and it was delicious. Also by the ROH you can watch the chefs make the Portugese custard tarts and buy them fresh from the oven.
  4. Yes Rob that would be great - if only! Then we could have endless debates about which way round we preferred!
  5. It sound very exciting and hope that everyone has a wonderful evening and I look forward to reading the reports.
  6. I am planning to go as we have Tate membership and I like to get my money’s worth!
  7. Yes I went. I enjoyed both the film and Q & A. I really liked the Bayadere coaching, Makarova, saying that Osipova went to ‘ a quite good school’. However, the majority of the film was about the creation of the modern pieces so quite light on classical ballet. I personally would have preferred it the other way round ( i would guess so would others in the audience). However, it was interesting to see the creative process and that is clearly what Ms Osipova enjoys. Ms Osipova was funny and intelligent in the Q & A session, switching easily between Russian and English. There were no difficult questions although someone asked if she had faced challenges when in Russia if her physique was not the current Ideal (or something like that)! I had assumed that the questions would be ‘planned’ rather than spontaneous but not sure now.
  8. I am very excited for Bayadere - is it Nuñez as Nikyia- as that was the one I missed due to illness?
  9. I am enjoying these reviews as I won’t be going until the final show. I am very much looking forward to it.
  10. Wonderful review - made me laugh but how sorry I felt for Ms Part in the Rose Adagio
  11. Well on Saturday the box office couldn’t find my tickets for R&J (which I had asked for them to hold) and then gave me the wrong ones (My Firebird ones) and then told me that the ROH aim was to phase out paper tickets.
  12. My hope - having been to both the earlier productions is that a wider audience will be tempted to see more dance. I suspect that some who came to see the earlier shows went away disappointed because it was nothing like “Take me to Church”.
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