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  1. How interesting to read the views about SB the ballet. It is one I have always loved, some productions more than others. But it has wonderful music, costumes etc. With all the casts to savour it should be a great run an£ of course special to the RB. in contrast it has taken me years to come to love Giselle.
  2. Enjoyed the encore performance very much. The second movement was so moving. A second viewing helped me appreciate the Enigma more. Raymonda fabulous again.
  3. For those who use SouthWestern Railways be aware that there may be strikes throughout December.
  4. Interesting post Helen. I too am disappointed that Osipova is not dancing Swanilda. I well recall her Bolshoi performance, albeit I only saw it in the cinema. I wonder if she didn’t want to dance it.
  5. I heard the claps clearly in the balcony. reflecting further on last night - one advantage of mixed bills is the opportunity to see such a range of wonderful dancers at all levels.
  6. Wonderful evening at the ROH last night. The Shostakovich piece is one of my favourites and the ballet was terrific, especially Naghdi and Hirano. i enjoyed the music and dancing/acting of Enigma but not the piece itself. I don’t like Two Pigeons or Month either. Hayward was delightful as Dora Bella, so light and quick. I find with these mixed bills that the one piece I really want to see is at the end and so it was yesterday. Fabulous Raymonda - costumes, music, choreography and wow dancing. When Osipova and Muntagirov arrived on stage - you knew ballet royalty had arrived- no question. Great individually and together. What a high to end the evening on.
  7. Well I have never seen Enigma Variations before so I have an open mind but I do love the music and thanks to all the reports here will have a much better understanding of the production. For me liking the music always helps. I find the modern works more challenging!
  8. So enjoyed the matinee performance. First time I have seen this production. Great gothic feel to act 2 - also my favourite. i was surprised by the horse in act 1 very well behaved , but no credit in cast list. wish I could go this evening as well! Shame it wasn’t sold out. Thoroughly recommend.
  9. Lovely video clip thanks. As far as I am concerned shklyarov is always welcome in London. However, wasn’t he injured earlier in the year and he is much in demand.
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