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  1. Well that was a thrilling watch- really enjoyed it and what a cast of principals. Would love to have seen that live. Really liked the costumes too. Screen was too dark in some parts - particularly the shades scene, which was behind a screen as well. grateful to see this production and would love a DVD to add to my collection
  2. That’s depressing Bruce - it’s hard to know with so many uncertainties still.
  3. Enjoyed this very much. Loved the Wilis romantic costumes. Missed the mime though.
  4. Thanks for the updates - let’s cross our fingers for an autumn final
  5. Is it not already recorded Alison?
  6. Is anyone watching this? I didn’t know it was on until I saw it yesterday on BBC 4, it was the keyboard competition.
  7. What a gem this ballet is. it really lifts the spirits. Seeing the stream reminded me of the Bolshoi visit to ROH last summer- such happy memories. The stream’s casting was spot on - Lunkina so lyrical and Alexandrova so funny in the cross dressing. But the honours go to the men here - dancing on pointe, was it a sylph or Giselle parody? Was it Staskevitch as the school girl?
  8. Thanks Alison that looks interesting
  9. Nina when I first saw Giselle- Kirov production I didn’t like it at all. Now I love it more each time I see it.
  10. Loved the Merry Widow - Renee Fleming was glorious. Very uplifting to the spirits.
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