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  1. How sad in the 21st century that people are still making such comments
  2. Thanks Assoluta - so is Esmeralda performed at Bolshoi theatre still?
  3. That’s a shame Now Voyager - the art can ill afford to lose these productions.
  4. I have admired Rachel’s photos for a long time - fabulous
  5. Yes - never seen Esmeralda live. Would love to see Obraztsova - she pulled out of the RB swan lake that I had tickets for sadly.
  6. Well I have just booked for the Giselle matinee at the Wells - but it seems ages away.
  7. I always thought that Cuthbertson was and is very popular with audiences and not just at ROH, she has guested internationally, including stepping in at the Mariinsky at short notice I believe. I wish her all success with the cinema performances
  8. I enjoyed the performances I saw very much but my goodness the ticket prices! It’s always a pleasure to see live performances and the orchestra was great. I would love to see any of/all of The pharaoh’s daughter, coppelia, Giselle, Raymonda, Paquita, la bayadere, Corsaire.
  9. Agree Don Q fan those Osipova/Vasiliev Don Q were the be benchmark for me and I count myself very lucky to have seen them. I regard them as once in a lifetime events. Of course I can still enjoy other performances and perhaps it’s unfair to compare.
  10. Krysanova is the best Kitri of this tour - she should have been given the opening night. I was impressed with Soares in the swan lake that I saw.
  11. Helen I doubt that Vasiliev was replaced - he may have just been committed elsewhere. i think there is a bit of hype about Shrainer but she is no Osipova.
  12. Shade

    Proms 2019

    John Wilson and his orchestra is on BBC4 tonight.
  13. Actually I didn't mean the set of 32 but perhaps it was down to my extreme viewing angle. I will always remember the beauty of the swans in the white acts. I think they deserve a better production.
  14. Lin I am sorry to hear about your injury and wish you a speedy recovery. Bright stream - thank you Mr Ratmansky for rescuing this Shoshtakovich score and to the orchestra for such vibrant playing. But what joy and humour (and I needed both this week). Chudin also reminds me of Muntagirov - so charming last night as were the leading ladies. Skorvstov brilliant and made me laugh. Terrific all round. What a shame it wasn't sold out. Was it last performed in 2010? I really hope these productions are not dropped completely. It would be such a loss to us.
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