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  1. I agree - he is much more Benno-esque than princely, and it shows him at his best.
  2. For those especially concerned about covid, I see that BRB are still doing a couple of 'socially distanced' events next month (R&J). I've eagerly snapped up tickets for the Hirata/Morales evening.
  3. @Hi @LinMM I agree with most of what you say, although you are kinder about the music than I felt. Folk ensembles - yes - miss them, and the best of all by far is the Georgians whom I will have to visit again at home if they don't come here soon! I hadn't thought of the masks/drinks dichotomy but you are so right, and thanks for bringing it to the attention of Sadler's Wells. I sympathise that they must be chasing any revenue they can get (selling more refreshments) but if the punters die off that's not going to help!
  4. Much as I would love love love to see Kobborg introducing de Bournonville works to RB, I don't think it would be his 're-acceptance' as though he is some kind of outlaw. I doubt he'd want to become involved again, but as you say - fun to imagine!
  5. I have been trying to see this at the cinema without success. I click on the link that Northern Ballet's email provided, and am given a list of cinemas, but when I try to book tickets it says it isn't being shown there after all. Has anyone else had this experience?
  6. I just checked and you can get tickets for 3000 roubles at the Bolshoi - some are even only 1500.
  7. She danced it well at the Ukranian gala last night. I think she will be more comfortable with Bracewell as partner!
  8. The first section was the world premiere of ‘System A/I’ choreographed by Ludovic Ondiviela. Bearing in mind that I am generally, but not always, in a curmudgeonly frame of mind when viewing modern works, this was my impression: Bare stage with a few weird props – check Dull-coloured skimpy costumes – check Repetitive music overlaid with electronic beeps and clicks – check Impenetrable ‘story’ – check Good dancers doing their best and working hard – check None more so than Mayara Magri, Matthew Ball and Leo Dixon (who was standing in for an injured Ivan Putrov). Magri is so athletic and very good at this kind of thing – I hope she doesn’t switch to modern dance/ballet! An interval was followed by a long and varied selection of gala staples, interspersed with some lesser known (to me) pieces. First off was Magri once again, this time in Gskovsky’s comfortingly familiar ‘Grande Pas Classique’ in which she roundly outdanced her partner, Denys Cherevychko. I was impressed by Natalia de Froberville in an excerpt from Suite en Blanc, and also in her duet with ENB’s Frola in ‘Diana and Actaeon’. Frola was very good too. Only a few days ago I heard Marianela Nunez name the composer Astor Piazzolla as her favourite outside of classical music, and lo and behold we had a tango composed by him (choreographed by Has van Manen) and danced rather compellingly by Denys Cherevychko. Another dance that was new to me was ‘Forest Song’ choreographed by Vakhtang Vronsky and nicely danced by Yulia Moskalenko and Volodymyr Kutuzov. There was lots more, and the grand finale was ‘our’ Cesar Corrales partnering Christine Shevchenko in a dazzling display of virtuosity from Don Quixote, which was very warmly and repeatedly applauded. This is the kind of role in which he excels - a natural born show-off! This was my first outing to a theatre since ‘freedom day’ and I did feel slightly nervous being closely surrounded by so many strangers, but those near me were wearing masks and I had bought a special one said by Which to be incredibly protective to the wearer as well as those around. I drove in because Sadler’s Wells have a wonderful car park for the over sixties! So I hope I minimised risk to myself and my dear ones. It was a fun and interesting evening, and I saw quite a few dancers for the first time. The quality varied. There are a few pics here: https://maryrosedouglasuk.wixsite.com/ballet
  9. I would just love to see Cojocaru (but don't hope that I will, in this) - but Rojo is nearly fifty and the role is a demanding one....
  10. I've always thought 'Raymonda' is visually sumptuous with a bit of a silly story. I gather the story has been 'improved' but worry this is at the expense of gorgeous costumes. Somehow a nurse's outfit just doesn't have the glamour. I wonder if bed pans and kidney bowls will feature?
  11. I'm sure they would be 'gracious' and 'polite' but they are actors and I wonder if they don't secretly wish they could get home to rest! But I don't know any dancers personally so I might be wrong.
  12. In all the times I have attended performances (must be hundreds!) I have never gone to the stage door as I always feel the dancers/actors must be fairly exhausted and anxious to get home. Do they actually enjoy people gathering to speak to them, during non-covid times? Maybe they are happy that people care enough to greet them. Just musing....
  13. Hilary - how much time do you have between end of performance and getting to Paddington? There are always cabs after a performance, but sometimes you have to walk along a bit and wait around. If you have an hour or more that's safe, if less - could be tricky. You might also book a minicab in advance - eg https://www.londonminicabservice.com/ (I just did a websearch and haven't used them as I always drive in).
  14. You're right, Lizbie. But this person was clearly in the wrong role.
  15. When I tried to book on a Sunday (as an ordinary Friend) the website had a problem, so I rang first thing on the Monday and got a very snotty telephone operative. I'd chosen seats and had the current website plan of availability in front of me, but it differed greatly from what was actually available. Not only this but the person at the other end of the phone kept trying to persuade me to take different seats even though I knew from experience what I wanted! Exasperating to say the least. It's possible, but unlikely, that the Sunday computer glitch was related to my connection, but the manner of the ticket seller was inexcusable. I hope I don't have to ring her again before she gets the sack. Having said that, I am more than excited to be going to see the RB again and am counting the days!
  16. I'd have thought Francesca Hayward would also have the right youthful, feminine appearance and joyfulness but I've never seen her in the role of Aurora. As Juliet she is perfect.
  17. Interesting how we all see things differently. I found her rather over-careful and slightly wobbly, but maybe that improved with further performances. She just didn't look the part to me, at all.
  18. If we compare any performances to Fonteyn's they are likely to be lacking. But our current dancers bring their own gifts to the stage and I think the two we were discussing re the fish dives are amongst the best in the UK today. Remember that this performance was part of a mixed programme, so it didn't have the emotional investment of a culmination of the whole (very long) ballet. Marianela and Vadim chose to dance in a rather expansive, 'largo' style and I think it worked on the night I saw it. I loved them both.
  19. LinMM, the one really worth watching of those two was an old one of the French Opera Ballet, which is danced exquisitely and looks as though it is straight out of a Perrault fairy tale. Search for Dupont and Legris. (Of course, the still-beautiful Aurelie Dupont is now the Director of POB.)
  20. The crudity of the phrase doesn't do justice to the skill and art of (some of) our dancers. Unlike you, @capybara, I only saw Núñez/Muntagirov but I did think their unusually slow pace in the fish dives gave a very grand impression, every moment savoured in its perfection. Of course these two are more than capable of performing at speed, as they have proved over and over again, but their artistic judgement was good enough for me. They were quite simply superb.
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